The causes of pain in the coccyx in women

The coccyx is the lower part of the spine, in fact a rudimentary organ, which often causes anxiety. This process of the spinal column, it turns out, is quite easy to damage, while his injuries lead to severe pain syndrome, restriction of mobility of the lower extremities, and other disorders. Often pain and other unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​this part of the spine occur in women, it is worth knowing about the possible causes of pain in the coccyx in women.

  • Causes of pain in the coccyx region
  • Injuries
  • Pain in the coccyx during menstruation
  • Pain in pregnancy
  • Other causes of pain
  • To which doctor to apply
  • Than to treat
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At the same time, pain is not always the result of trauma, in some cases they may indicate other health problems. In this regard, it is often difficult to diagnose a disease that provoked pain in the coccyx.

The nature of the sensations and the accompanying symptoms can help determine the cause of the pain. You should consider the main causes of discomfort in the coccyx region, which most often occur in women, and available ways to get rid of discomfort.

Causes of pain in the coccyx region

The occurrence of pain in the coccyx region is affected by several factors, the spinal column itself does not always hurt, sometimes pain sensations "give" to his area from other organs. Determine the cause of pain is important, it will help determine which doctor should be treated, how to treat the disease that has arisen.

Important!Learn about the causes of pain in the coccyx in men, you can in our article.


When the tailbone hurts, most likely this is due to an injury to the lower spine. Injury can occur with a fall, bumps, as a result of which there may be a bruise, a dislocation, a fracture. Depending on the severity of the injury depends on the nature of pain.

If discomfort arises from trauma, a woman experiences severe pain, usually a noisy character. Because of the injuries, the pain in the coccyx on getting up increases, the pain can be so intense that the motor activity is disturbed. With severe fractures it often becomes extremely difficult to walk, the patient can exclusively lie most of the time.

Important!In a number of cases, pain does not occur immediately after the injury, sometimes it takes a long time to become aggravated.

Pain in the coccyx during menstruation

Some women experience pain in the sacrum and coccyx during menstruation or in front of them. In this case, it hurts not the lower part of the spine itself, pain sensations irradiate into the process from the internal organs of the woman.

In most cases, such pain do not indicate serious health problems, this is a normal process that occurs during menstruation. However, if the discomfort is so severe that it interferes with normal functioning, painkillers do not help much, they recommend that you turn to a gynecologist. Perhaps the development of quite dangerous diseases of the reproductive system, which can lead to infertility and other serious problems.

Pain in pregnancy

In pregnancy, the pain at the bottom of the coccyx is a fairly common problem, many women who carry a baby face it. Pain sensations and discomfort in this area arise for various reasons, usually the following factors influence their appearance:

  1. Extension of pelvic bones. During pregnancy, the pelvis, as it were, is reconstructed because of the child's growth, the preparation for the generic process is in progress, the pelvic bones diverge. At this time, the coccyx deviates back, which causes pain. They are usually aching, pulling character, pain gives in the legs.
  2. Pinching of nerves in the lower spine, which occurs when the fetus grows. In this case, there is a sensation of pain in the coccyx region, pain can occur abruptly with quick, careless movements.
  3. Constipation in pregnant women. Because of fetal growth and for a number of other reasons, pregnant women have an increased probability of constipation, increased gas production, and other digestive problems. As a result, pain from the organs of the gastrointestinal tract irradiates to the lower part of the spine.
  4. Exacerbation of old coccyx and spine traumas due to pregnancy. Because of the increasing pressure on the organs and pelvic bones, old traumas may become aggravated, which before that can never manifest themselves.

These are the main causes of pain in the lower back of the spine in pregnant women. In women bearing a child, there is an exacerbation of pain in the coccyx when sitting, since it is in this position that the load on the lower spine is greatest.

Important!When there is pain in the spine during pregnancy, you should definitely see a doctor, in order to track the occurrence of complications in time, such a probability is present.

Other causes of pain

There are several other reasons that can cause pain in the lower part of the spine in women. They are much less common, but they are more difficult to diagnose.

  1. Pain in women of fifty years. The occurrence of pain in the area of ​​different parts of the spine may be due to the age factor. This may be due to exacerbation of old injuries, the emergence of new ones, the deposition of salts in the joints, various degenerative diseases of the spine. If pain gives to the coccyx, the cause may be in diseases of the rectum or reproductive organs.
  2. Deficiency of useful vitamins and microelements. With a lack of useful minerals, pain in the coccyx may occur. Usually they are weakly expressed, they are noisy in character. Increase when sitting or in an uncomfortable position.
  3. Diseases of the organs of the reproductive system and the gastrointestinal tract. Pain sensations from these areas can radiate the coccyx, resulting in a feeling that the lower spine is aching. In this case, discomfort occurs with pain in the abdomen, impaired urination, work of the gastrointestinal tract. Women of reproductive age have irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

If you suspect a variety of diseases, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

To which doctor to apply

Depending on the cause of pain, you need to contact different specialists. If you do not install it yourself, you should go to a neurologist, during the examination, he will redirect to a more suitable doctor.

If there is a suspicion that the pain is caused by diseases of the reproductive system, they appear during pregnancy or during menstruation, you should see a doctor - a gynecologist.

If the pain occurs after a trauma, stroke, bruise, a doctor-surgeon is required. This should not be delayed, injuries can lead to serious consequences, if you are unable to walk or lose sensitivity due to pain, you should call an ambulance.

Than to treat

Treatment of pain in the coccyx depends on the cause that caused it. However, if you need to wait until you receive a doctor, but you want to remove the pain immediately, there are several effective and safe methods.

First of all, you can take an analgesic anti-inflammatory drug non-steroidal non-prescription series. These drugs include tablets and suspensions based on Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Nimesulide and their analogues.

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If the pain has arisen after a bruise or other injury, ice can be applied to the coccyx or a cloth soaked in cold water. It is desirable to lie on your stomach, try to walk less, it is advisable not to move. Even if the pain immediately passed after the measures taken, you should still contact the surgeon. Trauma can not manifest itself immediately, only after some time.

If the discomfort arose against the background of vitamin deficiency, it should be selected vitamin-mineral complex. It is advisable to do this after consulting a doctor and taking blood tests to determine which particular mineral or vitamin the body lacks. After the course of the drug, the pain should completely pass.