How to quickly get rid of a hangover at home. The grandfather's way of doing things you can not do

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I wonder how quickly to get rid of a hangover at home, how are simple cases of hangover syndrome treated-the consequences of yesterday's revelry?

Probably, for everyone who has a terrible headache, after a feast, the question of how to deal with a hangover becomes topical. By the way, the most effective ways of removing the hangover syndrome are those that are based on the repeated taking of alcoholic beverages. This creates a vicious circle, which over time can lead to alcohol dependence.

Therefore, we choose safe and effective methods leading to the restoration of a healthy lifestyle.

The first thing you need to know if a person with a hangover feels the internal overflow of the stomach and nausea, in the beginning - you need to clean the stomach. After all, ethanol( ethyl alcohol - alcohol) is quickly absorbed into the blood. And the state will only continue to deteriorate.

To quickly get rid of the terrible condition and quickly come to normal physical form there are some folk ways how one can get rid of a hangover and cure it at home.

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How to get rid of a hangover quickly and at home

A hangover is an unpleasant condition after a copious reception of alcoholic beverages, and the following appearssymptoms: nausea, headache, severe thirst, a feeling of heat and chills, weakness, fluctuations in blood pressure.

How to quickly get rid of a hangover on your own at home? Awaking in the morning, with a heavy head, amidst a mess in the apartment, feeling terrible thirst, anyone who became a victim of alcohol asked himself this question.

I give below a small instruction, through which you will learn how to quickly get rid of a hangover at home.

There are ways to relieve the hangover, but remember that in severe cases, treatment at home does not always give the desired result.

As a rule, a hangover comes in a few hours after a copious evening drink, causing a lot of trouble for the patient, especially if he does not have the opportunity to stay at home.

There is an opinion that the hangover comes only after very large volumes of alcohol consumed. True, this is not true for everyone. Some people, in order to feel terrible in the morning, enough to take a modest dose of alcohol in the evening. As a result - a serious physical condition.

How fast to retreat from a hangover: ways

For example, in ancient Rome, as a household remedy for a hangover raw owl eggs were used. The English, under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, drank wine, infused with eels and frogs. But in the 19th century there were attempts to get rid of a hangover with a glass of warm milk with a tablespoon of soot diluted in it.

Of course, today, the above methods can only cause astonishment and laughter. Our ancestors did not know how to get away from the consequences of the binge. Today, after years of research in the field of medicine, doctors do not consider a hangover to be one of the symptoms. A hangover is a whole syndrome, and the treatment of which should be aimed at weakening each symptom of the syndrome.

The most affected by the negative effects of ethanol is the liver, because it is responsible for removing toxic substances from the body. When the permissible amount of alcohols enters the body, the liver copes with them, turning alcohol into carbon dioxide. And if there is a lot of alcohol in alcoholic beverages, it will suffer greatly. There are spasms, swelling, palpitation, headache and oath promises in the morning that this drink was exactly the last time. ..

The swelling of the tissues, which are manifested as a result of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, is a consequence of the accumulation of water in the body. Vascular spasms cause a headache. Intoxication and an increase in blood viscosity - the cause of rapid heartbeat.

Knowing this, you can formulate a few tips that facilitate the independent treatment of a hangover. We offer you some tips on how to get rid of a hangover at home.

Rinse the stomach .It is necessary to rinse the stomach with a patient to wash all the alcohol left from it and prevent it from further burdening the situation. How to do it? What to drink from a hangover? Within 3 hours after washing, the patient should drink 2 liters of mineral, non-carbonated or salted water. And let her even soon come out in the form of vomiting.

Taking a shower .Let him take a 20-minute shower at that water temperature, which will be comfortable. Although, of course, desirable - a cool and contrast shower.

How quickly get rid of a hangover, our ancestors knew. Thirst kefir, kvass, orange juice or water with the addition of honey and lemon juice. Brine from cabbage or cucumber not only quenches thirst, but also quickly replenishes in the body those trace elements that were removed from the body during alcohol poisoning. In this case, the body loses magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium, as well as phosphorus and manganese. If you list what happens to a person at their shortage, then you will understand why in such a state can take the heart, there will be a cramp in the leg, get a headache. ..

