Prostatitis in men - a diet in the disease

Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease of the prostate, which according to statistics is one of the most common causes of treatment for a urologist, especially in men older than 45 - 50 years. With this disease requires a comprehensive approach that will prevent the transition of the acute stage into a chronic one. One of the aspects of treatment is the right diet for prostatitis in men. It is worthwhile to consider in more detail what you can eat with this disease, which should be discarded.

  • What you can eat
  • What you can not eat
  • Sample menu
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Proper nutrition with prostatitis in men should participate in suppressing the inflammatory process and activate the immune system and the body's defenses. The main goals of a proper diet for an inflammatory disease of the prostate gland are:

  1. Prevention of irritation of the gland. With this disease it is important not to provoke the development of a further inflammatory process, the food should not irritate the mucous.
  2. Provision of normal blood circulation, support of the circulatory system. With this disease, it is extremely important to restore normal blood flow throughout the body, since stagnation and poor permeability of blood vessels hinder the elimination of the inflammatory process.
  3. Decrease in urine production. For this, various foods and drinks with a diuretic effect are excluded.
  4. Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal function. With this disease it is extremely important to maintain the normal functioning of the digestive organs.
  5. Strengthening the body's immune system and defenses. In inflammatory diseases, it is extremely important to restore normal immunity, which allows one to effectively fight infections independently.

These are the main aspects of proper nutrition with prostatitis. If you follow a suitable diet, the likelihood of developing a chronic disease is significantly reduced. If a chronic disease has already developed, proper nutrition can help avoid exacerbations and the occurrence of various complications.

Important!The diet is included in the plan for the secondary prevention of prostatitis, which is required after a single case of the inflammatory process.

Diet in acute prostatitis and further exacerbations of the disease in chronic course usually should be more stringent, should be as far as possible exclude foods whose consumption can adversely affect the process of recovery.

The diet for chronic prostatitis in men is usually less strict, more products are allowed, the consumption of which should be limited in the acute stage of the disease. However, it is worth considering that when exacerbations have to return to a more rigorous diet plan.

Also, do not forget about the other aspects and rules of secondary prevention of the disease. It includes various exercises that help to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic region and avoid stagnation, a massage that stimulates the proper functioning of the prostate gland, the intake of various medications that prevent the development of a secondary inflammatory process.

What you can eat

Dietary nutrition with prostatitis usually does not have a separate number, but the lists of allowed and prohibited products are usually quite clear. With this disease, you can and should eat the following foods and meals, they are useful and do not worsen the course of the inflammatory process:

  1. Fresh fruits, vegetables, greens. They can be eaten almost without restrictions, especially useful cauliflower, melon, watermelon, zucchini, pumpkin, beet, potatoes.
  2. Dairy products. Preference is given to products with a low degree of fat content, especially useful yogurt, ryazhenka, yogurt, sour cream.
  3. Low-fat varieties of meat and fish. Preference is given to marine fish, especially red fish, saturated with various useful substances and acids. Of the meat should eat more chicken, rabbit, turkey.
  4. Vegetarian soups. Filled broths based on meat products should be excluded, while various soups based on vegetables, soups - purees, for example, based on pumpkin and potatoes, are useful.
  5. Various cereals. Especially advised to eat more buckwheat groats, oatmeal, recommend millet. Macaroni and spaghetti from durum wheat are also acceptable.
  6. Vegetable fats are various oils. Olive oil is especially useful, it is advised to subject it to minimal heat treatment and add it to ready-made vegetable dishes.
  7. Dried fruits. It is advised to eat more prunes, dried apricots. Also extremely useful are pumpkin seeds and walnuts containing a lot of zinc, honey.

These are the main products, the use of which is recommended for prostatitis and prostate adenoma. From drinks recommend drinking more simple plain water, green and herbal tea, compotes, fruit drinks. Also useful is the infusion of dog rose.

Important!With the prostatitis most dishes are advised to cook for a couple or boil, you can also bake without adding salt and spices.

What you can not eat

There is a list of products, the use of which is highly undesirable in the event of an inflammatory process in the prostate gland. Typically, they include the following:

  1. Products and dishes with a high content of salt and spices. Also, this group includes dishes cooked by frying.
  2. Fatty grades of meat and fish, various semi-finished products, sausages, canned food.
  3. Pulses and white cabbage. These products should be excluded, since they increase flatulence, which is undesirable in the treatment of prostatitis.
  4. Strong teas and coffee. These drinks have a diuretic effect, they will adversely affect the recovery process in acute or chronic prostatitis.
  5. Products with a high content of artificial additives, flavors and flavor enhancers. Such additives usually have a rather irritating effect, can provoke allergic reactions, undesirable in the treatment of the inflammatory process of the prostate gland.

These products should be completely excluded in the acute phase of the disease, with exacerbations during the chronic form. When remission, they can be included in the diet in small amounts, but do not completely switch to them. Also advise to limit the consumption of sweet.

In general, it is also advised to normalize the caloric intake required every day. It is advised to eat often, but in small portions. The main thing - a balanced diet, which has all the vitamins and elements necessary for the body.

Sample menu

To make it easier to navigate when drawing up your own nutrition plan and an approximate menu for a week, it is worthwhile to give an example of an allowable daily ration, it can be taken as the basis of your diet:

  1. Breakfast. For breakfast, you can eat porridge, for example, buckwheat or oatmeal, cooked on milk. Also allowed is a salad of fresh vegetables, a weak green tea. You can eat one egg.
  2. Dinner. For lunch, it is necessary to eat soup, vegetarian borscht, light vegetable soup based on potatoes, soup - puree on pumpkin and cream. As the second dish boiled fish with salad, buckwheat with chicken cutlets, cooked for a couple. You can drink fruit juice or fruit juice.
  3. Dinner. It should be as light as possible, but sufficiently nutritious. Recommended cottage cheese casserole, cilantro, zucchini, cutlets from cauliflower or carrots. Recommended infusion of dog rose or herbal tea.
  4. At night they advise drinking a glass of yogurt or curdled milk.

This is an approximate menu, which should be based on the composition of their own diet. It is worth remembering that with this diet should not be hungry, in between basic meals you can eat fresh fruit, dried toast and bread, dried fruits and nuts. Also every day it is advised to eat a small handful of pumpkin seeds.

Also the following recipe can be a useful addition: you need to grind dried apricots, walnuts and prunes in the blender in the same proportions, mix with honey. There is such a mixture follows one tablespoon per day.

The likelihood of complications or relapse of the disease with proper nutrition is quite small, but if the symptoms of prostatitis return, you should switch to a more strict diet. In any case, it is advisable to coordinate your food with the attending physician.