Recipes for cleaning vessels with garlic, lemon and honey: benefits and contraindications

Lack of physical activity, improper diet, disregard for your health and simple age-related changes lead to the fact that fat deposits are being debugged on the inner walls of the vessels.

Harmful cholesterol and other fatty compounds accumulate in the arteries, salts are deposited. All this becomes the reason of change of the form of arteries and their narrowing, and sometimes and full blockage.

Contents of the article:
  • What is the rubbish in our veins
  • Useful properties of the ingredients
  • Popular recipes
    • Elixir of lemon and garlic
    • Composition with lemon, garlic and honey
    • Honey and lemon
  • Contraindications with application
  • Prevention of vascular contamination
    • Prevention of blood clots
    • Strengtheningwalls of blood vessels

It is very important to start taking care of your health and lead a correct lifestyle in a timely manner, and also do everything to effectively clean the vessels.

What rubbish in our veins

Cholesterol. Vascular clearance is mainly reduced due to the accumulation of cholesterol on their walls.

This is due to its high content in the blood.

If this indicator you control, you can maintain the purity of blood vessels and their health.

Microthrombi. Appear in areas of vascular wall integrity.

To prevent their appearance, it is necessary to work on strengthening the walls of blood vessels and prevent the increase in blood coagulability, that is, dilute it.

Calcium salts. They are deposited in clots of cholesterol in the serious stages of atherosclerosis.

Clearing the blood vessels is extremely difficult, so you need to take care of preventive care in advance by controlling the level of harmful cholesterol in your blood.

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The right ways to cleanse the arteries in conjunction with adjusting the diet and physical activity help to achieve good results and bring the well-being back to normal.

A proven, but effective method is cleaning vessels with garlic, lemon and honey.

About treatment, for sure, heard everything, but not many are dared to try it - this is an unusual combination.

And honey, garlic, and lemon - are very useful gifts of nature , but, given their aggressiveness, you need to use them moderately.

It is important that not only include them in the diet, but also refer to the traditional medicine recipes that will help to clean and qualitatively clean the vessels.

Useful properties of the ingredients

All the described components are useful for the vessels and for the body as a whole. Taking them inside, you will render your vessels a great help.

  • Garlic is a source of many useful substances. Has a powerful anti-virus action. It is able to dissolve cholesterol plaques and dissolve deferred salts.

  • Honey is a treasure of valuable vitamins and minerals.
    He fights bacteria, heals wounds, soothes the body and saturates it with useful substances.
    It is considered an excellent antibacterial and anti-allergenic agent.
  • Lemon is one of the most useful citrus fruits.
    It has many vitamins and pectin, which removes toxins and other harmful accumulations.
    Lemon juice can handle wounds, it is a wonderful antiseptic.

In combination, all components qualitatively clean the vessels and have a beneficial effect on the body. They normalize metabolism and, perfectly strengthen immunity.

Recipes for the preparation of folk remedies based on these components are very simple.

Folk recipes

Elixir of lemon and garlic

This simple prescription is designed for 40 days of treatment. You need 16 lemons and the same number of garlic heads.

Take lemons ripe, and garlic heads - large and clean. First you need to prepare the first four servings of four fruits and garlic heads, respectively.

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For preparation:

  • peel garlic,
  • lemons rinse well( no need to peel off the peel).

Grind the components with a meat grinder or combine harvester. Until you get a semi-liquid mass, pour it into a three-liter bottle, and top with warm boiled water.

Insist for three days at room temperature, sometimes stirring.

  1. After the time has elapsed, strain the formulation and leave it in the refrigerator for storage.
  2. You need to consume a miracle-elixir three times a day, 100 ml before meals.
  3. It is advisable to drink a lot of liquid - this will increase the effectiveness of the remedy.

Composition with lemon, garlic and honey

Very effective recipe, combining all the healing powers of lemon, honey and garlic. Tincture of these components:

  • improves the condition of the vessels,
  • eliminates their harmful cholesterol,
  • normalizes the heart.

To prepare it, you need to take:

  • ten good lemons,
  • ten cloves of garlic,
  • liter of natural honey.

Clean lemons, peel them off, finely chop or grind them in another way.

  1. Clean and grind garlic cloves, add them to the lemon.
  2. Add the liquid honey and mix everything.

What happened, you need to put in a glass container and insist in a warm place for a week.
It is not necessary to close the jar tightly.

It is better to cover it with natural material, so that the prepared mixture can "breathe".

Take the tincture you need four teaspoons a day.

The mixture you prepared is enough for a month.

Please note that this remedy invigorates and gives energy, so if you are suffering from insomnia, take it in the morning.

The recipe is suitable for those who do not like the characteristic smell of garlic, because in it it is practically not audible.

Honey and lemon

If you can not tolerate garlic, you can limit yourself to lemon and honey.

Along with the qualitative cleaning of the vessels, you will also get quite a delicious treat. This remedy is a storehouse of useful vitamins and minerals that strengthen and revitalize the entire body.

For preparation you need to take:

  • kilogram of ripe lemons,
  • half a kilogram of liquid honey

Fruits need:

  • rinse with boiling water,
  • remove peel,
  • cut into small cubes,
  • grind with meat grinder,
  • mix well.

Put the mixture in a glass container and refrigerate.

After a few days, when the lemons completely dissolve in honey and the mass becomes homogeneous - the composition is ready.

Drink two or three times a day, on a tablespoon, for one to three months.
The mixture is good because it has a beneficial effect on all body systems:

  • on the joints and heart,
  • cleans the vessels, making them elastic.

This treasure of vitamins also calms and conducts prevention of colds.

Contraindications with the use of

Before using any folk remedy, it is not superfluous to consult a doctor.

It is unlikely that recipes can be harmful, but there are contraindications.

Do not resort to them with digestive disorders, stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers.

You need to make sure there is no allergy to all components of the recipe. Do not use pregnant and lactating mothers.

Cleaning vessels with honey, garlic and lemon is a good way that does not provoke side effects, and is easily perceived by the body.

When you go through the course of purification( you can repeat it once a year), you will feel a rush of strength and vigor, get rid of pressure problems, and all your harmful substances will be removed from your vessels.

Prevention of vascular contamination

  • The first thing to do is to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Earlier, the diet was the only way to do this.

Today, experts prescribe it rarely, because only a fifth of the cholesterol enters the body with food.

The rest - synthesizes the liver.

But in any case, it makes sense to limit animal fats in the diet. You can use special drugs related to the statin group to reduce cholesterol. Especially, they are useful to people over the age of forty

Prevention of blood clots

Blood clots on the walls of blood vessels most often occur due to atherosclerosis. When you lower the cholesterol level, you simultaneously ensure the prevention of blood clots.

Elderly people may be prescribed anti-Agranant drugs. To people of a young age, they are not needed yet.

Strengthening the walls of vessels

The stronger the vessels, the less they become contaminated. Basically, their strengthening is due to a healthy lifestyle.

Try not to abuse alcohol, do not buy, lead an active lifestyle, do not allow excess weight and lack of vitamins.

Walls of vessels well strengthen substances such as bioflavonoids.
They are found in red wine, apples, natural green tea. Also they contain some medicines.

In the video you will see how to prepare recipes for the purification of blood vessels from cholesterol.