How to relieve the headache ?The headache can be removed when the patient has no urge to vomit with the help of analgesic tablets. If there are no tablets available, grate the whiskey with lemon and apply lemon peels to them. Relieves headaches and raw potatoes. Potato mugs must be applied to the forehead and temples, fixing them with a bandage for an hour.

What else can you drink from a hangover ?In people, nausea is removed and a glass of salted tomato juice, seasoned with black pepper. This juice is drunk gradually, in small sips. To remove nausea will help and activated charcoal - 1 tablet for every 10 kg of body weight of the patient. After removing the nausea, you can use the pharmacy medicines you know from a hangover.

What can not be done by ?Doctors do not advise you to drink strong tea or coffee during a hangover. Blood pressure may rise, chronic ailments may worsen. It is better to brew weak tea and add ginger, chamomile and willow bark to it. If their home is not, most likely, there is and will help peppermint from a hangover. A strict proportion of adding these components is not, but they should be a little bit.

If suddenly you do not have any of the listed products at hand, you can remove the hangover symptoms strongly by rubbing the ears of the with your hands. As a result, nausea, weakness and vomiting must pass.

Six drops of liquid ammonia diluted in a glass of water will also help to remove intoxication. But do not use this home remedy for a hangover often, if you value your health.

Recovery of after a hangover. To restore strength, you can drink not fat chicken( beef) broth.

Oats help the liver to fight poisonous substances in the first hours of hangover. A glass of oat groats pour 1.5 liters of boiling water and cook for an hour. Filter, add a little salt to it. For the same purpose, you can drink a glass of water, with one tablespoon of honey diluted in it.

Walking in the fresh air enhances the blood flow, which removes toxins.

Remains of toxins from the body can quickly leave with sweat in the bath or sauna.

Increased acidity in the stomach will help to reduce a teaspoon of soda, placed on a glass of water.

After two days after the intoxication of the body, a person should still refrain from acute and fatty foods. It is desirable to eat more dried apricots, drink broth of wild rose, avoid eating smoked food and canned food, there are well-known dishes from a hangover - sour cabbage soup, cottage cheese, lean vegetable soup, drink raw egg, eat cucumber and cabbage brine.

As you understand, the fastest way to get rid of a hangover is to use all the recommendations in the text. And, of course, it is necessary to drink moderately, because this is not the only way to enjoy life! Agree that it's better not to think about how to cure a hangover, and this is only possible in one case - to forever quit your brain to not deceive yourself anymore.

The grandfather's way to get rid of a hangover, you can not use!

Do not do what is offered to you in this video!

Why a hangover occurs that is caused by

Poisoning of the body .With the breakdown of alcohol in the body formed poisons, which, in turn, cause the formation of new toxins. Especially harmful in this respect are vermouths, tequila, whiskey, rum, as they strongly strain the liver with the need to process not only alcohol, but also all kinds of impurities.

Dehydration of the body .With a hangover, dehydration is caused not by a lack of fluid, but by its incorrect distribution in the body. The reason for this is alcohol. The fluid in the body is contained in sufficient quantity - where would the swollen face and bags under the eyes from, otherwise, take?

Breaking the brain cells of .It is caused by acetaldehyde, which appeared in the body as a result of the breakdown of alcohol. The next morning after drunkenness the nervous system of the patient becomes supersensitive. Even the dim light and quiet sounds greatly irritate the person. He can have an unreasonable sense of shame and guilt, called the "adrenaline yearning".

By the way, the fight against a hangover forces the body to spend a huge amount of vitamins, micro and macro elements. The body is trying to restore the acid-base balance, to bring back to normal sleep.

Hangover: how to get rid and remove the serious condition

How to help the body to remove a serious condition - a hangover? In order to remove the hangover, treatment should be based on an understanding of the mechanisms of action of alcohol on the human body.

Withdrawal of Toxins

With the main cause of a hangover - intoxication of the body - you can fight in different ways. The first way is physical excretion of poisons. This helps to make enema and gastric lavage. If these methods are unacceptable for some reason, pharmacy sorbents - activated charcoal or lignin-based preparations( Lignosorb, Liferan, Polyphepan) can be taken. These medicines are recommended to take 3 tablespoons 2 times a day after 2 hours, washing down with 1,5 glasses of water.

