Magne B6: instructions for use, indication, dosage, feedback and comments

Magne B6 is a combined preparation containing magnesium and pyridoxine. It is designed to compensate for the deficiency of magnesium in the body, as well as to eliminate the disturbances that have arisen as a result of the lack of this trace element.

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It is known that the trace element Magnesium takes a direct part in most metabolic processes in the body. For example, the normal transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contraction are possible only with a complete balance of the magnesium component content.

Today we will discuss the pharmacological action of Magne B6, indications for its use, contraindications, detailed instructions for use, possible side effects.


Magne B6: Pharmacological action

Magnesium asthe inorganic element enters the body with food, so its deficiency can result in malnutrition in its quality, malnutrition, improper diet, poor intestinal absorptionAbsorption or magnesium can be excessively excreted by the kidneys.

Similarly, the body experiences an increased demand for magnesium in stress, mental and physical exertion, during diuretics and during pregnancy.

Along with the trace mineral magnesium in Magne B6 contains vitamin B6 - pyridoxine. It is also widely involved in metabolic reactions, in metabolic processes occurring in the nervous system. Vitamin B6 is able to improve the absorption of magnesium in the digestive tract, helps deeper penetration and retention in magnesium cells.

These pharmacological studies show that half( 50%) is absorbed from the 100% dose of Magne B6 in the gastrointestinal tract.

Magne B6: Indications for use

How to apply Magne B6? Instructions for use of this drug are recommended to prevent or compensate for the lack of magnesium in the body, as well as for violations caused by a deficiency of this element:

  1. sleep disturbance;
  2. increased fatigue, mental and physical fatigue, asthenia;
  3. irritability, increased nervous excitability;
  4. sensation of tingling;
  5. gastrointestinal spasms, pain and muscle spasms;
  6. manifestations of anxiety attacks, which are accompanied by intense breathing;
  7. heart palpitations.

But is it possible to use Magne B6 during pregnancy? In pregnancy, as a rule, appoint with increased tone of the uterus, the threat of miscarriage, convulsions.

Contraindications to the use of

Magne B6 can not be administered with:

  1. of severe renal failure;
  2. fructose intolerance, sucrose-isomaltose deficiency, impaired absorption of galactose or glucose;
  3. phenylketonuria( a violation of the metabolism of amino acids, in particular phenylalanine);
  4. hypersensitivity to Magne B6 components.

The drug is contraindicated in children younger than 1 year of age and in women who are breastfeeding .Use with caution Magne B6 recommends the instruction for moderate renal failure.

Instructions for Use Magne B6

1 tablet contains 470 mg magnesium lactate dihydrate and 5 mg pyridoxine hydrochloride.

One Magne B6 Fort tablet includes 618.43 mg of magnesium citrate and 10 mg of pyridoxine hydrochloride.

The drug is issued similarly as a solution for oral administration, one ampoule of which contains 186 mg of sodium lactate dihydrate, 936 mg of magnesium pidolate and 10 mg of pyridoxine hydrochloride.

The instruction recommends taking Magne B6 while eating, pouring a pill with a glass of water, and the contents of the ampoules - dissolve in 100-150 g of water.

The daily dose of the drug is usually divided into 2-3 doses.

Adults and children over 12 years with a pronounced magnesium deficiency per day appoint 3-4 ampoules or 6-8 tablets, and with spasmophilia - 2-3 ampoules or 4-6 tablets.

For children 6-12 years Magne B6 it is recommended to take 1-3 ampoules or 2-6 tablets per day, children 1-6 years are prescribed a drug in the form of a solution - 10-30 mg of magnesium per kilogram of weight per day.

How long does it take to take a medicine? The drug should be taken until the normal level of magnesium in the body is restored.

As evidenced by the reviews, Magne B6 usually manifests and consolidates the therapeutic effect within one month.

Magne B6 during pregnancy, if the attending physician has not appointed another scheme, apply 3 times a day for 2 tablets.

Magne B6 for adults is prescribed in a dose of 3-4 tablets per day, and for children over 6 years of age - 2-4 tablets per day, the frequency of receptions - 2-3 times a day.

Yes, you should know: Magne B6 can be stored at room temperature in a dry and dark place, which will ensure the drug is suitable for two years.

Side effects of

The reviews confirm that Magnesium B6 is well tolerated, and only in rare cases patients have had abdominal pain, flatulence, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, allergic reactions.

Long-term use Magne B6 in large doses can trigger peripheral neuropathy( damage to the peripheral nervous system) and paresthesia( a sensation of tingling, numbness and crawling crawling sensation).

Prices in online pharmacies for Magnesium B6

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Remember that the information on the preparation is generalized, provided for informational purposes, does not replace the official instruction. Self-medication is undesirable, and possibly dangerous for your health!

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Reviews and comments

Elena : "Of the side effects of the drug use of this particular manufacturer, hallucinations, nausea, abdominal pain, flatulence were observed. A day after the drug was discontinued, all of the above symptomatology stopped. "

Olga : "In fact, the side effects themselves observed: pain in the stomach, flatulence, the child also has an allergy to the liquid form. Our domestic drug in general could not take, in the stomach the pain was terrible. The Frenchman is nothing yet. "

Irina : "In instructions for the application of Magne B 6 it is said that the treatment should be stopped immediately after the normalization of the magnesium concentration in the blood. I ask the doctors to answer, how many months should I take to take a blood test for monitoring and whether it is mandatory to take a blood test or to focus on the disappearance of symptoms? How many times a year should I take? Thank you! "

The doctor Nadezhda Sergeevna answers:" Irina, the doctor who appointed you this drug, should observe your condition, including appointing tests when it is necessary. The drug is taken as prescribed by the doctor, which determines the duration of the course and the need for repeated courses. "

Irina : "Absolutely no effects, only side effects. Accepted cheaper analogues and the result was, but then the ejection of money. "

Julia : "With the beginning of the reception the child stopped sleeping during the day. In 2.5 years not sleep for 13-14 hours! And he is cheerful and cheerful and sleep in no one's eye. Although the doctor said that this drug a little podspokoit. Where is this peace? ".

Galina : "Do I cry or laugh, I always drank normal drugs, and then I was impatient to experiment, I bought a magnet. In 6, I put it in - I do not know, but after the first reception, I began to have a hell of pain in my stomach, I was ready to climb on the wall! It was not until the ambulance was called, because the pain did not pass all day. I had to take time off work, take a sick leave and put myself in order a week! Please be careful with these pills! ".

These are the reviews, comrades! So do not take self-medication! Address to doctors.

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