It makes you dizzy, why you are shaking and vomiting, what are the reasons for women, what treatment should be

Any of us at least once experienced an unpleasant state of dizziness. The reasons that the head is spinning, can be different, physiological( normal and not dangerous) and talking about the presence of serious problems.

It can be very dizzy, it may seem that everything is spinning around and it is not easy to resist without legs. The person is shaking and vomiting, it's important not to miss the time, finding out the reasons for dizziness timely to treat.

In women, this vestibular disorder is more common than in men. But the representatives of the "strong" sex also will not be prevented from reading this publication.


Why the head is spinning, the causes of vestibular disorder

Vertigo , or present dizziness is a condition in which a person has a wrong feeling about the movement of surrounding objects and objects, or the circular rotation of his own body. Some people additionally have a subjective feeling of faintness, they lose stability. A state similar to intoxication is noted.

Vertigo is central and peripheral .In the first case, the sensation is provoked by the defeat of the structures of the brain.

Peripheral dizziness is characterized by a violation of the vestibular nerve function. Do not consider this condition pathological if:

  1. it is triggered by the taking of some medications;
  2. people are malnourished, because of what in his body contains insufficient amount of glucose;
  3. it appears at high altitude or when riding on carousels.

However, there are cases when it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor. To sound an alarm it is necessary in case if:

  1. dizziness is accompanied by loss of consciousness;
  2. the pathological condition lasts more than an hour;
  3. the patient has additional symptoms: headache, weakness in the hands or feet;
  4. in man is diagnosed with diabetes mellitus;
  5. is present with high fever, nausea, or vomiting.

Timely address to the doctor will help to eliminate unpleasant sensations, and also will give the chance to find out the reason of a morbid state of the woman.

Causes of dizziness in women

Female body is more prone to dizzy spells than masculine. It all depends on the characteristics of the female body, immunity, hormonal background and a number of other reasons.

Unpleasant sensations can occur rarely or appear several times a day. In this case, you need to pay attention to the presence of other symptoms, on the basis of which you can diagnose a particular disease, or deterioration of health.

If you feel nauseous and dizzy,

Normally, this condition is present in pregnant women at an early age, as they completely change the hormonal background, increasing the burden on all vital systems.

However, there are serious pathologies that contribute to the appearance of these symptoms:

  1. Malignant or benign neoplasm in the brain.
  2. Migraine.
  3. Violation of cerebral circulation( it feeds poorly, tissues lack oxygen).
  4. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.
  5. The pathology of Ménière.
  6. Circulatory problems in the area of ​​the vestibular apparatus.
  7. Traumatic ear damage.
  8. Epilepsy.

Important! Strongly expressed signs give exactly peripheral violations. The patient may additionally experience vomiting, acceleration of the heartbeat, general weakness and increased sweating.

In this case, the patient should be under medical supervision, although hospitalization is not necessary.

Dizziness accompanies weakness

This condition in some cases, too, can be considered a variant of the norm, for example, with the same pregnancy. This happens in adolescents in the period of rapid physiological restructuring of the body, when the body is rapidly growing, and the heart does not have time to fully ensure the necessary speed of circulation.

Pathological dizziness and weakness are in the case of anemia, in which the overall level of hemoglobin decreases in the body. If the patient has a disorder of cerebral circulation, then, in addition to dizziness, he has a noise in his ears, points in front of his eyes, worsening attention.

Unpleasant sensations arise due to hypertonic attack. In women, the cause of dizziness is neurocirculatory dystonia, which is due to emotional or psychological instability, stress.

An unpleasant sensation of this nature causes a brain tumor in the early stages of development, increased intracranial pressure, as well as impaired circulation due to poor cardiac function.

The intensity of the symptoms increases in parallel with the progression of the pathology, so it is not worth hoping that dizziness and weakness will pass by themselves. The patient should be examined to confirm or deny the presence of a serious pathology.

The sudden appearance of dizziness is characteristic of lean girls and women who often wear themselves out with diets. The lack of nutrients badly affects the work of internal organs and systems.

Causes of dizziness at normal pressure

When squeezing the carotid artery( due to osteochondrosis), there are prolonged attacks of dizziness. The same condition occurs due to rupture of the tympanic membrane. Unpleasant sensations are enhanced by sneezing and coughing.

Anxious or overly emotional people also have such a problem - dizziness is psychogenic.

If the blood pressure is normal, but the woman is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, dizziness will appear often enough. The cause of this condition can be poisoning or malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Why the head is spinning during pregnancy

Mostly in women, dizziness is associated with the onset of an early pregnancy. After conception the organism undergoes enormous changes. All systems are prepared for bearing a baby. For a long time the body will have to cope with a double load.

Most often this condition is observed in the first weeks of pregnancy, even if the pressure remains normal. However, if dizziness and weakness persists until the last trimester, you should tell the doctor about it.