Of course, our body is able to get rid of poisons on its own, but there are some hangover medications that will help make it faster. You can take the following remedies:

  1. Amber acid - 1 tablet every hour, but not more than 6 tablets;
  2. Eleutherococcus tincture - 20-40 drops before meals, if you need to raise the tone;
  3. Juice of 2 lemons, diluted with water in proportions of 1: 1, and honey.

A good remedy for a hangover is kvass, as well as dairy products. Normalize the water-salt balance in the body with a hangover helps the cucumber or cabbage pickle. Detoxication of the body during alcohol poisoning is accelerated by a contrast shower or bath, sauna and sauna. They are the main means for eliminating one more reason for a hangover - dehydration.

Elimination of dehydration

What helps with a hangover, in particular, from dehydration? For the correct redistribution of the liquid, one can resort to one trick: the simultaneous intake of liquid and a diuretic, for example, water and non-alcoholic beer or natural coffee. But before using this method, it is necessary to replenish the body with electrolyte salts - to drink cucumber or cabbage brine, mineral water or oat broth.

Normalization of the nervous system

When the elimination of toxins and the redistribution of fluid in the body are performed, you can begin to restore the nervous system. What to drink from a hangover for this purpose? The best way to restore the nervous system after alcohol intoxication is glycine .It is taken every hour, it is necessary to place the tablet under the tongue or on the cheek - up to 5 times a day. Glycine is a constituent of gelatin, hence the conclusion is that the cold is the best snack when drinking alcohol, just like the ear, jellied fish and jelly.

Help with a hangover, both the nervous system and the heart, will have tablets: Pikamilon, Panangin, Mexidol, Pantogam. In addition to tablets, for this purpose, you can use natural products - milk and "live" beer( or nonalcoholic).You can take pills from a hangover or Enterosgel, which intensively removes from the body the products of alcohol breakdown, causing unpleasant sensations. This drug is recommended to take in the evening after the feast and the next morning - 3 tablespoons. To drink "Enterosgel" better still mineral water.

How to survive a hangover? If you can stay at home after all the above procedures, go to bed. A prolonged sleep will help to overcome even a severe hangover. If you need to go to work and on other matters, drink an energy drink - natural coffee, strong tea, or any drug from hangover. A hangover after a beer is removed the same way as after vodka or wine.

How quickly to get rid of a hangover

So, water procedures. When a hangover is recommended:

  1. Cold shower .As soon as you wake up, you realize that you have a hangover, and think - what to do, get out of bed and go take a cold shower. Such a procedure will help the body to cheer up, and will give strength to fight toxins. Just do not overdo with the time of "cooling", so that after a hangover you can not be treated for a cold.
  2. Cold compress .If the head hurts from a hangover, ice will help. Place a few ice cubes in a bag and attach this compress to the head. The dilated blood vessels from the cold narrow, and the pain subsides.
  3. Hot bath with essential oils .In 25 times accelerates the removal of toxins from the body. The water temperature for a bath with lavender and rosemary oils should be 35-37 ° C.The procedure helps the kidneys to excrete salt from the body, so it quickly gets rid of poisons. The duration of a hot bath with essential oils is no more than 20 minutes.
  4. How to remove a hangover? This will help sauna .It is enough to go into the steam room 2-3 times for 5 minutes, so that the products of alcohol breakdown completely removed from the body.
  5. Alternating shower also helps to overcome a strong hangover. Begin with a warm shower, taking it 3 seconds. Then make the water hot and stand under it for 2 seconds. Complete the procedure with a 5-second stay under a cold shower. If you do not know how to relieve a hangover, try this method, along with others.

Gymnastics for a hangover

How to deal with a hangover? This will help simple physical exercises. Do several such exercises and stretching. Only at first glance, this seems unattainable. But an active physical load quickly saturates the body with oxygen and gives it a vital tone.

Gymnastics for the eyes can also help if you do not know how to defeat a hangover. It is necessary to lead eyes in the parties - on 30 times in everyone, certainly, not turning a head.

Even a hard hangover in some cases helps to remove respiratory gymnastics. It is better to do it after water procedures. To do this, you need to take a slow breath - for 6 seconds, hold your breath for 6 seconds, and then slowly, for 6 seconds, breathe out the air.

