How to become a rich and successful person from scratch: quickly get rich

Wealth, money and power have been driving a lot of people crazy at all times. And now, for sure many people are interested, how to become a rich and successful person from scratch .Become lucky and lucky. People like reading personal stories about dollar millionaires in Russia and abroad to learn how to get rich quick from scratch. Obviously, in order to become rich, successful, successful and lucky to 100% you need to have an undeniable, huge advantage over similar ones. And this is power over . .. time !

In this publication I will tell you a true story with documented facts about how in America in 2003, a certain Andrew Carlson( or Carlsson ) - calling himself a man from the future successfully played on the stock exchange in the past( for him, but for usin the present) with striking accuracy with respect to the forecast of winning.


Andrew Carlson: a man from the future

On Wall Street, during operations with securities on January 28, 2003 in the US federal investigators arrested one of the most fortunate and lucky players - forty-four year old Andrew Carlson.

When questioning E. Carlson, a suspect in financial fraud, he tried to get at least some plausible explanation of the fantastic success in the stock market. He replied simply: "I arrived from 2256, I know how to play win-win to get the maximum jackpot."

In the presence of this crazy explanation, which casts a shock, it should be noted that Sidleton Abel from the Securities and Exchange Commission admitted to the Washington Post newspaper that he can not remember anything like that for the last 20 years. Of course, Andrew Carlson was not believed, he was handcuffed and taken to the station, and a few days later, transferred to prison.

Avel Sidleton believes that on the one hand it is difficult to believe in such a story - a journey in time for the purpose of profit, or Carlson mentally unhealthy person, or pathological liar.

Nevertheless, according to A. Sidlton's estimate with an initial capital of 800 dollars( !) Portfolio E. Carlson within just two weeks already amounted to 350 million dollars! !!

Every operation conducted by a "time traveler - a man from the future" brought him capital, it seemed to the most unforeseen circumstances in the business, what could be pure luck with a probability of approximately one billionth of a percentage of !

2003 with sharp jumps in the exchange rate left most investors in a miserable state of complete ruin. So, when Andrew did 126 very risky operations with 100% success. This success, or luck, and paid close attention to it!

Nicolas Andrzej, a New York City police investigator leading the case, can not hide that the confession of a detainee for four hours has made him the biggest impression in his entire investigative practice.

How did Carlson take over the internal information of companies on securities transactions?

"I returned to you from the future 200 years ago," the suspect said.- In my time it is known that in 2002-2003 there was one of the largest falls in the stock market in history. I decided to use this knowledge and catch luck. This was too much of a temptation. Perhaps, I was greedy and behaved not very cautiously. .. But this is my only fault. "

Detained Andrew Carlson asked to release him, in exchange promising to reveal several "historical secrets":

  1. to give the location of Osama bin Laden,
  2. to reveal the way to cure AIDS.

All he wanted was to go back to the "time machine" and leave New York in 2003.The traveler categorically refused to show the location of the time machine to the investigators, motivating his desire by the fact that he feared that the machine could get into bad hands.

Time Machine by Andrew Carlson on the vision of Daniel Cardle 2003

Investigator Nicholas Andrzej said that we all understood that this guy "drives us on ears," but neither the police nor the FBI could find records about the existence of such Andrew Carlson until December 2002( !).Identify it with any other living citizen now also failed.

Are there any more "aliens from the future"?

An incredible story with Andrew Carlson is not the only case.

John Sulliman

Five years ago in England they wrote about the "time traveler" John Sulliman, who told about his visit to the court of Louis XIV, Maria Stewart, giving that material evidence. In modern London, he arrived, with his words, in order to warn about the military and terrorist threat looming over mankind.

John assured the interlocutors, among whom there were also journalists, that one can not yield to the aggressive mood and the idea of ​​world domination - otherwise be in trouble.

The astonishing guest disappeared as suddenly as he appeared, leaving some "material evidence" supposedly 500 years ago for historians. Later there were reports in the press that the handkerchief, the copper cufflinks, the key from the iron door and a scrap of parchment with the painting of a certain court person were a late forgery: John tried to circle everyone around his finger.

There were rumors that a very similar person was found in one of the psychiatric hospitals near London, others claimed that John was an actor who played the audience. .. But unexpectedly prophesies of a strange "guest" began to come true .The princess Diana died. Wars began, of which he warned. Who was this man?

Said Nahano, Louis Roger

Messages about "guests from the future" appear regularly in newspaper chronicles of many countries:

  1. the mysterious traveler Said Nahano in Nepal said that he arrived from 3044;
  2. Louis Roger in Tokyo claimed to have arrived three hundred years ahead to prevent the death of his native Japan.

Such people, "not of this world," appeared at different times in Sweden, France, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, they were seen in the Crimea and Altai.

In the Soviet Union in Zhirnovsk, Volgograd region, there also lived a man who said that he was from the future by the name of Eugene Iosifovich Gayduchok.

I do not know if there is the possibility of time travel, whether it is true or not, but there are many facts that can not be explained in the usual ways.100% success, luck, luck in things where the likelihood of fulfilling the desire is one billionth of a percent! How to become rich, famous, successful, successful and lucky? I told you the real story that took place.

Remember, the power over time is not given to us yet, and whether it's good that some can control time is another question. First you need to learn to control yourself, your desires, this is exactly the real victory that brings its owner true happiness, freedom and wealth!

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