What kind of diet for type 2 diabetes - treatment

Diabetes mellitus type 2 is the most common type that is diagnosed in most cases. Unlike the first type, it arises because of a violation of the interaction of insulin with the receptors of cells, and not a violation of the synthesis of insulin by the pancreas. It is worth knowing about diet and treatment of type 2 diabetes.

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Can I cure diabetes of the second type? This disease is sufficiently treatable, especially if it was found in the early stages, while the patient immediately begins to eat right, goes to a healthy lifestyle. The difference between diabetes of the first and second type is practically complete incurability of the first. The first form depends on sufficiently deep violations in the work of immunity, while the second form depends on both hereditary and external factors that affect health. The main predisposing factor to type 2 diabetes is obesity. In these forms of the disease the following codes for ICD-10: E10 - E14.

With diabetes of the second type, it is extremely important to observe the right diet. Moreover, a sufficient number of people with this form of the disease is overweight, in severe cases - obesity. For successful treatment it is important to lose weight, restore normal metabolic processes in the body.

With this disease, extremely life-threatening conditions can arise: lactic acidosis (excessive accumulation of lactic acid in the body) and ketoacidosis (acute condition caused by a lack of insulin in the body). These conditions can lead to coma and death.

Disability with type 2 diabetes is usually not given if there is no complication in this disease. Disability usually occurs when severe consequences are present: blindness, peripheral nerve and vessel damage, cardiac dysfunction.

Important! The code for this disease according to ICD-10 is E11. Usually this information is needed exclusively by the treating doctor.

To successfully cure diabetes of the second type forever, you need to correctly choose the medication, go to a suitable diet, which is prescribed specifically for this disease. Without a diet to achieve a positive result of therapy will be extremely difficult.

Diabetes mellitus type 2 in children is less common than in adults. Usually, children do not have those diseases, metabolic disorders, which eventually lead to this pathology. Therefore, when symptoms of this disease appear in childhood, it is necessary to undergo a check-up and make sure that there is no pathology of the first type.

Prevention of type 2 diabetes is mainly in the observance of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to eat properly, eat well, avoid excess carbohydrates, fatty foods. It is worth remembering that most often this disease develops against the background of excess weight. The greater the excess body weight, the greater the likelihood of developing a second type of diabetes.

Diabetes of the second type: symptoms

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes are usually not obvious, they can talk about other metabolic diseases and other pathologies. When they occur, you must always consult a doctor and go through the necessary examination. The main symptoms of diabetes include severe itching, various rashes on the skin. With this disease, it is difficult to begin to heal various lesions on the skin, there is always a strong thirst.

Also, against the background of this disease, often there is increased fatigue, constant drowsiness, which is difficult to explain. All such symptoms together suggest that you should definitely check for diabetes.

Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus consists in examining the patient's complaints, blood is also taken for analysis, and a complete examination is performed. In type 2 diabetes, blood sugar is detected at a concentration of more than 7 mmol / L on an empty stomach, while the blood test should be done several times, you need to do this on different days.


In addition to dietary treatment, the following methods and methods are commonly used to treat this pathology. It is worth remembering that the final treatment option is usually chosen individually, it is assigned by the attending physician:

  1. Gymnastics. Usually the course of exercises is selected individually depending on the state of health of the patient. With severe obesity, expressed excess weight, treatment can begin with an easy exercise therapy. Gymnastics - the most important aspect of treatment after a diet, at the initial stages of the disease to cope with the pathology can only be through exercise and proper nutrition.
  2. Tablets from type 2 diabetes, the list of which is quite impressive. Preparations are prescribed in the event that it is impossible to cope with the disease solely with the help of proper nutrition and exercise therapy. Usually appoint Maninil, Gljurenorm, other preparations, allowing to restore a normal metabolism at the given disease.
  3. Treatment with folk remedies. Elderly and people with poor health can use these techniques, the least intensely affecting the body, compared with drugs. Cinnamon, flax seeds, decoction of limes, various means based on lemons and walnuts help fight diabetes and its consequences.

