Treatment of chronic pharyngitis in adults

Chronic pharyngitis is an inflammatory process in the area of ​​the lymphoid apparatus of the pharynx, flowing in the mucous tissues, leading to severe pain in the throat and other unpleasant consequences. If you do not treat the acute form, eventually it becomes chronic, getting rid of it becomes extremely difficult, but with the help of properly selected therapy it is possible to minimize its manifestation. You should know all about the symptoms and treatment of chronic pharyngitis in adults.

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  • Chronic catarrhal pharyngitis
  • Chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis
  • Chronic atrophic pharyngitis
  • Can I cure chronic pharyngitis
  • How to cure forever
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Talk about the transition of the disease into a chronic form is possible when the treatment does not show any improvement in a few weeks. Over time, symptoms may subside, during exacerbations - intensify. There are several types of chronic pharyngitis, depending on the degree of development, the nature of the inflammatory process in the mucous tissues.

There are several reasons for the transition of the acute form to chronic, usually this does not happen by itself. Usually advised to pay attention to the following:

  • inhalation of dirty, dusty, too dry air, which adversely affects the condition of the nasopharyngeal mucosa;
  • smoking, alcohol abuse;
  • diseases of the digestive system, in which the acid content of the stomach can go up the esophagus and damage the mucosa.

Also provoke a transition to the chronic form of pharyngitis may be incorrect treatment in the acute phase of the disease.

The code for ICD-10 in this disease is J31.2. Usually such information is required exclusively by specialists, chronic pharyngitis in the registry goes along with rhinitis and other chronic inflammatory diseases of nasopharyngeal tissues.


Symptoms of the disease depend on the form, and the symptoms usually increase with exacerbations. Exacerbations of chronic pharyngitis occur with colds, severe immunity decreases, with avitaminosis and concomitant diseases of the respiratory tract and nasopharynx.

Chronic catarrhal pharyngitis

With the catarrhal form of this disease, there is no secretion of pus, most often it occurs in smokers, workers in harmful industries, people who live in highly polluted air.

With this form is constantly present a strong perspiration in the throat, the sensation of a foreign body. When breathing, a burning sensation may occur, especially if the air is too hot or cold.

Chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis

The main symptom for this form of the disease is a thickening of the mucous membrane of the throat, it seems to swell. The patient generally experiences severe perspiration and a feeling of dryness in the pharynx. At the same time, purulent discharges of a rather viscous nature begin to form on the posterior wall.

Chronic granulosa pharyngitis is also characterized by the appearance of abscesses on the wall of the throat, on the inflamed mucosa. Due to large accumulations of pus in the throat, a bad odor from the mouth usually appears in the patient.

Chronic atrophic pharyngitis

This stage is usually called the final stage in a chronic disease. At this stage, there is sclerosis of the mucous membrane, secretions that accumulate on the wall of the throat, become extremely viscous and form a crust that provokes the sensation of a foreign body in the patient.

When coughing, the pieces of the crust formed by the secretions can begin to separate. Cough with this dry, can intensify at night, accompanied by a sore throat, increasing when swallowing. During exacerbations of chronic subatrophic pharyngitis, fever may increase. Also often increase cervical lymph nodes.

Important!Because of pharyngitis, the patient's voice can also change, he can become hoarse, sound a little deaf.

If any of these symptoms appear, you should consult your doctor and begin treatment as soon as possible. The diagnosis is not made exclusively on symptoms, the examination of the otolaryngologist is required, sometimes scrapes are taken, and other studies are performed.

Without treatment, this disease can lead to serious consequences. In addition, the constant presence of an inflammatory process in the throat increases the likelihood of an increase in the frequency of colds and other inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx.

Can I cure chronic pharyngitis

Completely get rid of this disease and its consequences is extremely difficult, it is almost impossible. However, with properly selected therapy, one can achieve remission, in which the manifestations of acute chronic pharyngitis almost disappear. It is important to consider that in this case much depends on the efforts of the patient himself. It is important to follow clearly the appointments of the attending physician, not to miss the procedures and medications.

In this case, in order to completely get rid of manifestations of chronic form, it is important to eliminate the cause of its occurrence. The patient needs to get rid of bad habits, deal with diseases of the digestive system, change living conditions, for example, buy a device to humidify the air, if the reason for its increased dryness.

Important!To treat this disease should be under the supervision of a doctor - an otolaryngologist.

How to cure forever

To get rid of most manifestations of this disease, you need to completely get rid of the factors that provoke it. In addition, you need to engage in full-fledged therapy of the disease, undergo it under the supervision of a doctor.

There are enough methods of treatment, various drugs, physiotherapy can be used for therapy. It is acceptable to use some folk methods, but with them you should be careful.

Throat hardening for chronic pharyngitis is a controversial technique, the effectiveness of which has not been proven. Therefore, its use is not advised, it is better to immediately turn to conservative treatment. Patients with mucous tissues of the nasopharynx are better not to irritate additionally.

In general, with chronic pharyngitis, treatment at home is acceptable, monitoring in a hospital environment is usually not required. However, it may be necessary to visit physiotherapy procedures.


Depending on the causes and symptoms of the disease may require different medications for treatment. Usually the following groups of medicines are used:

  1. Local antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics of systemic action in the form of tablets are usually not required, use specialized antibacterial sprays. They include Bioparox, Imudon, IRS - 19.
  2. Anti-inflammatory analgesics. Usually used in the form of sprays and tablets for resorption. The most commonly used tablets are Grammidine, Spray Jox, Pharyngosept, Hexoral and their analogues.

Against the background of taking medications, it is advised to go on a diet in which there will be no irritating food mucus. Do not advise eating too hot or cold dishes, too spicy or sour food. Also need to drink plenty of fluids, preferably plain clean water. When exacerbations are advised bed rest.

Than to gargle

The most common recipe for rinsing is a saline solution, it is desirable to use sea salt for its production. For one glass of warm water take one spoonful of salt, rinse it should be up to three times a day.

You can also use a light infusion of chamomile, such a remedy will help calm the sore throat. Take one spoonful of dried grass on a glass of boiling water, before rinsing you need to cool the infusion.

Treatment with folk remedies

Folk recipes are also effective in controlling pharyngitis, most importantly - do not burn the sore throat, high temperatures provoke the activity of bacteria. Also it is worth remembering that with the help of folk remedies it is difficult to completely defeat the disease, they can be an exclusively auxiliary therapy.

The most useful and safe folk remedy with pharyngitis, which will help cough and remove severe pains - milk with honey. Milk should be slightly warmed, do not make it too hot. In a glass of milk you need to dilute one spoonful of honey, you can add a little cream. Drink this drink should be at night.

When combining different means, you can achieve the best effect. If worsened, consult a doctor.