Dog Bites: What to Do

In Russia, annually, only registereddog biteswhen attacking a person is about two million cases. And in this statistics there are no people who do not seek medical help.

In this publication we will talk about what to do with a dog bite and how to provide first aid to an adult and a child if a domestic or stray dog ​​has bitten by the hand, leg, finger.



Dog bites from the point of view of the nature of the damage resemble chipped or lacerated wounds. But ...In any type of bite, there is always a greater likelihood of infection of the wound.

This can be explained by the fact that in the oral cavity (in the mouth) of any animal and human there is always a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. The teeth of the dog are sharp, and when it bites, the microbes inevitably fall deep into the wound and then into the blood. In severe cases of attacks on a person by a dog, a bitten adult or child may have more than one wound, including several, including bites of the face, hands and feet.

Especially dangerous are dog attacks on children!After all, unlike an adult person, a child can not always protect himself from attack, so his parents should always be on guard if there is a domestic dog in the house. After all, it can not always be a friend. Especially in this regard, dangerous osthenennye female, nurturing and feeding their offspring.

If you keep a dog at home or come to visit, where to keep the animal at home, you need to know and follow a number of rules for handling dogs.

Rules for the treatment of a domestic dog

  1. never leave the child alone with an unfamiliar dog, and even more so with a few when you came to visit;
  2. do not leave children alone at home with a domestic dog;
  3. your child should never approach a foreign dog;
  4. if the dog does not respect (rather you can not control it completely) of the child - be afraid that she will ever attack him;
  5. if the dog does not look into the eyes of a person - it can attack;
  6. if the dog bit once, it will bite again;
  7. never need to approach animals if they eat, fight or care for each other;
  8. never give an open wound to cats or dogs;
  9. A pet must be vaccinated against rabies.

When attacking dogs

When attacking a dog on a child or an adult, it is necessary, first of all, to drag or drive away the animal. For this, everything that can be obtained at hand is suitable: a stone, a stick, a fence from a fence, a bag, a mop, a trash can. Any dog ​​bite should alarm both parents and health professionals. There are two types of bites: superficial and deep. Each type requires its own approach.

Procedure for biting: first aid

Treatment of a wound

The place of the bite - the wound - should be washed with a warm soapy (household soap) solution for several minutes. Some experts suggest treating the wound itself with hydrogen peroxide.

It is necessary to apply antiseptic (solution of potassium permanganate (pink solution), solution of alcoholic iodine, alcohol - no more than 70%) and to treat the skin around the bite.

Dry the bite and apply a sterile bandage.

In case of severe bleeding, it is necessary to take measures to stop it - use a tourniquet, a pressure bandage.

If the dog tore off any parts of the body - fingers, ears, etc., it is necessary to pack the torn fragments in a clean plastic bag, place the package on ice, indicate the name of the victim on the package and transfer it to the hospital.

If the dog is domestic

Taking into account the probability of infection with rabies (thus almost always ends in a fatal outcome, if not start treatment), it is necessary to ask the dog owner for a certificate of vaccination of the dog.

If the dog is stray

Immediately notify the State Veterinary Service of the fact of an animal attacking a person. And help with information about the location of a sick animal to specialists for catching a kusaka and placing him in quarantine for veterinary sanitary supervision.

It is compulsory to go to a trauma center at the place of residence.Traumatologist will determine the damage from bites, will provide medical assistance. Be sure to know,Is your child vaccinated against tetanus.

What not to do

Since the rabies virus targets the central nervous system (CNS) of a person, and the course of vaccination is determined by the duration of the incubation period, which is 10-90 days, it is clear that it is unacceptable to help the virus by independently affecting the central nervous system. It is about the inadmissibility of using alcohol and other drugs that depress the central nervous system, thereby helping the rabies virus.

Especially dangerous are the bites of the fingers and hands of animals infected with the rabies virus.

Folk remedies at home

In advance I want to warn readers that in cases when a dog has bitten, it is necessary to do all the above. And home folk remedies for home use are provided for purely informational purposes as an addition to the foregoing. Consultations of the surgeon, the traumatologist have not been canceled! Consult with them when treating dog bites.

Traditional medicine recommends:

  1. When bitten by a dog or wolf to the wound, after the initial treatment, applya gruel made from the leaves of the mendicant or the leaves themselves.
  2. The bulb, ground with honey and vinegar and attached to the wound, helps with canine bites.
  3. When biting animals to apply to the wound the crushed grass of the initial letter, lotions fromgrass clover or broth of cloves.
  4. Mint,superimposed with salt, heals dog bites.

Tips and recipes for the treatment of canine bites from ancient folk remedies:

In ancient folk remedies are given such advice and recipes for the treatment of canine bites:

  1. when bitten by a rabid dog, it is recommended to wash the wound with salt water and moisten with nut oil until the healing. Nut oil in this case is used for internal use (1 tablespoon 3 times a day);
  2. when bitten by rabid dogs, drink infusion from the inflorescence of immortelle for 1 tablespoon three times a day;
  3. according to the ideas of folk medicine "vinegar, if you give it by pound in the morning and in the evening, in the most rapid manner and completely cures of rabies";
  4. with any poisonous bites the most useful remedy is to steam for a long time in a Russian steam bath (any poisons and poisonous substances come out with sweat);
  5. Nettle with salt (as a lotion) cleans contaminated wounds and helps with canine bites;
  6. with the bites of venomous snakes, scorpions, and also with dog bites, garlic with honey is taken, which is taken inside and put in the form of gruel onto the wound.

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