Tortured insomnia, what to do - folk remedies will help

If you are tortured by insomnia, the folk remedies of alternative natural medicine will help to solve your problems of sleep disorder with the help of simple, good and accessible medical formulations. Make your sleep peaceful, strong and refreshing, the process of falling asleep will improve, there will not be frequent night and early awakenings.


Folk prescriptions for insomnia

  • Tincture from sleep-grass
  • Infusion from valerian
  • Decoction from pumpkin
  • Scented tea with essential oils

Folk prescriptions for insomnia

To combat sleep disorders, folk healers recommend:

Dream-grass tincture

Thisthe perennial herb had its name for good. It is very effective against insomnia for different categories of people of any age. Sleep-grass has soothing and analgesic properties. Tincture of sleep-grass is used as a cure for insomnia.

One portion of this folk remedy for insomnia is prepared this way: take ten fresh flowers of the plant in buds, they are ground and placed in a half-liter glass jar. Pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist in a dark cool place for ten days.

Take infusion of 2 teaspoons for half an hour before bedtime. As a result of systematic administration of the drug, the central nervous system of a person calms down and after three or four weeks, insomnia gradually passes. Sleep becomes calm and strong. Remember that when the dose is exceeded, sleep-grass negatively affects sexual activity in the direction of its decrease.

Infusion of valerian

The infusion of medicinal valerian is prepared as follows: the dried rhizomes of the plant are crushed, take 1 teaspoon of raw material and pour one glass of steep boiling water. Insist, tightly wrapped for two hours.

Infusion of herbs are taken orally 100 ml at bedtime. In addition, infusion take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day throughout the day. Children are recommended to reduce the dose to one tablespoon before bedtime and one teaspoon twice a day.

The therapeutic effect manifests itself after two days of regular admission. And after two to three weeks in most patients, sleep disorder passes, and nervous tension is removed.

Decoction of pumpkin

It is necessary to clean 250 gr.pumpkin, then rub it on a large grater. Next, put the pulp in an enamel pot, pour one liter of water. On medium heat, smoothly bring to a boil, remove from heat, tightly wrapped to let it brew for one hour.

Treatment begins with taking half a glass of broth one hour before bedtime. After the first week, the dose of broth is increased to one full glass. The first positive results are visible after three or four days of treatment. The broth can be sweetened with honey to taste. This folk remedy is recommended for the whole season, when you can get a fresh pumpkin. Broth is also very useful for children from three years old. Dose to children - 50 a day.

Fragrant tea with essential oils

Tea from a mixture of hops and fragrant herbs with essential oils will help when tortured insomnia. They not only help from the disease, but taste good. To prepare fragrant tea you need:

  • 50 g - chopped valerian root,
  • 40 g - fresh cones of hops,
  • 20 g - mint leaves,
  • 20 g - chopped chicken root,
  • 1 tablespoon of bee honey.

This collection of medicinal herbs is poured with one liter of boiling water and insist, tightly wrapped for 12 hours. Then filter. They drink tea warmly, warming it and adding honey to taste in the amount of one glass one to two hours before going to bed. This drink is highly recommended to people in old age or suffering from cardiovascular disorders.

The first positive results of treatment are noticeable in a week. A month after the beginning of treatment, insomnia, as a rule, passes.

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