Hearty breakfast

How to deal with a hangover? Along with other methods of getting rid of the effects of alcohol overdose, in the morning it is recommended to have a good breakfast. Many people have a hangover just an animal appetite, but even if you feel sick with a hangover, you need to force yourself to eat. You can cook scrambled eggs with bacon and greens. Fresh greens will enrich the body with vitamins, especially necessary after alcohol poisoning, and will refresh your breath. If you turn from one type of food, use the best remedy for a hangover - sauerkraut along with brine. This product activates digestion and speeds up the removal of toxins from the body.

Abundant drink

How to get out of a hangover without drinking fluids? This is not necessary. On a hangover, the body needs liquid, so you need to drink water - not simple, but mineral water. Even better - add a little lemon juice( or other natural).Good for a hangover helps decoction of a dogrose, in which there is a lot of vitamin C.

Everyone knows how I want to drink a cucumber or cabbage pickle on a hangover. It's no accident - salt detains in your body the fluid that is so necessary for him in this situation. Milk and kefir also help in the matter of how to cure a hangover, since toxins are excreted from the body. In addition, if you drink them in the evening after a feast, then you will not have a question - how to overcome the hangover?

Folk remedies for a hangover: recipes

Tea with mint and melissa is good for a hangover. It will quickly remove toxins from the body. The same action is provided by green tea, chamomile, milk and curdled milk.

You can make a cocktail of tomato juice. To do this, stir a fresh egg and add it to a glass of tomato juice. Salt and pepper, mix.

How to quickly remove a hangover? Try to chew a piece of willow bark. It can be bought at a pharmacy.

Brine, kvass, sauerkraut juice - there are known folk remedies for treating a hangover, restoring the water-salt balance disturbed by alcohol toxins.

From a headache with a hangover, tea from dandelion, rosemary, spotted thistle, peppermint will help. The latter is best prepared in the form of infusion: 1 table.spoon the herb peppermint pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, let it brew for about half an hour. This drug for a hangover should be taken with very poor health - half a glass every half hour.

Matsoni milk drink is a healing remedy for longevity and the solution of the problem - how to treat a hangover. Knowingly in the Caucasus, he certainly is present at any feast. Matsoni can replace all other means from a hangover.

How to move away from a hangover faster? Try to chew and swallow a couple of cardamom seeds( 2-3 times a day).Or chew and swallow ¼ cay.spoons of cumin seeds.

Hangover treatment at home is possible if the case of alcohol intoxication is not too heavy. When the patient's condition does not improve after applying several methods of removing hangover syndrome, it is necessary to resort to medical care. In many cases, a dropper from a hangover helps to get rid of a serious condition.

How to avoid a hangover

What should I do to avoid such an unpleasant phenomenon as a hangover? Do not drink alcohol. This is the most understandable and at the same time the most unacceptable way for our people. Complete sobriety is a utopia for our society. Therefore, the following tips will help you later not to puzzle over the question - how to recover from a hangover?

Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. This is tantamount to intravenous injection of alcohol. Before the feast you need a light snack and preferably - take 5-6 tablets of activated charcoal.

How to prevent a hangover after a saturated alcoholic feast? Avoid hungover syndrome will help foods high in carbohydrates. This - rice, pasta, potatoes. They will play the role of absorbent. A protein contained in meat and fish, will slow the absorption of alcohol and normalizes metabolism. Fat food is not desirable, as it overloads the liver, and so suffering from alcohol.

Sweet increases the absorption of alcohol, so during the reception of alcoholic beverages do not click on the desserts and grapes.

How not to be sick with a hangover? Many people would like to know this. Try not to part with the reception of alcohol during the feast. Take breaks for socializing with friends, dancing and entertainment. Try to keep a gap between the glasses for at least half an hour.

How to escape from a hangover? Everyone knows the advice - do not mix alcoholic beverages. But they usually forget about him at the end of the party. If you started drinking vodka, then it should end the feast. By the way, after a vodka hangover is much less likely than after wine, champagne or alcoholic cocktails.

Observe the culture of drinking, and then you will get only pleasant sensations from them!

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