We get rid of scoliosis of 2 degrees at home

Scoliosis of the 2nd degree is the curvature of the spine sideways by more than 11 degrees. At a deviation of more than 25 degrees, the third stage of the disease begins. Currently, it is diagnosed in a large number of people of different ages due to prolonged sitting.

  • The causes of scoliosis of the II degree
  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Home Treatment
  • Prevention of disease
  • Exercises for scoliosis
  • Massage
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Remember!Scoliosis, found after 18 years is not so tragic, since the spine no longer grows and, consequently, its deformation will not be so pronounced.

Alas, scoliosis is not only a cosmetic defect. Curvature of the spine affects the work of internal organs, brain activity and even the reproductive system. II degree of the disease strikes the eye, therefore to notice it easily enough. In addition, it causes a certain symptomatology. At this stage it is important to consult a doctor to prevent the progression of scoliosis and hump formation.

Attention!Scoliosis of the thoracic region causes respiratory disturbances, as a result of which the respiratory system becomes worse, the heart suffers. With lumbar scoliosis, it is possible to omit the kidney, bend the ureter, and so on.

The causes of scoliosis of the II degree

The cause of scoliosis of the second degree in most cases is incorrect long sitting at the table or desk. Over time, a subtle I stage passes into the second, which causes the patient to see a doctor.

Also, scoliosis appears:

  1. With congenital pathologies.
  2. With spinal injuries.
  3. Violation of the functions of the musculoskeletal system.
  4. Nervous diseases (poliomyelitis, etc.).

Attention!In girls, scoliosis, especially idiopathic (i.e., unexplained etiology), is diagnosed more often than in boys.

Symptoms of the disease

  1. Uneven placement of the scapula.
  2. One shoulder is higher than the other.
  3. Assimetry of the buttocks (if scoliosis is manifested in the lumbar region).
  4. Twisting of vertebrae around the spine (torsion).
  5. In 90% of cases, the triangles of the waist (the free space between the lowered arms and the curve of the waist) are asymmetric.

Attention!S-shaped scoliosis has its signs, which is difficult enough to make a correct diagnosis, therefore it is extremely important to consult an experienced doctor.

Home Treatment

Remember, the first thing to do is to determine whether the disease continues to progress or whether the deformation stopped at this stage. If the disease continues to progress, the main task of treatment is to stop this process. When it is stopped, it makes sense to think about returning the physiological form to the spine.

The treatment includes:

  1. Physiotherapy. Alas, unlike scoliosis of the 1st degree, one therapeutic gymnastics will not eliminate the disease. In order to strengthen the muscles of the back and adjust the position of the spine, Lana Paley's gymnastics is used.
  2. Wearing special corsets Abbott-Chenot with corrective effect.
  3. Breathing gymnastics of Katharina Schroth.

Additional methods of treatment include massage, manual therapy, electrostimulation of the back muscles. But swimming, the use of calcium and the use of insoles doctors refer to questionable methods of treatment.

Manual therapy causes very conflicting reviews - some believe that it eventually worsens the patient's condition and causes the disease progression, but on the other hand, if you fix the results achieved with it, you can achieve an excellent effect.

The probability of correcting the deformation to a minimum and imperceptible to the naked eye of the I degree is, with properly selected treatment, 80%. This takes up to a year and a half. If the treatment was successful, you can try to correct the curvature completely. The age of the patient plays an extremely important role here. Up to 25 years, you can completely recover from scoliosis, but after 25 - you can correct deformation only by 50%. Of course, there are exceptions, but the problem is that people simply do not have the patience to do the same exercises day after day.

Remember!If scoliosis is diagnosed in a child, it is extremely important to do it immediately, otherwise at the age of 11-15 years it will begin to progress very quickly due to rapid growth of the spine.

At home, you can conduct therapeutic gymnastics and alleviate pain by folk medicine. Let's consider some tips.

  1. Take a contrast shower with pain in the pelvis and lower back. If this is difficult, just rinse your feet with cold water.
  2. For 15-20 minutes, hang on the bar. In this case, it is not necessary to pull yourself up.
  3. Take warm baths with several liters of coniferous broth (needles are poured with boiling water, minutes 10 to boil, filtered and added to the bath), with the addition of chloride and sodium.
  4. Do salt compresses on your back (the role relaxes the muscles and strengthens the bones).
  5. Do wraps based on paraffin.

Prevention of disease

To prevent the onset of the disease, you must adhere to a number of specific rules:

  • should strictly monitor their posture, regardless of age;
  • try not to lift the gravity, and if such a need arose, then correctly distribute the load on the spine;
  • a healthy lifestyle, exercise, also contribute to strengthening the spine;
  • the mattress on which you sleep must be moderately hard, without deflections.

Exercises for scoliosis

Gymnastics should be aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back, chest and press.

Attention!Exercises on stretching and flexibility give good, but short-lived results. With scoliosis, discard them.

We strengthen the muscles of the abdominal press.

  1. Lie on your back, hands stretch along the body. In turn, and then simultaneously, raise your legs without bending them.
  2. The starting position is the same. Slowly sit down, keeping the correct posture.

We strengthen the muscles of the back.

  1. Lie on your stomach, lift your head, then your shoulders. Hands spread in different directions.
  2. Repeat the exercise described under No. 1 to strengthen the muscles of the press.

We form a correct posture.

  1. Firmly lean against the wall, step back a few steps, maintaining the correct posture, then sit down and stand up again.
  2. Lie on your back, tightly pressed against the floor with your body. Raise the shoulders and head, stay in this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position.
  3. Place some weight on the head (preferably a sandbag) and squat, and step over the obstacles.

Remember!The exercises presented in this article are not universal, in scoliosis it is necessary to select gymnastics individually, taking into account the features of deformation and the age of the patient.


Massage has a restoring, relaxing and toning effect on the body. The massage should be performed by a professional masseur who before the session will determine which side of the muscles are stressed and need relaxation, and with what - are weakened and require a tone.

Massage sessions are carried out daily and last about an hour. Here everything depends on the zones being worked. It is important to take into account:

  1. Before you start a session of spinal massage, you need to return the spine to its physiological position.
  2. The patient should be placed so that the muscles are relaxed.
  3. You can not change the position of the patient.

Before taking a course of massage, you need to familiarize yourself with its contraindications. It is advisable to visit a doctor for this. Remember that scoliosis of the second degree, with a great desire and patience, really cure completely. Be healthy!