Kalina red: useful properties and contraindications to use

Kalina red is appreciated in folk medicine since ancient times. Being quite common in our country in the plant, in the spring it pleases with luxurious white flowers, and in autumn bright red berries appear.

For medicinal recipes are used not only the fruits of the viburnum, but also its color, leaves and even bark. The most useful substances are in sour red berries. What is useful for health?

  • Nutritional value and calorie content
  • Contraindications and possible harm
  • How is viburnum used in folk medicine?
  • Than useful for health?

    All the healing features of the Kalina are determined by its richest composition. In berries, a lot of vitamin C and very strong antioxidants, so it helps to fight colds and infectious diseases.

    Vitamin C is needed for an organism that recovers after any illness. In this respect, red viburnum is an absolute record holder: it has more ascorbic acid than in apples, citrus and sauerkraut.

    It contains many vitamins and minerals, as well as essential amino acids.

    There are ethers of oils, tannins and other useful components. In red calf there is a lot of iron, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the organs of the circulatory system.

    Red viburnum has antimicrobial, hemostatic, tonic, restorative effect. She is also able to quickly heal wounds. Very much appreciated and fresh berries, and juice or tea on its basis.

    In any form, viburnum improves the work of the heart, normalizes the blood composition, has a calming and anticonvulsant effect. It is useful to use viburnum in angina, bronchitis and pneumonia, cough, tonsillitis. Berry is able to increase immunity and help the body fight infections.

    Since there are a lot of pectin and tannins in the berry, it can improve the activity of the digestive system, stimulate the production of gastric juice, cleanse the body of harmful deposits, toxins, and bad cholesterol.

    The use of viburnum normalizes the elasticity of capillaries and their permeability, activates the processes of oxidation in tissues.

    There are many substances in the bark of the plant that show an active opportunity to narrow the vessels and improve the tone of the uterus. In medicine, preparations based on the cortex of this plant are actively used for stopping blood, especially for women after childbirth or for those who suffer from uterine bleeding.

    Nutritional value and calorific value of

    In red calf there are very few calories - only 26.3 kcal per 100 grams. In this amount, the berries are 7 g of proteins, 0 g of fat and 0 g of carbohydrates.

    Contraindications and possible harm to

    It is necessary to understand that there is also a potential harm from frequent use of red viburnum. So, it's worth to be careful about hypotension, because viburnum can lower blood pressure. Also, caution is important to those who have an increased acidity of the stomach. Contraindications include gout and a tendency to develop blood clots.

    You can not drink calamine during pregnancy and feeding, because unpleasant consequences are possible. So, the danger can present this berry with too high a tone of the uterus.

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    How is viburnum used in folk medicine?

    The rich composition of fire berry allowed it to find wide application in medicine. So, fresh berries can be used as a natural laxative without side effects. There is also a number of folk recipes.

    • Decoction of the bark of red viburnum .Fill a tablespoon of bark in an enameled container, pour a glass of boiling water, cover and heat for half an hour. Then let cool, strain and dilute with water to get the original volume. Eat three times a day after eating one or two tablespoons.
    • Recipe for hypertensive patients .The fruits of the viburnum must be filled with sugar or poured them with honey. Take the drug three times a day before eating a tablespoon. In this form, viburnum is able to normalize the pressure. Also this recipe helps to treat duodenal ulcer and stomach, get rid of heart pain and provide prevention of cancer.
    • Another way to normalize the pressure is .You need to rinse and peel the berries of the viburnum, put them in the oven on a small fire and stew there for two hours. After rub and separate the flesh from the seeds. You can add honey and a little water, and after a little more hold in the oven. Use for half an hour before eating a meal in the amount of three large spoons.
    • Recipe for strengthening the heart muscle .We need to take two tablespoons of our berries, grind them to add boiling water, let it brew for four hours. Eat half a glass three times a day. In addition, this infusion can be used as a diuretic or restorative.
    • With reduced acidity of gastric juice .Treatment is necessary for the course, for which you will need three full 3-liter bottles of viburnum. It is necessary to pour berries with cold boiled water, close the neck with gauze. Leave to stand for ten days at room temperature. Keep the jars in the cellar or refrigerator. Having opened the first jar, you need to drink 50 ml of juice from it three times a day. After the first bottle is finished, pour clean water into the jar and leave it. Take the juice from the second, and then from the third jar. Then go back to the first and repeat the procedure until the liquid is completely colorless. So you can normalize the acidity of the stomach.
    • Viburnum red in cosmetology .Representatives of the fair sex will appreciate not only the healing properties of the Kalina, but also its features as a cosmetic product. All sorts of masks and tinctures help to provide quality skin care. So, if your skin is oily, you can use a combination of red Kalina berries, any vegetable oils, starch and honey. But the dry skin will be pleased with the combination of the syrup juice with sour cream and eggs.

    For the hair will be useful decoction of branches or bark of red viburnum. If you insist the flowers of viburnum on vodka, you will receive an excellent remedy for fighting acne, pimples and dilated pores.

    As we can see, red viburnum is a valuable find for those who value the benefits for beauty and health.

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