Cinnamon with honey: useful properties and contraindications, prescription medicines

Cinnamon is a seasoning made from cinnamon bark by drying. Its composition includes resin, dietary fibers and tannins.

There is a lot of calcium in cinnamon, and it received its unique smell thanks to the presence of essential oils. Honey is also popular as a remedy for colds.

But the combination of honey and cinnamon is an incredible benefit for health, beauty and slimming. The useful properties of this mixture are unlimited.

Article Content:
  • What is the use?
  • Nutritional Value and Caloric Value
  • Possible Harm and Contraindications
  • How is it used in folk medicine?
  • Application in cosmetology

What is the use?

Honey with cinnamon is an excellent prevention of colds and viral diseases. To understand how great the benefits of this combination, you need to consider the characteristics of each product individually.

Among the useful properties of cinnamon are the following:

  • Helps to normalize the blood sugar;
  • Cinnamon contains calcium and dietary fiber, which helps to remove harmful substances from the body. In particular, these are salts of bile acids, so cinnamon is an excellent prevention of colon cancer.
  • Seasoning saves from constipation and diarrhea, normalizes the stool and digestion processes.
  • Using it regularly, you can provide excellent prevention of strokes and heart attacks.
  • Strengthens the heart muscle and reduces harmful cholesterol in the blood.
  • Cinnamon helps to remove irritation of the skin, which makes it possible to actively use it in cosmetology.
  • Also seasoning improves mood, activates mental activity.

About the benefits of honey, we know from childhood. Among the most famous useful properties of honey is the following:

  • Honey strengthens immunity, has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, besides it activates digestion.
  • Iron in the composition contributes to the treatment of anemia.
  • Honey is sweet due to fructose, not sucrose, so it can be consumed by people who are sick with diabetes.
  • Honey has clear antifungal properties.
  • Is an excellent remedy for fighting early signs of aging.

The very mixture of honey and cinnamon is actively used for weight loss. It helps to improve the condition of the vessels, strengthen them and make them more elastic. The composition helps to get rid of signs of aging, improve mental performance. It treats skin diseases, it is useful for insect bites, if used locally.

The mixture helps to activate digestion, reduce the acidity of the stomach, get rid of a number of diseases of the stomach and intestines. And this is only a small part of the positive properties of this unique combination.

Nutritional value and calorie content

100 grams of cinnamon contains 247 kilocalories. Proteins - 4 grams, carbohydrates - 27.5 grams, and fats - 1, 24 g.

Caloric content of honey per 100 grams - 335 kcal. Carbohydrates in it 77 g, fats are absent, and proteins - 0.3-3.3 g.

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Possible harm and contraindications

Contraindications to use are allergic reactions or individual intolerance to at least one component. It should also be taken into account that cinnamon increases blood flow and has a warming effect.

A mixture of cinnamon and honey is not recommended for hypertensive patients, as it increases blood pressure and also increases heart rate.

Harm from cinnamon and honey is possible for the elderly. In cinnamon there is coumarin, because of which there can be a headache. Abuse of cinnamon can have a negative effect on liver function.

You also need to be careful of people who have poor blood clotting and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How is it used in folk medicine?

  • Recipe for weight loss .You need to prepare a healthy drink that you will drink in the morning on an empty stomach. To prepare, you need a glass of warm water, half a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey. Honey and seasoning dissolve in water, then you need to let it brew for 30 minutes, then drink. Take recommended for 14 days daily.
  • Weight loss remedy with ginger .In a glass of heated water, dilute a small spoonful of honey and pre-ground ginger root, add a pinch of cinnamon. You can also add kefir. You need to drink this mixture twice a day. Ginger increases the effectiveness of cinnamon and honey, adds a tonic effect to the drink.
  • Recipe for cardiovascular diseases .Honey and cinnamon should be mixed in equal proportions. The resulting paste is in the morning in the amount of a tablespoon. The recipe helps to strengthen muscles, prevent heart attacks and strokes( how to provide first aid for stroke, read this article).It also ensures the freshness of breathing. Especially useful is the prescription for people of advanced age.
  • For the normalization of blood cholesterol level .We need to make a cocktail that will contain two glasses of warm water, two tablespoons of honey and three dessert spoons of cinnamon. You can use this mixture three times a day. If you believe the statistics, just one serving of the drink makes it possible to reduce the cholesterol by 10%.
  • Against diseases of the gastrointestinal tract .This recipe helps to normalize the work of the digestive system, get rid of ulcers, problems with stools, excessive gas formation. It is recommended to eat honey and cinnamon, mixed in arbitrary doses, before eating the main meal. The composition reduces acidity and ensures easy digestion of even very heavy food. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves pain.

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Application in cosmetology

Very wide application of a mixture of cinnamon and honey found in cosmetology. On its basis, all kinds of masks are made, which make it possible to get rid of skin imperfections. For hair, the composition is useful in helping to accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

  • Mask for normal skin. It will be necessary to mix a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, 2 small spoons of honey and three large spoons of yogurt. Apply to the surface of the skin and hold for 20 minutes. To wash off is better at first warm, and after and cool vodichkoj - such contrast helps to raise elasticity of a skin.
  • Mask for dry skin .To mix it will be necessary to have a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, twice as much as natural honey, as well as raw egg yolk. Keep the mask for 20 minutes. If you have oily skin, you can use the same composition, but instead of egg yolk use a protein.
  • Mask against acne and acne spots .You need to mix the same amount of cinnamon and honey, and then apply it locally to problem areas. To apply the composition it was more convenient, you can use a cotton swab. Keep for half an hour, then rinse using water at room temperature.
  • Hair mask .Using cinnamon and honey for hair is useful not only for their growth and strengthening, but also for lightening, so blondes should definitely try this mask. In 200 ml of your usual conditioner you need to add about 60 ml of honey and three spoons of cinnamon powder. Carefully mix the ingredients, apply the mixture to the roots of the hair and strands. Next, you need to insulate your head and hold it for half an hour, and then take off that which served as the insulation, and keep for another four hours.

Of course, this is far from all useful recipes with the use of honey and cinnamon.

The spectrum of use of this composition is very wide, and in each case its effect is effective.