Broccoli cabbage - medicinal properties and contraindications for women

Broccoli is an annual subspecies of cauliflower. From its "relative" the plant differs in purple inflorescences.

A saturated green color in the popular broccoli - calabrese.

The homeland of the plant is considered Asia Minor and the Mediterranean."The queen of cabbage" - so called a vegetable for its useful properties - used it two thousand years ago.

  • Vitamin Mixture of Miracle Vegetable
  • Assistant to the body
  • For cancer
  • For digestion
  • For diseases of the blood, heart, with
  • For weight loss
  • For children and their mothers
  • In cosmetology
  • Contraindications and possible harm

In Europe, broccoli was evaluatedonly in the XX century, although it was brought here in the XVI.

Vitamin Mixture of Miracle Vegetable

Broccoli is not for nothing considered a useful plant. This kind of cabbage contains mineral substances, fiber, proteins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins.

The composition of the plant includes such macro- and microelements:

  • potassium;
  • sulfur:
  • iodine;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium;
  • iron;
  • manganese.

Boron and silicon in 100 grams of cabbage exceeds the daily dose by 2.5 times.

Vitamin C is the same as in lemon - not less than 100% of the daily norm. Beta-carotene in broccoli is not less than in carrots.

Vitamins U, PP, E, K, folic acid are present. The plant contains essential amino acids.

Cabbage is rich in protein, but does not contain cholesterol. On the contrary, choline and methionine, which form part of broccoli, hinder its accumulation.

Assistant to the body

The healing properties of the components contained in the vegetable have a multifaceted effect.

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Broccoli restores balance of cholesterol metabolism in the body: reduces its presence and prevents accumulation.

Dietary fiber and fiber, contained in a vegetable, removes from the intestine slag, unnecessary fats.

The liver begins to actively replenish the body's loss of fatty acids, and the cholesterol level falls.

Broccoli beneficially affects the vision of .

Due to the content of kaempferol, the vegetable is considered an effective remedy for eliminating and preventing allergy symptoms.

Cabbage is useful in arthritis, thyroid disease( treatment of folk remedies in women).

It is useful to use broccoli and as a prophylaxis, to prevent colds, and after suffering ailments.

Vegetables strengthen immunity, phytoncides do not allow to multiply pathogenic microbes.

Therefore, the plant is recommended to include in the menu to maintain the body after the disease.

Vegetable components help to cope with stress, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Another known property of the plant is the removal of toxins from the body.

For cancers

Vegetables are recommended for use as prevention of cancer.

Those who suffered from radiation exposure and living in ecologically unfavorable areas by the level of radiation.

Cabbage contains substances that stimulate the immune system to fight cancer cells: indole-3-carbine, synegrin, anetoltrithion, sulforaphane.

Synegrin, is a part of broccoli and other varieties of cabbage, prevents the division of cancer cells.

Sulforaphane stops the growth of cancer cells of
skin, so broccoli is advised to enter into the menu when treating radiation sickness.

Another feature of the substance is the ability to kill bacteria that do not have antibiotics.

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Most of all sulforaphane in the stems of a young plant. And in the head 10 times less.

The use of broccoli gives a positive effect in the prevention of cancer of the ovaries, bladder, lacteal and prostate gland, colon.

For digestion

Vegetable is useful for problems with the digestive tract. The substance contained in it sulforaphane prevents the formation of harmful bacteria, which is the prevention of ulcerative diseases and cancer.

A high concentration of rare vitamin U( Methionine) also helps fight peptic ulcer.

Broccoli improves digestion and appetite, prevents constipation( about laxatives of rapid action is written here), supporting the activity of natural body cleansing.

In diseases of the blood, heart, vessels

Elevated blood glucose levels affect the walls of the vessels.

Therefore, the product will be useful to people with diabetes, because it contains substances that protect the walls of the vessels from the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Potassium, magnesium, vitamins contained in the plant, normalize blood pressure. Regular use of a green plant reduces the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks.

Broccoli contains iron, copper, proteins, which is an excellent tool for treating anemia, so the vegetable is advised to add anemia to the menu.

For weight loss

This is an indispensable product for those who want to lose extra pounds. Nutritionists advise salads and soups prepared from broccoli.

In 100 grams of the product contains approximately 30 kcal. With the use of broccoli, weight is lost without harm to health.

Chlorophyll and B vitamins accelerate the metabolic processes in the body, which helps to burn fats. Fiber cleanses the intestines, helping to get rid of excess weight.

Extra fluid in the body - a true companion of cellulite, and broccoli contributes to the withdrawal of excess fluid.

Correctly cooked dishes from low-calorie plants permanently dull the feeling of hunger.

For children and their mothers

This vegetable is one of the first products to be introduced into lactating babies. Broccoli is useful for children: large amounts of protein affect active growth.

Phosphorus and calcium strengthen bone tissues, the health of teeth depends on them. Phosphorus affects mental activity, it is necessary for the normal operation of the central nervous system, heart, kidneys.

Broccoli in the diet of pregnant women and those planning to conceive reduces the risk of the appearance of pathologies in the baby, this is promoted by antioxidants, which normalize blood circulation in the placenta.

For high-grade intrauterine development of the fetus, calcium is important. It is useful to future mothers and folic acid, contained in cabbage.

In cosmetology

Lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin E, contained in the plant, "responsible" for the preservation of beauty and youth.

Adding cabbage to the diet has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair, nails.

Masks from broccoli juice are also used.

They saturate and moisturize the skin, help to get rid of acne.

Cabbage is considered an effective anti-cellulite product.

There are no special recipes for cooking cabbage as a cure for a particular disease.

The plant is consumed in any form:

  • cheese,
  • cooked,
  • stew.

It is frozen and marinated.

The maximum amount of nutrients the body receives when using broccoli in raw form. You can add the plant to salads or prepare fresh squeezed juice.

To the vegetable does not lose its useful properties, cook it for 5-7 minutes for a couple. If the taste is harsh, before being eaten, broccoli is scalded with boiling water.

Important! The longer the heat treatment, the less the content of useful components in the plant.

Maximum preserves useful properties, broccoli, steamed. Light vegetable soups, cream soup from the plant - a gentle source of fiber, beneficial to the gastric mucosa.

Contraindications and possible harm to

There are a number of contraindications for eating a plant for food:

  • is not recommended to include broccoli on the menu for those who suffer from pancreatic and acidic diseases;
  • raw vegetables containing coarse fiber are prohibited for health reasons, for example, after some surgery;
  • harmful substances contain vegetable decoction: after cooking cabbage, the liquid must be simply poured;
  • for contraindications includes individual intolerance;

In order not to harm the body, cabbage is not advised to eat often and in large quantities.

Improper storage and preparation of the product will negate the useful properties of the vegetable:

  1. If roasting cabbage on high heat, using abundant oil or fat.
    In this case, the body instead of vitamins and other nutrients receives carcinogens, which are formed when the oil is heated.
  2. If cooked in a microwave oven or with the help of another severe heat treatment.
  3. If cabbage is stored in the refrigerator for more than a week.
    It is better to store the vegetable in the freezer.
  4. Before consumption, the inflorescence is washed thoroughly.
    The rule applies to frozen cabbage.
The use of broccoli can serve as prevention and treatment of ailments. Vitamins, microelements of plants positively influence the work of the human body.

Knowing the useful properties of broccoli, contraindications to eating, you can properly use the plant in your diet.

See the proposed video for the benefit and harm of broccoli.