Can I smoke during pregnancy - how to quit?

Smoking is a very bad habit, it is undesirable at any age, in any condition. How dangerous is smoking during pregnancy? It is worth investigating how destructive this habit is in this case, what problems this can cause for the mother and her unborn child, are there any quick ways to quit smoking without much difficulty.

  • How does smoking affect a child?
  • How does smoking affect pregnancy?
  • How much before pregnancy should I quit smoking?
  • Great experience of smoking: is it worth throwing?
  • Is it possible to quit smoking?
  • How to quit smoking during pregnancy?
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When smoking in the lungs and the bloodstream of a person comes a lot of harmful substances, negatively affecting the functioning of the cardiovascular, respiratory system, the whole body as a whole. When smoking during the bearing of a child, they also come to the fetus and affect its intrauterine development. Violations during pregnancy can affect the entire life of the child.

It is always advised to quit smoking before pregnancy, the more time passes before conception, the better for the mother and the planned child. The future father is also advised to take care of this and give up a bad habit. The stronger the health of both parents, the healthier will be their common child.

However, it happens that the pregnancy was not planned, but the child decided to leave. In this case, the mother often still smokes. It is worth knowing about the possible risks and how to quickly quit a bad habit without making your own body and fetus worse.

How does smoking affect a child?

Tobacco contains a huge amount of harmful substances that negatively affect the work of the heart, blood vessels, nervous system, and metabolic processes in the body. The opinion of doctors about this habit during child-bearing is always practical: it is extremely harmful for the future baby.

What is the result of this harmful habit? More often than not, it causes small, but capable of significantly affecting the child's further life, disruption in the functioning of the body. Smoking mothers are more likely to give birth to a baby with various mental and physical abnormalities.

Smoking mothers are more likely to have babies with mental retardation, other mental disabilities, hyperactive children. Often children are born at too early a time, they are premature. Even full-term babies often lag behind other children born to mothers who do not have bad habits, weight and other physiological indicators.

Also, some experts say that newborns, accustomed to the constant presence of substances from tobacco resins, form a semblance of full-fledged dependence. After birth, they almost immediately have trouble breathing, they are always whiny and capricious. Therefore, during pregnancy, it is better not to smoke, if you want to calmly endure and give birth to a healthy baby, this is also confirmed by Dr. Komarovsky.

How does smoking affect pregnancy?

Not all mothers immediately feel the negative impact of tobacco on the bearing of the child. However, in general, a bad habit complicates this state. Since smoking is an additional burden on the heart and blood vessels, the whole body, pregnancy is even more difficult to bear. Increases the likelihood of developing hypertension and other pathologies during gestation.

Important! Also, constant smoking during child bearing increases the likelihood of miscarriage.

How much before pregnancy should I quit smoking?

Many experts say that the earlier a mother throws a bad habit, the better. Usually the optimal term is six months - a year, not less. The organism needs so much time to recover, the future mother becomes ready to bear the child without any problems.

The father of the child should also be dropped. It is best to part with a bad habit together. Usually it is advised to do this gradually, but not postpone. The vast majority of people who stopped smoking before pregnancy, no longer return to the habit after the birth of the baby.

Great experience of smoking: is it worth throwing?

To throw a bad habit is recommended in any case, no matter how long the length of smoking is. Even in a fairly short period after the last cigarette, you can assess how quickly the condition improves. Positive changes begin almost immediately after giving up the bad habit.

If the experience of smoking is really great, before the conception of the child, it is advisable to skip a year. This time will be enough for the pregnancy to proceed normally, the child was born without problems.

Important! It is worth remembering that smoking is a full-fledged psychological and physical addiction. Therefore, the process of getting rid of it can be quite long and difficult.

Is it possible to quit smoking?

Contrary to common misconceptions, one should not abruptly abandon a bad habit. With severe long-term dependence, smoking ceases to be mostly a psychological ritual, the substances contained in tobacco smoke become part of the natural metabolic processes in the body. If you quit smoking, your body can become even worse.

It is desirable to quit smoking gradually. Even if you have to part with the habit of already carrying a child, do not do it sharply. Sudden complete quitting can lead to heart rhythm disturbances, a woman may have muscle spasms and cramps. During pregnancy, they can provoke a miscarriage, lead to even more serious impairments in the fetus.

If you drop the habit gradually, the result will be easier to achieve. It is better to allow your own organism to gradually be reconstructed into a healthier way of life than to do it abruptly. The more smooth transition from constant smoking, the less the consequences will be for the physical and emotional state of the future mother.

How to quit smoking during pregnancy?

Strangely enough, a quick method is to throw gradually. If you try immediately to quit smoking, there is a great risk not to withstand and again return to a bad habit, to experience serious consequences for physical health. To quit smoking was the most productive, it is worth following the following rules. They are suitable for both mother and father of the unborn child:

  1. If smoking is a ritual action, it is worth trying to replace it with something else. For each person will work its own individual way. Instead of one cigarette, you can try to eat a chewing candy, drink tea, distract yourself with other methods. It is important to risk interrupting the usual ritual.
  2. Lower the number of cigarettes is gradual. First you can reduce it by one cigarette a day, after a few days, remove another one. It is advisable for a couple of weeks to reach one cigarette every few days.
  3. It is also important to avoid passive smoking. First, it will remind you of your own habit, it will be harder to part with it. Secondly, passive smoking is no less harmful than active, the future mother should not inhale the smoke from strangers.
  4. If during quitting smoking attacks of tachycardia, dizziness occur, you can take light sedatives on the basis of natural ingredients that are allowed during the bearing of the child. Also, you need to drink enough water to make the withdrawal symptoms less troublesome.
  5. A few weeks after the beginning of the rejection of bad habits, it is advisable to do not more than one puff every few days. Do not completely smoke your cigarette. Intervals between puffs need to be done more and more. In the end, over time, you will feel that the desire to smoke gradually disappears.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the healthier the situation around a pregnant woman in a psychological sense, the easier it will be to cope with the bad habit. Constant stress does not contribute to a complete fight against smoking. If you do not get to stop smoking, there are violations of the heartbeat, increased pressure, other strange symptoms, it is advisable to see a doctor. Sometimes it is easier to cope with the rejection of a bad habit and its consequences with the help of a specialist.