The most effective means of snoring in pharmacies

Snoring is a fairly common problem in Russia. And it concerns both men and women. According to statistics, 30 years after the snoring 30% of the male population of the planet suffer, and 15% of the female population. This seemingly innocuous phenomenon, negatively affects human health, shortens life expectancy and significantly reduces the quality of sleep of others. Fortunately, today there are many tools to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon. Let's look at them in more detail.

  • Medical facilities
  • How to choose the best remedy for snoring?
  • Extra Lore
  • Mysleepgod
  • Clip
  • Asonor
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Medical facilities

Today, on the shelves of pharmacies, there is a wide range of a variety of anti-snoring drugs. They can be in the form:

  • spray;
  • tablets;
  • special devices.

How to choose the best remedy for snoring?

First of all, you need to carefully study the proposed range. We will not bore you with a listing of all the medicines that exist today, but just briefly tell you about a few of the most effective.

Extra Lore

  1. Type: device.
  2. Average price: 800 rub.

It is a special device made of polymer, which is placed in the mouth. You can see the photo "Extra-Lora" below.

This tool is very well proven in the field of fighting with snoring, apnea and nocturnal gnashing of teeth.

  1. Mode of application. Placed in the mouth in such a way that the tip of the tongue is fixed.
  2. Benefits. High probability of complete cure for snoring for a course of 20-30 days. Relatively low price. There is no need for daily use.
  3. Disadvantages. There are a number of contraindications, among them: epilepsy, heart failure, oral infections, chronic dry mouth, etc.


  1. Type: spray.
  2. The average price: 1000 r.
  3. Duration of the effect: the whole night.

The spray is presented in 3 variants: with an extract of a lemon, a sage, or mint, each of which influences in a certain way. So, lemon mysleepgod helps to relieve tension in the muscles of the larynx, normalize breathing and blood circulation, mint - it has a toning effect, and sage extract is suitable for those who need to eliminate inflammation.

Due to the toning effect, the vibrations of the soft palate tissues decrease, reducing the intensity of snoring or completely eliminating it.

  1. Benefits. Rapid efficiency: starts from the first day of use. Safety and the ability to use children.
  2. Disadvantages. High price.


  1. Type: device.
  2. Average price: 500 r.

It is a device in the form of a horseshoe made of non-toxic silicone, attached to the nasal septum. Some of them can be equipped with neodymium magnets. It occurs in pharmacies under different names, for example, "anti-snoring", "sleep without snoring". The name depends on the manufacturer, but the essence of the device does not change.

How it works. Special thickenings on the tips of the "staples" touch the wall of the nasal septum, exerting a tonic effect on the muscles of the sky, thereby preventing snoring. The magnetic field affects hemoglobin, which helps to saturate cells with oxygen, toning the muscles.

Benefits. It is made of hypoallergenic material, so it does not cause unpleasant sensations and discomfort for the user.

Disadvantages. Can not use:

  • pregnant;
  • people with pacemakers;
  • with systemic blood diseases;
  • with acute heart failure (IІ-IІI degree).


  1. Type: aerosol.
  2. Average price: 1500 r.
  3. Suffices: for 30 nights.
  4. Duration of the effect: 7-8 hours.

This tool is officially not apply to medical drugs, but to biological supplements (dietary supplements). The mechanism of exposure is such that when the throat is sprayed, the drug has an emollient and moisturizing effect on the mucosa, strengthens the tension of the muscles of the soft palate, eliminates puffiness.

Mode of application. After tilting your head back, make 5 injections of the drug into each nasal passage so that the product hits the walls of the sky.

  1. Benefits. It does not have a negative effect on the body and is not absorbed into the blood, so it can be used even for children and pregnant women. Has no contraindications and side effects.
  2. Disadvantages. High price. Long time lag: the effect appears on the second week of use.


  1. Type: aerosol.
  2. Average price: 800 rub.
  3. Suffices about a month.
  4. Long lasting effect: night.

The composition of the drug includes mucoadhesive foam. The agent envelops the walls of the throat, softens them, thereby reducing vibration. Significantly reduces the intensity of snoring, acting from the first night. Has a pleasant taste of mint and mandarin.

  1. Benefits. Acceptable price. High efficiency and duration of exposure, over time, the drug is used less and less often, preserving the effect.
  2. Disadvantages. Do not use for bronchial asthma or individual intolerance to the components of the drug.