Benefits and harms of raisins for the body of men and women with weight loss

Familiar and unfamiliar raisins.

The taste and healing qualities of raisins are directly dependent on the sort of raw materials - fresh grapes.

It is known that it is dark and light colors, which affects its healing properties.

Origins and curious facts
  • Curative treat
  • Chemical composition
  • Practical application: recipes available at home
  • To whom is contraindicated
  • How to determine the quality by appearance
  • Origins and curious facts

    The secrets of drying grapes were well known to the ancient Egyptians,as evidenced by the murals made over 4000 years ago.

    No less known, more recent mention of this product, dated X-IX centuries. BC.- about how the raisins first arrived in Europe on the ships of the Phoenician merchants.

    The delicacy quickly gained popularity, thanks to its excellent taste qualities.

    With time, other, no less valuable properties dried and dried wine berries became known.

    Over the past millennia, the methods for obtaining raisins have not changed much. There are still only two of them:

    • fast - oftobi ,
    • delicate - ayangi .

    According to the first recipe, the grapes are dried under direct sunlight using a soda solution that speeds up the process.

    The second method is implemented in the shadow of , therefore it lasts longer. But the berries turn out to be delicate, they can be called sun-dried.

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    In the process of drying, the grapes do not lose their useful qualities, on the contrary:

    • the concentration of vitamins,
    • of amino acids,
    • of other components of
      - repeatedly increases.
    Symbiosis of pleasant taste and balanced composition contribute to the growth of the popularity of dried fruit, both among cooks and gourmets, and among supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

    Raisins also find wide application in folk medicine as a curative and preventive remedy for a number of common diseases, such as:

    • hypertension( healing properties of celandine);
    • tooth decay;
    • anemia;
    • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
    • nerve disorders;
    • deplorable condition of the skin and nails, hair loss( plant lovage and its useful properties).

    Raisins have come to taste for fans of diets.

    He was an excellent assistant in the fight against hunger.

    Dried lollies are replaced by candies:

    • for a few minutes in the mouth, they manage to saturate the body with nutritional elements and a few so-called fast calories that instantly charge vivacity, and just as suddenly evaporate.

    For the preparation of raisins, the most commonly used grape varieties are:

    • kishmish, the same :
      is one of the most beloved varieties of white grapes, in which there are no pits;
    • shigani, korinka, bidana - perhaps this is not a complete list of names for another popular grade of black grapes, also devoid of bones.
      This is not the only value of the variety: the
      has no equal in diversity and concentration of micro- and macro elements;
    • golden jambo grapes differs in unusual color and delicate, and at the same time, rich taste;
    • grapes ladies fingers is easy to recognize by the characteristic elongated form, which it retains even when it is dried fruit;
    • classic raisins with one stone.

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    In the treatment of anemia and nervous disorders mainly dark varieties are used, rich in sugar - bright, irreplaceable during the rehabilitation period.

    Healthful delicacy

    The use of raisins in non-traditional medicine deserves a more detailed consideration.

    One of the leading directions is the prevention of .What kind of diseases helps prevent this dried fruit?

    • Stomatitis and caries :
      people who got in the habit of eating, thoroughly, chewing on a handful of raisins every day, forgot the way to the dental office;
    • Spring avitaminosis :
      Vitamin-rich dried berries strengthen the immune system;
    • Insomnia at night , lethargy in the afternoon:
      an abundance of sugar, nicotinic acid and B vitamins activates brain activity and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
    • This is an indispensable antioxidant , which removes unwanted compounds from the body;
    • Normalizes the metabolism of , promotes the assimilation of minerals and amino acids.

    This sweet remedy facilitates the condition in the presence of already existing ailments.

    With its help you can get rid of some gastrointestinal and other troubles:

    • is an effective laxative, the same as the decoction of the buckthorn bark;
    • is used as a diuretic, it normalizes the kidneys( composition of kidney tea);
    • has choleretic effect;
    • improves metabolism,
    • helps to lose excess weight( about useful properties of flax seeds with losing weight read here), a phenomenon especially unwanted in old age.

    Each berry contains a high percentage of boron, a substance that prevents the development of osteoporosis.

    The destruction of bone tissue and joint diseases are most affected by people of age and overweight - they, first of all, show raisins.