Non-training of the vestibular apparatus

If the female's vestibular apparatus is weak, then it will be rocked in transport, on a swing. Ride on the carousel, it can not. There is no danger to health in this.

However, if dizziness is caused by otitis( inflammation of the ear), the patient additionally feels severe pain in the affected area, her basal temperature changes.

Meninger's disease, which is an incurable inflammation of the inner ear, can provoke discomfort.

It's important to know! Some dysfunctions of the vestibular apparatus may be irreversible, especially if this part of the brain is seriously injured. And dizziness provokes otosclerosis - the growth of the bone in the middle ear, if it affects the inner ear.

Attacks in this case are short-lived and appear only when the head moves. Dizziness also appears due to vestibular neuronitis, which develops under the influence of a bacterial or viral infection.

Presence of stress and fatigue

Before important events, speeches or events, women begin to worry much, experience stress. This condition contributes to worsening of blood circulation in the brain.

Begins oxygen starvation of tissues. This is what causes dizziness. Constant lack of sleep, chronic fatigue also have a negative effect on the well-being of a woman.

Blood pressure changes

The instability of blood pressure has a negative effect on the brain, as the blood vessels are constantly in tone.

The woman also has other symptoms: general weakness, lack of air, darkening in the eyes, and pale skin.

Injuries and diseases

Causes of dizziness are such pathologies as osteochondrosis, diseases of the blood vessels and heart, infectious brain lesions( encephalitis, meningitis).Such unpleasant sensations appear in diabetic patients, epileptics.

In the second case, there are other symptoms: frequent loss of consciousness, acceleration of the heartbeat, convulsions. The same effect is produced by renal failure, hypofunction of the thyroid gland. As for injuries, dizziness causes concussion, fracture of the pyramid of the temporal bone.

Other causes of

Dizziness may provoke other pathological conditions:

  1. allergy;
  2. period before menstruation or postmenstrual syndrome;
  3. alcohol intoxication;
  4. stroke or cerebellar infarction;
  5. seasickness;
  6. vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  7. change of weather conditions;
  8. the period of breastfeeding( mother gives a lot of vitamins to the baby);
  9. unusual visual stimulation;
  10. dome is the formation of calcium carbonate aggregates in the cavity of the semicircular canals, which irritate the receptors of the vestibular apparatus.

Dizziness does not always indicate a serious pathology, but it will not hurt to undergo a check in the hospital.

Why darkens in the eyes and dizzy?

Provoke an unpleasant feeling of dizziness is capable of orthostatic hypotension. It is not an independent pathology, but occurs due to somatic or neurological disorders.

It is characterized by a sharp drop in pressure, which is additionally accompanied by nausea, increased sweating. Basically, the duration of the attack does not exceed 5 minutes. There are other causes of the pathological condition:

  1. lesion of the visual organs;
  2. frequent hit in traumatic psycho-emotional situations;
  3. anemia;
  4. disturbance of regulation of the tone of blood vessels;
  5. temporal arteritis;
  6. atherosclerosis of cerebral or vertebral vessels;
  7. drastic changes in adrenaline levels in the blood;
  8. inability to focus on the proximity of objects, if before the person looked afar;
  9. long stay at high altitude;
  10. performing heavy physical exercises.

In most cases, you can get rid of frequent attacks of dizziness if you do not allow the effects of the factors listed above.

When you get out of bed, why the head is spinning

If a person changes his position( gets out of bed or lies down), and his head starts to spin, this may be a sign of a drop in pressure. This condition is accompanied by weakness, nausea. Pressure is reduced to critical levels. The duration of the attack is small, only 3-4 seconds.

This type of dizziness is often found in adolescents. They have a lack of blood flow to the brain. This condition is provoked by excessively rapid growth of blood vessels. The body simply does not have time to monitor their functionality.

There are other causes of this pathological condition:

  1. old craniocerebral trauma( especially those accompanied by concussion);
  2. osteochondrosis or other orthopedic problems in the neck;
  3. violation of the functionality of the inner ear;
  4. problems with the rhythm of the heart( the body in this case throws out an insufficient amount of blood or does not provide the optimal release power).

An interesting fact! Most patients may mistakenly take some feeling for dizziness. The illusion of the rotation of the body occurs only in a quarter of patients.

When you smoke, why is the head spinning

A large number of smokers complain of frequent dizziness, but they do not understand why this happens. The fact is that nicotine, penetrating into the lungs, quickly enters the central bloodstream.

The poisoning effect of nicotine is primarily manifested in dizziness. And attacks can have different intensity. In addition, nicotine promotes a sharp spasm of capillaries. As a result, blood stagnation occurs in the lower part of the body. The poor supply of oxygen to the brain worsens the general condition of a person. Dizziness increases the increase in blood pressure.

Causes of dizziness in women after 50, 60 years of age

Women with age complain of dizziness more often. The reasons for this are different. For example, magnetic storms are adversely affected, especially in women during menopause.

