How to assemble a child in school in 2017-2018

In fact, how much does it cost to get a child to school in Russia in 2017 and 2018.Info-portal and the newspaper "Komsomolka" will tell us how to organize the so-called school shopping and yet, how much does it cost money to raise a child to school in Russia in 2017 and 2018.

In this article, information is provided by journalist Ksenia Konyukhova, and a photo from Valery Zvonarev.


How much does it cost to raise a child to school in Russia in 2017-2018?

A topical question gnaws many parents of those children who are going to go to school for knowledge: "How much does it cost to get a child to school in Russia in 2017 and 2018?Strange as it may seem, the first class is the most ruinous, when not only do you buy pens with notebooks, but also selects a school uniform and organizes a training place for the child.

Usually at school their lists are needed for things, but here's the case. .. for half of the things that money is spent on, there is no need, expensive things remain lying around. There are a lot of such parents who "do not soar" and delegate purchases to the parents' council, so that the portfolio for the child at once was filled with the same content as everyone( that was the same).

To do so is undesirable. Psychologists believe that in this way you will deprive the child of anticipation of the process of preparation for school. After all, for anyone - an adult and a child - it is important that the notebook, diary, eraser, markers, pens and pencils he personally had special, differed from the others.

Child psychologist Alexandrova Svetlana( Gestalt therapist), believes that the transition to adulthood - entering the first grade of the school - moving the child to a qualitatively new level of life. At the same time, preparation for school should be gradual. Together with the parent, the choice and purchase of a new backpack or knapsack, notebooks, albums, writing accessories create a different - a very special atmosphere for the child. This is a ritual, to deprive the joint purchases of personal school supplies, together with the child, it is impossible!

And to organize school shopping should be in advance, but not in the last moments. After all, the child needs time to get acquainted with new things that should facilitate learning, and not distract from it.

And if there is no money or not enough to prepare a child for school?

According to the polls of the project "Children, every fifth family takes money from relatives, even take a loan to get the child to school.

And then the fair questions:

  1. What kind of state is this?
  2. Who needs people?
  3. How calmly argue and, it seems, work in the State Duma, our "valiant elected people"?
  4. Where is the support of( current) layers of the population with inadequate income?
  5. Why, in our country of Russia, do Russians( the majority) have such humiliating incomes?
  6. Why those who talk a lot in the stands will not raise the issue and solve it about the need of people for the state?

Did you get our humiliating financial income, do not you get tired of the financial policy of increasing prices on the domestic market, as daily asks the performance indicators, to which the state does not allocate funds?

And now, see:

  1. 68% of respondents admitted that school fees have become a significant burden for the family budget.16% of parents have to borrow from friends or relatives, and 4% had to issue a loan.
  2. The school uniform costs the most money - 30% of respondents spent on it from 3 to 5 thousand rubles, another quarter of respondents - from 5 to 10 thousand. For every tenth parent, the form for a child cost more than 10 thousand rubles.
  3. I also had to shell out for a form for physical education - 58% of respondents met 3 thousand rubles. Expenses on textbooks and stationery are growing - only one third of the parents were able to cover the expenditure for this in 1500 rubles.

I have a question when the state demands to increase childbearing:

  1. To give birth to children if they DO NOT NEED the STATE, if children need only us( this is natural).But how can we PROJECT them, gather them in school, then send them to the army( or God forbid it to return whole), or send them to look for a job that is very difficult to find, let me remind you, the children need to learn after the school! TO BE THEM.


  3. Conclusion: Based on my life practice, I was convinced that the state, in the person( you understand who) DEEPLY SPOAD ON SERIOUS PEOPLE! !!Backpack or knapsack?

    First-graders traditionally acquire knapsacks. Rigid back, light weight, small size - all so that the child does not bend under the weight of books.

    Two of the main disadvantages of knapsacks. Often they do not have such comfortable straps as for backpacks. And they have less space. Plasticine, gouache and change shoes will have to be carried separately.

    Many stores try to simplify the life of parents by selling school bags at once with filling. And parents, imagining a kilometer-long list of pencils, notebooks and sharpeners, often prefer to buy the whole set at once in one fell swoop. But these kits usually add office supplies easier.

    As a result, not saving, but additional expense. A new sharpener, for example, will have to buy in about two weeks, the plastic protractor will not survive and travel to home, and markers can generally refuse to draw. .. How lucky!

    So choose a backpack( for growth, for color and for having a light orthopedic insert), and buy all the stationery separately - such that they are comfortable for the child and do not break right away.

    How to assemble a child in school in 2017-2018, how much does the

    cost? All in

    form. For all the shortcomings, a uniform form for schoolchildren has a fat plus: do not bother with the choice. Usually the form is purchased centrally, immediately by the whole class. And the parents can only buy a pair of blouses, shirts and clothes for physical education.

    By the way, by the middle of the academic year, teachers are gradually stopping to notice the difference between trousers and black jeans, a shirt and a turtleneck. And if you stock up these things in advance, then the form will have a chance to live longer, until the next attack of teacher's vigilance.

    If you have a girl, and the temperature in winter falls below -10 degrees Celsius - do not be fooled by all these woolen skirts and thick pantyhose. It's still cold in them. There are two options: either to ignore the form and put on trousers, or to change the child already on the spot.

    List of stationery for first-year student

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