Application of wax moth tincture in folk medicine - recommendations and doses

In folk medicine, interesting approaches to treatment with incredible tools are used.

An effective remedy for some ailments is a tincture, the main component of which is a wax moth.

This is a popular remedy in the people, which was originally used as a healing substance for bronchial, pulmonary and tuberculosis diseases. In the article, we will look at ways to use wax moths and a recipe, according to which tincture is prepared at home.

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history means visiting

folk medicine Over time, wax moth has spread and was used in thefolk medicine, increasing the area of ​​influence on the human body.

Out folk remedies to the level of official medicine - a rarity, but it does not prevent doctors to prescribe tincture of wax moth patients with a particular disease.

Despite the popularity of the drug, tincture studies have not yet been carried out in detail. It is not difficult to prepare, however, skills are required for cooking.

The main component for the preparation of tincture is a wax mole or as it is also called a caterpillar of wax firing.

If you are a beekeeper with experience, you probably know about the existence of this pest. For the tincture you need to stock up with alcohol or ordinary vodka.

The wax moth has a scent that looks like a bee flavor. Thanks to this, the insect gets into the beehive to the bees, which mistakenly take a wax moth for a similar individual.

Thus, the pest gets access to honey. In addition to honey, the wax moth feeds on wax from honeycombs and consumes the larvae of bees, harming the bee hive.

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If a wax moth is eaten by too many inhabitants of a bee house, then the bee family can not survive. Due

eaten honey bee wax moth larvae and acquires the desired elements, which are used subsequently for the treatment of the human body. Preparation


One important component is an enzyme which is capable of destroying the cells of the pathogen tuberculosis disease.

Simplicity of tincture from the firing makes it possible to cook it at home.

Especially, it is actual for those people who have bees. To prepare tinctures, young large larvae are needed.

Those of the larvae who are preparing to transform, no longer possess the properties for which the tincture is made.

A sufficient amount of the necessary enzyme is found in young individuals.

Live moth larvae are poured with 40% alcohol or vodka.

For every ten grams of larvae, one hundred grams of vodka is taken.

Tincture should be stored for two months in a place where daylight does not fall.

If a tincture of fire is required earlier, it can be purchased at a pharmacy or in a specialized store.

Scope of

1. Treatment of tuberculosis .
This tincture is used as an additional tool that doctors are assigned to basic treatment.

The use of a fire casting accelerates the healing of wounds on the lungs and protects against fungal infections.

This extract improves the drainage function of the bronchi and has the protective function of respiratory organs.

2. Hematology.
The drug is prescribed to fill the lack of blood of the patient with anemia and other blood diseases.

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3. Pulmonology.
A wax moth improves a patient's condition with asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia, provided that comprehensive treatment is provided.

4. Gastroenterology.
The doctor recommends to the patient the use of tincture of fire for diseases such as colitis, ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis.

In some cases, tincture is prescribed to a patient with hepatitis.

5. Cardiology.
Some heart diseases can be treated with folk remedies.

Wax moth tincture is often recommended for the control of coronary heart disease and as a prophylactic against a heart attack.

Homeopath Mukhin S.A.has developed a special medicinal complex with a component of fire extract.

The drug reduced angina and shortness of breath. And after taking the medication by patients after a heart attack, their condition improved more quickly than usual.

6. Surgery.
The difficult period of recovery after surgery is facilitated by the use of tincture.

Posttraumatic and postoperative period is faster when the patient is given this tincture.

People with chronic fatigue drink tincture to restore strength and improve the quality of life.

7. Immunology.
Prevention of immunodeficiency is possible with the use of tincture, which is also used for general adaptation of the body.

This natural immunomodulator increases the resistance of the human body to many diseases, and muscles and cells accelerate recovery.

8. Pediatrics.
In pediatrics, wax moth medicine is used in the weakening of childhood immunity.

This remedy is effective in dysbacteriosis( how to treat intestinal dysbiosis at home is written in this article), which often occur in children and with neuroses.

Children's pediatrician Dmitrieva NVused a tincture to treat children in the amount of one drop per six kilograms of the child's weight.

This drug was given to the child every day, for three weeks, half an hour before meals.

9. The sexual sphere.
The medication helps with pathological pregnancy, infertility( for a review of transthora for conception read here), improves the condition of a woman with menopause, increases potency.

Women with weakened genital function( about useful properties of plantain seeds for conception are written on this page) after some time of application of tincture became pregnant, and in men the activity of spermatozoa increased.

10. Gerontology.
The beneficial effect of the tincture is confirmed by the elderly, to whom it helps to make the internal organs resistant to aging of the body.

11. Sports medicine.
The wax moth is actively used by sportsmen( like the safflower-borne levzade in bodybuilding) in preparation for the competition, which implies a sharp increase in physical activity.

As you can see, tincture based on wax moth is a drug that finds application everywhere.

It is advisable to use it only on the advice of your doctor.

Recommendations for the use of the medicine

Like any other medicine, wax moth tincture requires competent application.

It is important to know exactly the permissible dosage for treating a particular disease.

If the allowed amount of the drug is exceeded, it can harm your body and not only not get rid of the existing health problem, but also aggravate it.

How to apply

Rules for the use of wax moth:

  1. The extract of the tincture is taken in 15 drops, diluted with water in a ratio of one to four.
  2. For the prevention of the occurrence of diseases tincture should be drunk before meals once a day.
  3. For the treatment of , this drug requires an increase in the number of doses.
    The dose of the drug remains at the same volume.
    The extract is taken two or three times a day.
  4. Pediatric Dosage medication is much less than the dose of an adult.
    Tincture of wax moth is taken by the child one drop for each year of his life.
    If a child is four years old, then he drinks exactly four drops of extract.
    The drug should be taken under adult supervision.

Useful advice

The use of wax moth is gaining popularity.

Practical studies have revealed that the effect of using this tool is noticeable after two weeks from the beginning of use.

The medicine has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance.

How to make a tincture from wax moth larvae you will learn about the time of viewing the video.

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