How to make an egg mask for hair at home?

Egg mask for hair is very popular among those who prefer natural remedies for the care of their own locks.

Availability, low price of ingredients, ease of creation and use - that's what pushes for its application.

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  • Useful properties
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In addition to these qualities, the egg mask is effective. In one chicken egg, the mass of nutrients.

Useful properties

One chicken egg contains several times more useful substances than many other natural products. It contains:

  • vitamins of group B;
  • phosphorus;
  • vitamin A;
  • magnesium;
  • vitamin D;
  • calcium;
  • manganese;
  • vitamin E;
  • iodine;
  • iron.

It turns out that one chicken egg is a whole complex of vitamins. Each of them acts on the hair in a certain way.

For example, vitamin E revitalizes strands and saturates them with vitality. Thanks to calcium, each hair becomes stronger. Vitamin A is what prevents hair cross-section. Thanks to vitamin D, strands resist negative external factors. And here, vitamin B gives to hair magnificent shine.

Who should use this mask?

Vitamin saturation makes the egg mask suitable for any type of hair. There are several cases when this tool will prove particularly valuable:

  • dry hair;
  • no gloss;
  • split ends;
  • brittleness;
  • exposure to negative environmental factors;
  • slow growth;
  • weakness of the follicle.
That's only for those who are allergic to chicken eggs, you should stop using the mask. Even if the allergic reaction is manifested only after consumption of the product, the remedy is highly discouraged.

How to properly do it?

Like other masks, the egg is distinguished by its manufacturing and use features. Here are the main ones:

  • Use as the component of .Overdue eggs are not good.
  • Before making an egg mask, you need to lay out of the refrigerator .If this product is warm, it will work better.
  • Use the hair type when choosing the mask. Of course, a chicken egg positively affects any type of hair, but its combination with an unsuitable ingredient will turn it into poison, rather than into a medicine.
  • Do not use hot water to rinse the hair after applying the egg mask. It is advisable to use warm or slightly cool water, otherwise the mask will be extremely difficult to wash.

If your goal is maximum power and hydration, create an intensely active mask with yolk and oils. Combine the yolk with three large spoons of oils( burdock, olive and castor) .The mixture should be applied to unwashed strands, and then removed with shampoo after a quarter of an hour.

Another recipe for creating a nutrient elixir is mask with honey and yolk .Slightly heat the liquid honey and combine with the yolk in a 1: 1 ratio. Like the previous one, this mask should be applied to unwashed hair and keep at least a quarter of an hour.

Strengthen the hair follicles and make the strands shining helps the cognac-egg mixture with coffee .Attention: blondes should abandon it, as it is able to give the hairs a chestnut tone.

If you are not afraid of buying an attractive shade, mix four large spoons of warmed brandy with two yolks and two large spoons of natural coffee. The mixture should be applied for eighteen minutes after washing the head.

Excellent hair growth is the dream of many girls. The egg-mustard mask helps to carry it out. Take four small spoons of mustard powder, two small spoons of crumbly sugar and yolk.

Add a little bit of hot water to the mixture, so that it becomes similar in consistence to sour cream, and apply for twelve minutes. Do not forget that this mask should be washed off, and the head should be covered with polyethylene and a towel so that the mixture works better.

Do you have thick but damaged hair? Armed with kefir-egg mask! Mix the egg and the cool kefir in equal proportions and apply for seven minutes.

Do you want hair to literally shine? lemon-and-egg mask will come to the rescue! Take the egg, add to it a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and the same orange essential oil. The mixture should be aged for nine minutes, and then rinse the hair with a little cool water.

For those who dream of lush hair, is recommended as an egg-beer mask. The manufacturing process is simple - combine the egg and beer in the same amount. It will be necessary to rinse the hair in ten minutes.

What can I do with nourishing masks for damaged hair at home?

Advantages and disadvantages of kefir hair masks. On the results of women you can read here.

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Reviews of women

Alevtina, 33 years old

My favorite mask is egg-coffee with cognac. Initially, I fell in love with her for her amazing smell, and, for his stamina. My hair was after her fragrant all day! Another plus is a chic chocolate shade. I have dark blond hair, so the effect was good. And, of course, the hair grew better.

Naila, 21,

Always skeptical about all sorts of "grandmother's" recipes. That's only after the application of the egg-honey mask opinion on natural cosmetics has changed greatly. It seems to me that now my hair can withstand dumbbells! No brittle, no dullness, no fatness - everything is super!

Hope, 18 years old

I was angry with envy when I was watching my girlfriends combing their long strands. And my hair grows unusually slowly. I wanted to go to the master to build up the strands, but then I found the recipe for an egg mask with mustard. Now no hair and hair on the hairpins - hair growth accelerated at least twice! A pleasant bonus is the beauty and health of the hair.

Diana, 19 years old

You can say that I recently practically destroyed my hair. Unsuccessful clarification led to shocking consequences. Fortunately, the hairs did not fall out, but turned into a rigid and dry matter. The situation has corrected the egg-and-oil mask. Hair seemed to be revived!

Nina, 30 years old

I always did not like my hair for its subtlety and greasiness. Accordingly, when choosing care products, I wasted. On the one hand, it was necessary to look for nutritional products against cross-section and fragility, and on the other hand it was desirable to choose what would dry the strands. Salvation found in the egg mask with kefir. As it seems to me, this is the best tool for a combined hair type!

Egg masks - versatility and excellent performance

The charm of egg masks lies in the variety of their variations. Among them, it is not difficult to choose what will love your hair. Do not forget that the use of each of the masks gives really excellent results. Choose the recipe of your means, create it and enjoy the magnificence of the strands!