Neurodermatitis: the causes and treatment of the disease in the home

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Chronic skin disease of the neurodermatitis has a neurogenic-allergic character.

Also known as atopic dermatitis, in childhood - diathesis.

occurs frequently, accompanied by constant exacerbations.

Article content:
  • Possible causes
  • Symptoms
  • General recommendations
  • How to treat folk remedies?
  • What is not recommended?
  • Prevention measures

Possible causes of

Until now, the causes of neurodermatitis have not been fully studied. To provoke it can:

  • infringement of activity of bodies of digestion;
  • intoxication of the body;
  • negative professional factors;
  • irrational food;
  • mental or physical overstrain;
  • frequent stress;
  • hereditary predisposition.

Among the reasons that can cause neurodermatitis, there are external factors:

  • some food( honey, citrus, strawberry, etc.);
  • medications;
  • cosmetics and perfumes;
  • animal hair;
  • fillers in pillows, blankets;
  • pollen of some plants;
  • dry food for fish.
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Treatment of neurodermatitis should be started after determining the cause that caused it. However, it is not enough simply to eliminate the source of the disease: in the acute form, treatment with a specialist is required.

Symptoms of

The manifestations of the neurodermatitis depend on the degree of its prevalence on the skin:

  • restricted to - appears on restricted areas;
  • diffuse - marked on the face, neck, hands, knees, popliteal region;
  • hypertrophic - concentrated in the groin area, has a neoplastic character;
  • psoriatic form - affects the neck and scalp, compacted red foci are covered with small scales;
  • linear - itching strips occur on the folds of the limbs;
  • decalcifying - located on the body in the hairy areas;
  • follicular - in the area of ​​the hair areas are formed peaked papules.

Neurodermatitis is accompanied by intense itching of .It is impossible to get rid of it until the onset of full recovery, in the evenings the itching intensifies. At times, its intensity is so intensified that patients scratch their skin to wounds. Gradually healing comes, but the skin becomes rough.

For a long time, the foci do not change externally, with time rashes result in small nodular rashes of the .They begin to merge with the formation of infiltrates. The skin in them is dry, covered with small scales, because of infiltration in the folds, cracks are formed.

Prolonged course of the disease is accompanied by densification of the skin, its relief changes, rough creases are formed. Neurodermatitis can affect any part of the body, but is more often seen on the face, arms, head, legs.

In addition to manifestations on the skin, is noted in patients with a decrease in vital tone, fatigue is quickly occurring, and the blood pressure of is lowered. Sometimes there is a decrease in glucose level in the blood, weight loss. In the activity of internal organs there is a malfunction( especially adrenal glands, lymph nodes are affected).

Mental health suffers: develops apathy, depression, as a result of unbearable itching there is increased irritability and anxiety. Often, patients have bronchial asthma, contact dermatitis and other diseases that are allergic in nature. The manifestations of the neurodermite can completely disappear in the summer and worsen in the winter.

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General recommendations

Treatment for each patient is selected individually. It is necessary to determine the cause that caused the disease and try to eliminate it. Antihistamines( Tavegil, Suprastin) help to reduce the sensitivity of the body to certain substances and reduce itching. Receiving

tranquilizers( Seduxen, elenium, Librium) and ganglioblokatorov( Chlorpromazine, hexon) normalizes the central nervous system. To treat the neurodermatitis prescribe sedatives and soothing agents( tincture of valerian, motherwort, peony).

Locally used ointments that accelerate the formation of the stratum corneum( with naphthalan, tar, sulfur, ichthyol).Affected areas are lubricated with ointments with corticosteroids( Sinalar, Fluorocort, Flucinar).

From the methods of physiotherapy, radon and hydrogen sulphide baths, UFO, reflexotherapy are used. It is necessary to carefully follow the diet, refuse from sharp and smoked foods, alcohol, limit salt intake.

How to treat folk remedies?

Along with the use of medications, traditional medicine can be used to treat neurodermatitis. They can improve the tone, relieve symptoms, prevent the emergence of exacerbations of the disease.

Recipes for treating neurodermatitis:

Components Dosage Dosing
fat swine inner

Sera Purified

500 g 250 g
Melt in a pan lard, shift it into a container and add sulfur. The resulting mass is mixed. Apply ointment to affected areas of the skin.
melted pork fat inner

Oil fir


100 g 5 g 50 g
components Stir, cool, lubricate foci daily.
Pig fat melted

Purified sulfur


2: 2: 1 Mix ingredients, use the ointment is not more than 1 time per day.

lanolin Petrolatum propolis

50 g 50 g 10 g
Mix the petrolatum and lanolin, heated to boiling, add crushed propolis. Stir, cool, apply daily to affected areas.
Root of the ara


2 tbsp.l.
1 l
Pour irrigation with boiling water, heat 20 minutes, insist half an hour, drain. To apply for bathtubs.
Bilberry leaves





Leaf cuff

Clover flowers


goldfish Aside

For 1 part Brewed herb( 2 tbsp.) With boiling water( 1/2 l), infuse in the thermos night. Drink a third of the daily.x 3 times.
Burdock root
1 tbsp.l.200 ml Put the mulled burdock root in warm water, boil for 15 minutes. Infuse 2 hours, drink 1 tablespoon daily.l.x 3 times.
Eggshell 10 pcs. Shell thoroughly rinse, dry, grind in a coffee grinder. Take ½ tsp.daily.

What is not recommended?

When neurodermatitis requires strict adherence to a diet with a reduction in the consumption of sugar-containing products. In addition, products falling under the ban are:

  • smoked meat;
  • semi-finished products;
  • fast food;
  • cocoa and chocolate;
  • citrus;
  • strong broth;
  • pickled and canned foods;
  • spices and spices;
  • spicy dishes.

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Prevention measures

To prevent the development of neurodermatitis, pregnant women need to eat properly, reduce the use of foods that can cause an allergic reaction.

This is especially important for families in which there is a predisposition to allergy manifestations.

It is equally important to carefully approach the lure and choice of mixtures for the baby.

Children should eat properly, wear clothes made of natural fabrics.

At the first signs of the disease, you should consult a doctor.

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