    Dried grapes have:

    • mild sedative effect,
    • contributes to normalization of sleep,
    • strengthens the nervous system( the therapeutic properties of horse chestnut extract is written in this article),
    • removes irritability and drowsiness during the day.

    The product, effectively alleviates the condition of pulmonary and bronchial diseases, softens and soothes dry cough.

    Excellent bactericidal indices contribute to the treatment of infectious diseases.

    Raisins used:

    • as a soft antipyretic,
    • eliminates oral infections and a number of skin diseases:
      • lichen and furunculosis
      • .

    Prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system - another use of berries. Their use:

    • strengthens the heart muscle,
    • increases the elasticity of the vessel walls,
    • reduces the risk of myocardial infarction and blood pressure,
    • eliminates edema( how to drink cowberry leaves during pregnancy read here).

    Doctors recommend the product to the future mothers .Rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, the dried fruit saturates the body with mineral substances, the need for which, increases many times during pregnancy.

    This is an effective tool for increasing lactation during breastfeeding, the perfectly matches with dried apricots , than it is useful with raisins written on this page.

    Chemical Composition

    What is the secret of this amazing product? The chemical analysis will help to solve it.

    During drying, the grapes slightly modify the original properties, that's what it, as a result, acquires:

    • the glucose and fructose content increases 8 times and reaches 80%;
    • antioxidants are formed: tartaric and oleanolic acids;
    • increases the content of B vitamins;
    • form perfectly proportioned to the human body proportions of magnesium and calcium;
    • increases the concentration of other vitamins and minerals:
      • boron,
      • chlorine,
      • potassium,
      • iron,
      • phosphorus.

    It should be noted a multiple increase in caloric content of the product, which is not a favorable factor for everyone.

    270-300 Kcal per 100 grams are useful for anemia, and, at the same time, extremely undesirable for those who are on a diet.

    The indicator is achieved due to natural sugars, mainly glucose and fructose.

    Practical use: recipes available at home

    Some traditional medicine based on raisins are available for cooking at home.

    One of them is a soothing decoction of .
    In the evening, pour a glass of boiled water 2 tablespoons of washed berries, cover with a lid.

    By the morning the broth will be ready.

    Drink it before breakfast, for example, with oatmeal porridge, the benefits of which are described in this link. .

    You can eat berries for one day - just as long they retain their properties.

    For the treatment of colds :

    • runny nose,
    • cough,
    • sore throat
      - mix the same broth with onion juice.

    Liquid, preliminary, pour into another container, so that the raisins do not lose their taste, and add the juice squeezed out from the whole bulb.

    Divide the mixture into three parts and drink three meals a day, a quarter of an hour after a meal. Berries help to break a specific taste.

    With hypertension, drink a glass of broth, twice a day:

    • in the morning and in the evening.

    The course lasts for a month, then, it is necessary, a one-week break.

    After the second-third cycle, there is a noticeable improvement in well-being.

    To whom it is contraindicated

    It should be taken into account that such a useful and energetically valuable product as raisins has a number of contraindications.

    In the presence of certain diseases, it is not useful and even dangerous for health.

    • Diabetes mellitus( the benefits and harm of apricots are described here) and the presence of obesity;
    • ulcer of the stomach or duodenum;
    • enterocolitis;
    • inflammation of the mouth;
    • tuberculosis.

    Due to the high glucose content, this dried fruit is not recommended for those who want to get rid of excess weight( benefit and harm of running for women when losing weight), an abundance of sugars can negate all previous efforts.

    Individual intolerance is also a contraindication, but such cases are extremely rare.

    How to determine the quality by external characteristics

    Note the appearance of the berries.

    There is a possibility that they could be chemically treated, for the sake of extending the shelf life or the convenience of transportation.

    How to recognize the product , which can cause harm instead of use and what if you already bought not the best quality raisins?

    Characteristic signs are:

    • unnatural, uniform yellow color;
    • oily surface,
    • soft berries.

    They should be left for 15 minutes in warm water and rinsed thoroughly.

    If there are no contraindications, raisins can be, and even need, to eat every day without restrictions. You, immediately feel its beneficial effect on health. Bon Appetit!

    Look in the video about the useful and medicinal properties of raisins - dried grapes.