What a person needs to become a Man, what makes him a Man

You have all heard of the theory of Charles Darwin, which was once put forward to address the origin of life on Earth - the origin of species and humans. Nevertheless, this theory does not explain the origin of the person properly and who he really is.

Today we will consider what makes a person a Man and what a person needs for this.


What makes a person a person and what is needed for this

A person, in fact - highly organized socialized alivedifferent, possessing reason. But there is something, what distinguishes him from primates?

Ability to learn

The ability to learn makes a person a person!?.Indeed, the ability to learn to distinguish a person from highly organized animals - this seems at first glance. However, very many dog ​​owners, trainers and tamers can not agree with this statement, confirming the correctness of their words by the numerous achievements of their pets.

Along with this, there are computer programs that are capable of self-learning, and this can not even be called a living being.

Ability to think

Maybe only one person is capable of thinking. Maybe. But if we look closely at the behavior of many animals, birds and even insects and remember that no other scientist in the world has proven the opposite, we can assume that our smaller brothers can also think.


Perhaps society makes a person? Yes, society is a great force that can influence the thoughts and actions of every particular person. But this also does not always happen. How, then, do rogues and hermits get out? After all, if society makes a person, then all should be the same?


Another issue that excites minds is the question of morality. Just morality, as well as the capacity for creativity and Love, seems to distinguish man from highly organized animals. In this regard, too, not everything is clear.

It is believed that only an educated person can be moral. But does human education become moral? You can answer this question simply by looking around. Surely in the life of each person there were brilliantly educated people who have fine manners, pleasant in communication, well-dressed, but at the same time capable of betraying and, to achieve their goals, literally pass through the bones of those around them.

Does human education become moral?- Alas, it would be too easy. ..

Ability to create and love

Love and Creativity - that's really what makes a person a Man. Only this can be peculiar only to man from all the diversity of Creation. It is these qualities that bring man closer to the Creator."And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;male and female he created them "(Gen. 1:27).

In another place( 1 John 4: 8) of Scripture we find the remarkable words: "God is Love."So, it is the manifestation of Love that gives the person the right to this high rank? Man is the best of all the Creations of the Lord, and the Lord loved us to such an extent that He sacrificed His Son so that we might have the chance to be saved and become His Children. Great, great Love, which each of us is able to recognize, is related to us with the Creator, hence, makes man a Man. ..

Approaches a person to the Creator of all things, therefore, makes a person a Man and the creativity, which is endowed only by man and none of the animals. But here one must bear in mind that the Creativity of God is primary. He creates from nothing. Human creativity is secondary, because works of art are created only on the basis of what is around or in the heart of a person. ..

Of course, all the arguments on these topics may seem very controversial, like any philosophical reasoning, but can be regarded as a good attempt to approachthe answer to one of the most exciting questions of all people: Who am I?Where from? And for what?

What turns man into Man, what he does to them

We list some aspects that distinguish man from animals:

  1. The creative abilities of .Man creates, ennobling the entire planet with his creations. Thanks to man, the planet becomes more beautiful and brighter.
  2. Selfishness of the .Why does egoism make a man a man? Because animals, for example, this "feeling" is alien.
  3. Intelligence .They say that the intellect has animals. But he is different. And its difference, of course, is noticeable to the naked eye.
  4. Presence of vital sense .A person knows what he lives for, and goes to his goal, overcoming the most unpredictable obstacles.
  5. Willpower .What a necessary thing in every life! Willpower helps a lot to achieve. And no one, except people, it is not necessary. ...
  6. Gift of communication .Only a person can communicate in a real language, which is understandable to society! Agree that this is important in our land.
  7. Clear understanding of the goal and its implementation in reality .Does this tell you anything?
  8. The ability to please .Especially those who are dear, close and loved. The human ability to please only the person will appreciate.
  9. Wisdom of the .It does not come immediately and not to everyone. But the fact that a person wants to gain wisdom speaks volumes.
  10. The Conscience of .Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of it. Sense of conscience torments, let's say, the chosen people.
  11. Romanticity of the .Have you ever seen a romantic( namely, romantic!) Relationship of animals? That's the whole point. ...Live romanticism "belongs" exclusively to people, and not to someone else.
  12. Honesty .It is good, if a person shows it to all, and not to a certain "cohort" of people. Honesty has always deserved great respect. By the way, about respect. .. And it makes a person a person.
  13. Having various hobbies and hobby .A person has every right to call himself a person, if he is interested in something. Because his life, for sure, in this case does not go to waste.
  14. Adequate self-assessment of .In principle, the concept of self-esteem is familiar only to man. And this has long been not a secret.
  15. Empathy .What is empathy? In general, this is a person's empathy. Do you see how much "percent of humanity" is in this word? This means that nothing more to explain is not necessary.
  16. Altruism .Nothing and no one but the person knows what altruism is. And many people take great pleasure in manifesting this "magic".
  17. Mutual assistance , help. When a person helps another, he often hears this: "Thank you so much! You - a real little man! ".These words are more precious than any jewelry!
  18. The victory over the instinctiveness of .For example, for animals, making love is an instinct. And for a person, it is something higher.

