Anti-cellulite massage by banks at home

The problem of cellulite is very common nowadays. And not only complete, but also thin people are looking for methods to deal with it. At any time in the spa centers and massage rooms you can find a woman struggling with orange peel. The most common method is massage by banks, and it costs quite a lot. But, if you do not want to spend money or save as much as possible, you can do anti-cellulite can massage at home.

  • How does massage work with banks
  • How to choose the right banks
  • Oil for anti-cellulite massage by banks
  • Technique of canned massage from cellulite
  • Recommendations and contra-indications of massage by vacuum banks
  • Recommendations
  • Contraindications
  • Conclusion
  • Anti-cellulite massage - video
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How does massage work with banks

Cellulite is a metabolic disorder that has led to an increase in fat cells. Therefore, ugly tubercles are formed on the skin.

In the fight against orange peel, the most effective can is massage. It not only easily and quickly breaks undesirable bumps, but it also has a good effect on the skin. Vacuum massage improves:

  • circulation;
  • dermal breathing;
  • metabolism in cells;
  • skin condition - becomes more elastic;
  • resistance to external factors;
  • condition of the subcutaneous layer of fatty deposits, etc.

A can of massage follows the principle: a can is attached, glass or plastic, and move along the problem area of ​​the skin. Due to the lack of air inside, a vacuum is created and cellulite dissolves.

Remember!Vacuum massage from cellulite is effective not only in salons, but also at home, if you know how to do it correctly. Therefore, do not focus only on hardware procedures or regular campaigns to the masseur, as you can see, the technique is simple.

How to choose the right banks

Banks for vacuum massage are of several types:

  1. Glass. Effective, but not safe. Such banks have existed for a long time. Vacuum is formed by the combustion of air. In our time there are not only glass jars that need to be heated. It is quite easy to find and with a special pear that creates a vacuum. Glass cans are well used on delicate areas of the skin.
  2. Silicone. These cans are most common in anti-cellulite massage. They are practical, not expensive, convenient to use and do not lose shape in the course of time. Also, unlike rubber, do not absorb oils. Vacuum is created from simple tightening of the can.
  3. Rubber. Very similar to silicone, however, not durable. Massage from cellulite with rubber cans is coarser.
  4. Plastic. Banks come with a rubber pear and work on the principle of modern glass appliances. They are light, comfortable, effective, but fragile enough.

Banks for vacuum massage are different in diameter. Thanks to this, you can choose which ones are ideal. Also, preference is given to those or other banks depending on the zone that needs massage: a more delicate skin - to massage with glass, for legs or buttocks silicone cans are quite suitable.

Note!Pick up is not one, but several cans. They must be right for you. Everyone has different skin and someone will get help from a silicone can, but only a glass bank. Also, different people do not have the same pain threshold and skin sensitivity.

Oil for anti-cellulite massage by banks

Any massage can not do without oil. In the fight against cellulite, it plays an important role. Massage oil can be bought in a store, pharmacy, or cook yourself. There are no definite recipes, so let your imagination run wild.

Attention!When creating an anti-cellulite oil, 100 ml of olive oil or peach and grape seeds are taken as a basis. Add to it can be no more than 6 kinds of essential oils in an amount of 15-20 drops.

The most effective are the following essential oils:

  • Orange oil is considered the first enemy of cellulite. It saturates the skin with oxygen and restores the skin;
  • essential oil of grapefruit will provide the outflow of lymph. They are also treated with obesity;
  • cedar oil will remove swelling, provide oxygen and improve blood circulation;
  • The cypress will give the skin elasticity and prevent the appearance of new cellulite;
  • Juniper oil will help to remove swelling, remove slag and improve metabolism;
  • Geranium oil will improve the outflow of lymph, make the skin more elastic by dehydration.

It's not enough just to mix different oils with each other, you need to do this wisely. First, mix them in dry and clean dishes. Secondly, it is necessary to add essential oils with a base, and not the essential oil in the essential. And third, the oils should combine well and enhance each other's properties, and not vice versa. Before using any oil, find out if you are allergic to it.

Technique of canned massage from cellulite

You should know how to properly do anti-cellulite massage by a can, the principle of the action of such a massage.

  1. First, rub the skin in a circular motion until it burns lightly. Then rub the entire palm, and then tap the palm of your hand. This will prepare the skin for further massage.
  2. Lubricate the area with cellulite with massage oil. Smear a lot, so that the bank slides smoothly over the skin.
  3. Now wash your hands of the oil and take a clean jar. Lie on one side and massage movements on her thigh, buttocks, stomach.
  4. Finally, moisten the skin. Any moisturizer is suitable.

Remember!Massage the skin without breaking the tightness of the can, without stopping, from top to bottom. The skin in the jar should not be drawn more than 3 cm. Repeat massage movements on average costs 15 minutes or until redness appears on the skin.

Chaotic movements on the skin will not help get rid of cellulite, so you need to know by what scheme, and how to massage this or that zone of the body.

  • Legs. They need to be massaged with strictly vertical lines and from the knee down. Self-massage of feet lasts up to 50 minutes.
  • Buttocks. First, massage in circular motions for 7-10 minutes, and then with vertical movements - 5 minutes.
  • Stomach. Massage of the abdomen lasts an average of 20-25 minutes. Fifteen minutes in a circular motion clockwise and 5 minutes from the navel to the left and right sides.
  • Arms. You need to massage from the brush and upwards with straight movements. It takes 15-20 minutes to process both hands.

Recommendations and contra-indications of massage by vacuum banks

A can of massage can be combated not only with cellulite. There are a number of other problems with which he will effectively cope.


With the help of vacuum, you can get rid of scars and wrinkles, reduce stretch marks and rejuvenate the skin. It also helps to treat muscle pain, osteochondrosis and some vascular diseases.

Cellulite can be treated with a can massage if its first signs appear: deteriorated skin elasticity, swelling, stagnation, muscle fatigue, the appearance of a permanent fat layer.


Even if you know how to properly do anti-cellulite massage vacuum banks, it is not always possible to conduct it. Here are some of the reasons:

  • damage to the skin;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases in the patient;
  • varicosity, thrombophlebitis, pregnancy;
  • problems of blood vessels and heart;
  • acute inflammatory diseases with fever;
  • fractures and bone injuries;
  • convulsions, allergic reactions, bleeding;
  • other problems of internal organs.

Important!Do not massage in the chest, spine, lower back and under the knee. Some experts also do not recommend massaging the inner side of the thigh.


You can fight with cellulite at any stage of development. And vacuum massage is really effective. But completely to get rid of an orange peel it is possible only complex treatment. This does not mean that you have to take some medicine, just re-evaluate your diet. You can watch a video on how to do anti-cellulite massage by banks at home.

Anti-cellulite massage - video

Give up fast food, fatty and harmful food. Smoking and alcohol not only negatively affect the body, but also contribute to the appearance of cellulite. Lack of water will also adversely affect the control of the orange peel.

Do a vacuum massage at home or in the salon, use anti-cellulite oils and let the problem of loose and ugly skin no longer disturb!