With age, natural degenerative processes occur in the body, including in the nervous tissue. Conductivity of neurons deteriorates, which provokes dizziness.

After 50 years, the overall "bouquet" is joined by changes in the tone of the vessels, the thinning of their walls. There is a deterioration in the properties of the blood - it becomes thicker, thrombi appear. Normal blood circulation in the vessels slows down, so the body of a woman does not get enough oxygen.

A migraine attack is also accompanied by dizziness. After 50-60 years, the woman is in the climacteric period. At this time in the body there are serious hormonal changes.

For example, the level of estrogen decreases, a woman becomes vulnerable to various infections. Hormonal imbalances can cause dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms: increased sweating, constant hot flashes.

What to do if a teen is dizzy, causes

The head can spin not only in adult women, but also in teenagers. The pathology is provoked by inflammatory processes in the middle ear, migraine, anemia and low blood sugar, food allergies, and helminths.

The body of a teenager is growing rapidly physiologically, serious changes are taking place in the psychological sphere.

The teenager rebels, tries to enter the society, try everything that is forbidden. Often in adolescence, girls try to smoke, use psychotropic substances, which ends not only with dizziness.

The increasing workload at school contributes to fatigue, the occurrence of mental overload. Added physical overvoltage, coupled with too fast growth of the body. Negative influence on the girl's body unjustified diets.

In adolescence, the girls begin the menstrual cycle, that is, there is a hormonal adjustment that does not pass asymptomatically. In this period, the child should be closely monitored. To eliminate dizziness, you need to find out the true reasons for its appearance. Self-medication is not recommended.

Important! If dizziness is repeated too often, you need to consult a therapist and a neurologist.

Dizziness: first aid and treatment

If a woman experiences frequent attacks of dizziness, she needs to be examined. Only after finding out the diagnosis, you can start some kind of treatment.

But during an attack you can help yourself:

  1. If a person feels that he starts dizzy, he better go to bed and try to focus his eyes on the static object. Thus the head should be above a level of a body. If you take a horizontal position is not possible, you should find a fulcrum and sit down. This will make it possible to avoid falling and injury.
  2. The victim needs to ensure a good supply of fresh air. To do this, you must unbutton or remove the tight clothes.
  3. Sharp movements of the head, the body will have to be excluded. Do not quickly change position or turn.
  4. People with frequent dizziness are not advised to climb.
  5. If the attack is severe, a woman can give 8-10 drops of Atropine solution.
  6. You should never leave the house without breakfast. Even a light snack will help prevent an attack. The same effect is provided by mint candy. In a bag always it is necessary to wear a slice of a chocolate or other sweetness that it was possible to normalize a level of a glucose in a blood.

Frequent dizziness in women, what to do, how to treat

Therapy should be started only if an accurate diagnosis is made.

For treatment, doctors can prescribe such drugs:

  1. anticholinergics: Scopolamine , Atropine ( improve neuromuscular transmission of impulses);
  2. antihistamines: Meklysin ;
  3. antipsychotics: Metatherin ;
  4. Antiemetics: Cerucal ;
  5. Vasodilators: Vasobral , Nicotinil ( they promote vasodilation and normalization of blood flow);
  6. benzodiazepines: Diazepam ( they are needed to calm the nervous system, and produce a mild hypnotic effect);
  7. vestibulitic agents: Promethazine ;
  8. glucocorticosteroids: Hydrocortisone ( hormonal agents that help to eliminate inflammation).

Do not get involved in taking all these drugs. The combination of drugs should be correct. Independently it is better not to use them at all, so as not to worsen your own condition.

A good therapeutic effect is provided by: massage, manual and vacuum therapy, acupuncture.

It is important to conduct competent vestibular rehabilitation. Specialists use methods to reduce a person's dependence on somatic and sensory stimuli, help restore normal coordination of movements.

Rehabilitation begins after the end of the acute period, and continues until complete cure. Do not interfere with the independent training of the vestibular apparatus.

The patient will also need respiratory gymnastics, which will eliminate the problem of hyperventilation of the lungs. It is also important to observe the correct diet and review your diet. It is better to exclude coffee, strong teas, fatty and smoked products.

To prevent recurrence, a woman needs to change her way of life: to have more rest, to walk outside, to go swimming or cycling.

To cope with dizziness will help and folk remedies, but they should be used with the doctor's permission. Well helps ginger tea, carrot juice and beet .

Dizziness in itself is practically no danger to human health or life. But it can become a signal for the development of pathology in the body.

If the seizures are repeated often, and their intensity increases, you should definitely consult a therapist and neurologist.

In especially difficult cases - call an ambulance.

10 reasons why the head is spinning

Treatment of dizziness, why the head is spinning, how to treat the body

Dr. Evdokimenko. A video about why the head is spinning and how to be treated. The video is educational and fact-finding. There are contraindications. Before applying the recommendations and advice from the video and the publication must consult with your doctor!

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