Do not in any case try to treat this disease yourself, it is necessary to do this under the supervision of a doctor. It is worth remembering that various medicines are an extreme measure, which should only be resorted to in exceptional cases.

Important! It is worth remembering that proper nutrition is the basis of treatment for this disease, other means to cope with the pathology will not be so simple.

How to lose weight with diabetes of the second type?

With this disease, you should not try to lose weight purposefully, it can only do much harm. You need to go on a low carbohydrate diet, which is also sometimes called a table number 9. The less carbohydrates in the food, the better the condition with this disease.

When switching to proper nutrition, the weight will start to go off on its own, without further reducing calories, nutrients. In the absence of contraindications it is worth supplementing with physical training, so it will be even quicker to return to normal weight.

Sample menu

The main principle of proper nutrition in diabetes is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, while it costs to eat more protein. The less carbohydrates, the better. It is necessary to constantly monitor your diet. The permitted and forbidden products for type 2 diabetes mellitus in the table:

Permitted products Prohibited products
Beans. First and foremost beans, it contains the most useful substances for diabetes. Other types of legumes are also useful. Bread. Various baked goods, especially buns, are usually not allowed in this disease, they should be avoided.
Fruit. Not all kinds of fruits are allowed for this disease, because in some of them carbohydrates are contained in too much. Usually they allow different citrus fruits, oranges, mandarins, pomegranates, kiwis. Persimmons should be avoided.

Dates, dried apricots, prunes and other dried fruits can be eaten in small quantities, it is necessary to significantly limit their presence in the diet.

Fatty grades of meat and fish, various semi-finished products, smoked products and canned foods with the addition of artificial additives. It is necessary to avoid heavy soups, do not eat cold meat and other similar dishes.
Kashi. The most useful for diabetes is buckwheat, but apart from it you can also eat rice and other cereals. The bay leaf and other condiments are allowed. Fatty dairy products. They include different types of fatty sour cream, fatty cottage cheese, kefir, fatty milk.
Dairy products and eggs. Usually they are allowed for this disease in small quantities, while you can not eat fatty kinds of dairy products. Fruits with a high content of carbohydrates. They include bananas, raisins, some kinds of dried fruits. Of berries in the first place is to exclude strawberries.
Fish and meat. Only low-fat varieties of fish and meat are allowed, for example, chicken, turkey, white fish of low-fat species. Potatoes, mushrooms, various marinades and pickles, including sauerkraut. Such foods should be completely removed from the diet. Do not eat pumpkin, seeds and nuts should not be eaten in large quantities.
Beverages. With this disease, chicory, various kinds of tea, citrus juices in small quantities are allowed.

Also, various vegetable juices are allowed in small quantities, for example, tomato juice.

Sweets. Various sweet foods, ice cream, chocolate, you need to completely remove from the diet. Any forms of fast food should also be avoided. Only sweet products based on fructose are allowed.
Fructose. Since the usual sugar in this disease is prohibited, it is worth paying attention to its substitutes. The most useful honey. Alcoholic beverages. With diabetes, you should not drink alcohol, with this disease, it will only go to the detriment.

It is also worth noting that most often with diabetes are turned to the bread unit. One grain unit - 10 - 12 grams of carbohydrates or 20 g of bread, with this endocrine disruption you can consume no more than 2 - 2.5 bread units per day. Large quantities will adversely affect the health status.

These are the main products that are worth eating or completely removing from the diet. Other recommendations for nutrition include cooking food exclusively for a couple, in an oven without oil or cooking. Fried dishes with a high content of oil and various spices should be avoided, they can adversely affect the course of the disease.

Proper nutrition can help get rid of diabetes and completely restore normal metabolic processes in the body. It is important to follow all the doctor's recommendations accurately, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to get rid of the disease. If pathologies are detected at an early stage and timely therapy is started, you can completely get rid of the disease.