Do you need to find an army conscript with a gastritis?

Gastritis - an inflammatory disease of the gastric mucosa is a very common pathology to date, which can cause many unpleasant symptoms and lead to other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Many young people are worried about the question whether they take the army with a gastritis, in what form this disease should be, so that the service is banned.

  • Are they taking in the army with a chronic gastritis?
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First of all, it should be noted that gastritis in itself is not a contraindication to military service. Usually, this disease without any complications is not an excuse for getting rid of military service, even if it is chronic. Therefore, everything depends on what diseases, complications, accompanied by this pathology.

With a superficial gastritis, regardless of its form, which is not accompanied by the appearance of erosion, other serious disorders requiring constant monitoring of the doctor and complex treatment, the army is usually called upon. In the early stages, this disease is completely curable, so it is not a reason for the young person not to be called into the armed forces.

However, if gastritis is accompanied by the occurrence of complications, the likelihood of not going to the army is increased. The main thing is to undergo a complete examination, which will show that the disease is in neglected form, the diagnosis must be fully confirmed.

Important! The documented facts of going to the doctor before the military commission increases the chances of liberation from the army in connection with gastritis.

Are they taking in the army with a chronic gastritis?

A conscript is exempted from military service when passing a military commission if, in case of chronic gastritis, he has already been hospitalized for urgent treatment, it is likely that a second hospitalization will be required. If there is a threat of a sharp deterioration in the state, the draftee is considered to be limited to military service.

Also, in addition to hospitalization in the past, the draftee must undergo a full treatment for this disease, which includes taking certain drugs, a strict diet that can not be maintained while in the army. The totality of all such signs makes a young person limited to fit for military service. It should be noted that there is no complete release in any case.

With gastritis and a lack of body weight to call for service can, but in any case, everything depends on the state of the person as a whole. If the stomach disease is also accompanied by various complications, requires constant monitoring of specialists, underweight is significant, leads to the emergence of other health disorders, then the person is also recognized as being of limited use. However, in this case, complete exemption from military service is also not allowed.

Important! If, after receiving exemption from the army for a certain period, a person is cured, his condition improves, he can be declared fit at the next appeal.

With gastritis and ulcers, erosions, other severe complications of this inflammatory stomach disease, the army is usually not called. A young person suffering from an ulcer, if accompanied by serious impairments in the function of the digestive tract, may be considered unfit for military service. However, in this case, a condition similar to a disability is often required.

In general, because of this disease of the stomach, getting rid of the army is quite difficult, it usually depends on the individual features of the pathology.

  1. If a person has a chronic chronic gastritis, without any complications, but often there are exacerbations, there is a possibility that soon hospitalization may be required, a person can be considered limited to fit in the army.
  2. It is possible to talk about a possible exemption from the army service if the inflammation of the gastric membrane is accompanied by various impairments in its function, a violation of secretion. Therefore, one should not expect to be released from military service if this disease is present.
  3. If the pathology is revealed long enough, while it proceeds in a fairly easy form, in which it is not possible to obtain release, it will be more rational to cure this disease before service in the army.

Important! Do not run a gastritis, hoping that he will have time to move into a heavier form, which will get rid of military duty.

Also it is worth remembering that any surveys are desirable to pass before the call and the passage of the medical commission. Many diseases, for which it is possible to obtain exemption from the army, require a fairly long diagnosis and constant monitoring of the state of health.

During a routine medical check-up at a military registration and enlistment office, it is possible to skip any pathology that is just beginning to develop. Therefore, if there are any signs of illness, something starts to bother, you should visit the appropriate specialist before the start of the call.

To reveal a gastritis during the commission in many cases it is impossible, in addition, for reception of clearing at many pathologies the history of illness, the facts of the reference to experts and hospitalizations is important. Therefore, the state of the body should be worried even before the start of the call, especially if there are any diseases.

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