What you need to do to be a human to deserve the right to be

  1. Smile .A smile illuminates everything around. With a smile it's much sunnier to live. If there is a smile, then life resembles a bright spring.
  2. Dream .Dreams can inspire, look at life in a new way, cheer up. Dream to be a man! Fulfill the dreams of others to be better.
  3. Take care of loved ones .Caring for loved ones is a sacred matter! Be sincere in caring for your people, so that you can be considered a person, and be called an "angel".
  4. To benefit the .Benefits and help are sisters. Help people who ask for help with words, gestures or eyes.
  5. Learn .Learning does so that a person really becomes a person. The brain "strengthens," and curiosity sharpens. A man wants to know more and more. That's why it goes higher and higher on the "steps" of education.
  6. Flirt with .What good is flirting? At least that he will teach some skills of behavior with the opposite sex!
  7. Work .It's not that money rules the world. These "pieces of paper" are needed in order to give gifts, make surprises and buy vitamins for their relatives and dear ones.
  8. Thank .Politeness….It, recently, is very lacking. Be polite to be admired.
  9. Asking forgiveness for .Feelings of guilt can not be suppressed or left aside. You need to apologize if the "guilty" feeling strangles you to the depths of your soul.
  10. Responsible for the words , for actions. Anyway! Whatever they are! Do not say and do what you are not at all sure.

Man can do anything man. Even the most negative!

But only if judged by the shells, in appearance. And you, here, remember. ... . What happens when you say something bad or you do it. Such a bad thing that is not forgotten. You are told:

  • Please learn to be human.
  • Behave like a human being!
  • Where did all your humanity go?

Do you know that there are ideal people in the world? And they are! A loved one will always be a man, no matter what he does. Even after the murder or theft, a person will count, and call his mate a man. Will always support and never betray.

Love makes any person a person! When a man falls in love, he changes beyond recognition. He's getting better than he was before falling in love. What happens to a person in such a romantic period? He:

  1. Carefully watching himself.
  2. Forgets to think and remember about yourself, remembering and thinking about your beloved.
  3. Strive to be beautiful.
  4. Smiles to literally every passerby.
  5. Does not go, but flies on the wings of love.
  6. Makes millions of good deeds.
  7. Fills both acquaintances and strangers with strong positive energy.
  8. Changes its image.
  9. Changes the way of life.
  10. I see them less often with friends.
  11. Amazes relatives and friends with its sudden wistfulness.
  12. considers himself to be the happiest and is ready to jump without stopping from happiness.

If someone fell in love, but without reciprocity, then he, too, remains a man. The only difference is that this particular person suffers more than those who fall in love "with an answer."

Do you want to be human? Love and appreciate your own life. Leave it only optimism and positive.

What makes a person human: video of Stanislav Drobyshevsky

On the video channel "22century.ru - XX2 CENTURY".How did modern people appear? What features do they have, but are lacking in other monkeys? How is evolution going? How did our ancestors differ from us? What they were like us?

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