We treat inflammation of the Bartholin gland at home

Inflammation of the Bartholin gland is caused by infection of pathogens. The disease is common, it happens in women of different ages. Sometimes it is lethargic, the symptoms appear periodically. The first manifestations: redness, swelling and insignificant compaction in the lower part of the large labia. The onset can quickly turn into a painful purulent inflammation, which often leads to an urgent hospitalization with surgical intervention. Inflammation, sometimes, passes itself, but in due course it renews, sometimes passes in a chronic bartholinitis. Operation is the right decision. But with not an acute inflammation of the gland the doctor can prescribe the treatment of batrolinite in the home.

  • First aid, analgesic and antipyretic
  • How to treat Bartholin's inflammation in women
  • Vishnevsky ointment
  • Levomexol
  • Levosin
  • Antibiotics
  • Azithromycin
  • Amoxiclav
  • Ceftriaxone
  • Fluoroquinolones
  • Immunoregulators
  • Treatment of inflammation of the Bartholin gland folk remedies
  • Salt Compresses
  • Herbal baths
  • Decoctions, teas
  • Causes of inflammation of the Bartholin gland in women
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Chronic inflammation of the Bartholin gland occurs once or twice a year, it happens less often, sometimes it is very painful. The task of home treatment is to ease pain, reduce puffiness, extinguish inflammation, prevent a purulent, disruptive formation. At the time of aggravation and treatment, it is necessary to exclude intimate relationships, exercise, to lie as much as possible and walk less.

First aid, analgesic and antipyretic

When inflammation of the Bartholin gland and treatment at home, quickly reduce swelling and pain can be ice. For this, it is necessary to freeze water in a special bubble or a suitable container, wrap it in a clean cloth, apply to the inflamed place for 20-30 minutes, alternating with 15-minute breaks. Repeat this several times, changing if necessary ice.

Long-lasting action of pain medication will give time for restful sleep, eating, carrying out the necessary procedures.

  1. Diclofenac for a few hours will relieve pain and swelling, will have a good anti-inflammatory effect, but weaker as antipyretic.
  2. Dolaren - a strong, long-acting analgesic, contains paracetamol and diclofenac, will lower temperature and swelling. Counteracts inflammation is not strong.
  3. Ketorolac is an anti-inflammatory, reducing temperature and a powerful analgesic medicine.

Attention!These funds are not recommended for peptic ulcer and intestinal disorders, blood coagulation disorders. Paracetamol will be acceptable, although, as an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory, it acts much weaker.

How to treat Bartholin's inflammation in women

Vishnevsky ointment

The doctor can recommend, as a regenerating, wound-healing, antimicrobial agent, accelerating suppuration of local inflammations. But the ointment can exacerbate aching, throbbing pains. Not everyone can smell its scent.
Vishnevsky ointment with inflammation of the Bartholin gland


The activity of this ointment with regard to Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, spirochaetes, chlamydia and staphylococci, which can cause inflammation of the Bartholin gland, is of considerable importance. In addition to immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory qualities, it works well in the treatment of purulent wounds.


Anesthetic, quickly removing swelling, antimicrobial ointment. Prevents the spread of inflammation, eliminates suppuration and necrosis, accelerates the healing and renewal of cells. Deeply penetrates into tissues, absorbs well, acts continuously.

Attention!An inflamed area is not smeared, but applied to it, an impregnated ointment gauze napkin.


When treating inpatient and at home, antibiotics can not be avoided. The causative agents of the infection that caused inflammation of the Bartholin gland can only be destroyed in this way. Drugs the doctor will prescribe a broad action, eliminating inflammation and directed against several types of microorganisms.


Suppresses reproduction and growth of bacteria, concentrates in infectious and inflammatory foci, remaining in them up to seven days after the last dose taken. This allows a short (3-5 days) course of treatment. