Find out what to do if your eyes hurt from your computer

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The computer is a miracle, opening up wide opportunities for everyone, but, together with useful qualities, it is harmful to health. Negative influence on the brain, posture, and most importantly - the eyes. Sore eyes from the computer, what to do? To solve the problem, you need to delve deeper into the causes of pain, after considering treatment options.

  • Causes of pain development
  • Why do my eyes hurt after the computer?
  • How to properly equip the workplace
  • Technique of gymnastics
  • Drops of pain in the eyes
  • How to relieve eye fatigue - the best folk remedies
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Problems with the eyes are not only active users of computer equipment, spending day and night behind the monitors, but also remote workers, students, artists, teachers, doctors, now computer devices are distributed in almost all areas of human activities. Office workers after the work day again sit down at the screen in order to finish the unfinished task. If you spend behind the screen for 12 hours a day, your eyes are very sore, they are subjected to a huge load. Many people have to wear glasses, their eyes begin to fall.

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Causes of pain development

After a long work behind the screen of a personal computer, the eyes and head, the spine, the posture are bitten, and this is not surprising. Why do my eyes hurt from the computer? All because of the flicker of the monitor, the eyes get tired, eyesight may fall. Before the person's eyes are constantly located letters, numbers, and other images. Reading from the screen is a big burden on the eyes. When reading information on paper, fatigue does not appear as quickly as after working at the computer.

Important! With a constant load on the eyes suffering from blood circulation, there is a shortage of oxygen. To compensate for oxygen starvation, the vessels expand, and the sclera becomes reddish. In the absence of proper eye care, it is possible to develop myopia.

Why do my eyes hurt after the computer?

Frequent prolonged exposure to the computer screen can lead to the development of myopia, a violation of the motor muscles of the muscles that control the movement of the eyes and impair vision. Other symptoms also appear, the eyes are very painful, there is pain in the forehead, as well as with the movement of the eyeballs.

Obtaining information, the method of reading it through the monitor is harmful, the eyes are under stress. If the child's eyes are hurt by the computer, you can allow the device to use no more than a certain time. Children's eyes are not as strong as those of an adult, and are much more powerful. This threatens to impair vision at an early age, further nearsightedness can progress. Doctors recommend the following length of the child's stay behind the monitor depending on age:

Age of child Recommended total duration of work with a computer per day
7 - 10 years 45 min
11 - 13 years old 1 h 30 min
14 - 16 years old 2 hours 15 minutes

How to properly equip the workplace

What should I do if my eyes hurt from the computer? Follow a few simple rules of use:

  1. Position the workplace in relation to the window in such a way that the sun does not fall on the monitor and there is no light, and at the same time, the sun is not blinded by the user who is sitting facing the window.
  2. Lighting in the dark should be uniform, you can not use table lamps.
  3. A clean screen is a guarantee of a favorable environment. You should wipe the monitor screen at least once a week.
  4. The monitor should be placed a couple of centimeters below eye level, the lower part should be at a slight slope, closer to the user.
  5. The distance between the eyes and the screen should be at least 65 cm, with poor eyesight it is necessary to increase the text font on the screen. To read the text, it is recommended to use only black font, white background.
  6. In the diet, you need to add eye-friendly products, such as currants, blueberries, carrots, dill, parsley. Very useful is green tea, and a decoction of hawthorn leaves.
  7. Every couple of hours you need to give yourself a break from working at the computer. At this time, you can perform a simple gymnastics for the eyes, this will help reduce stress, improve performance during the day.

Observing a list of very simple rules, you can protect your eyes from overexertion, blood vessel overflowing with blood and reducing visual acuity.

Technique of gymnastics

It is important to take breaks during prolonged use of the device, it is useful to perform a small gymnastics for the eyes. If a user has unpleasant sensations in the eyes or neck, a small massage will be appropriate. This will stimulate the work of the optic nerves and relieve fatigue.

Exercise list:

  1. Round. It is required to move your eyes clockwise, and vice versa.
  2. Recreation. It is necessary to close your eyes for a while and relax, afterwards, to present a good event that happened in life.
  3. The movement of the gaze is diagonal. You need to drive your eyes to imaginary angles diagonally.
  4. Blink. When working for a PC, people forget to blink. To keep your eyes dry, take a break from work and blink a few minutes in an intensive mode.
  5. Up and down. You need to move the view in opposite directions vertically.
  6. Sideways glance. It is required to lower the eyes to the bridge of the nose - most people did so in childhood.
  7. Focusing on near and far subjects. For this method it is better to approach the window, first to focus the view on any closely located object, then to transfer it to the object in the distance, repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

After a simple warm-up, you need to wash yourself with cool water, which will increase the flow of blood to the eyeballs.

Drops of pain in the eyes

With the primary signs of fatigue from work for a PC, you can use special drops, their purchase will not be difficult, they do not require a prescription. Prices are not high, any person with average earnings will be able to afford them.

What kind of drops to take? They can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription, but it is better to clarify this information from an ophthalmologist, since for some medicines a patient may have an allergic reaction or an individual intolerance. Such manifestations do not appear immediately, so they may not be noticeable.

Anesthetic drops are capable of blocking nerve patency. They include:

  • Chilozar-chest of drawers;
  • Oxyal;
  • Artelak;

Drops from fatigue:

  • Vidisik;
  • Systein;
  • Clean tear from Vizin.

Important! A very well known "Vizin" is not able to moisturize the eye, only to remove redness. In order to moisten it is better to use "Vizin - pure tear".

The effect after instillation will be felt after 2 minutes and will last for a long time.

To determine the medicines safe for human, the doctor after 30 days of use considers what changes the patient has made. With negative results, another drug is prescribed, if no side effects are observed, leave the former choice.

It is necessary to study how to use various drugs with lenses. Some types of drops can be used without removing the lens, for example, "Oksial." If you use drops from other manufacturers, you will have to remove the lenses, drip your eyes and put on the lenses again after 20 minutes, for many people this method is very inconvenient.

How to relieve eye fatigue - the best folk remedies

The folk remedies for fatigue relief are diverse, everyone should look for the most suitable option for themselves. First of all - let the eyes rest. It is necessary to do once a month 2-3 days of rest from the TV, computer, books and reading in general.

  1. A good remedy at home is a tincture of birch leaves. It is necessary to pour the leaves with water and insist about 6-7 hours, get the broth to moisten a piece of gauze and apply to the eyelids, keep for 20 minutes, during this period it is desirable to update the compress a couple of times.
  2. Potato juice can be called a universal method. It is recommended for the treatment of inflammation, edema. For use, you need to make a face mask, mix the juice and porridge from crushed cucumbers, apply to the surface of the face, keep for 20 minutes. It will be best to wash off the tincture of chamomile.
  3. Cornflower blue is excellent for preparing a decoction. Flowers should be poured with boiled water and after 20 minutes to attach to the eyelids, also for 20 minutes. The product effectively removes fatigue and irritation.

Methods of removing the edema and fatigue of the eyes are striking in a variety of ways. Nevertheless, without the prescription of a doctor, their use is prohibited.

The main thing is to let your eyes rest, in the 21st century it's impossible to do without a personal assistant, but no one has canceled the safety technique.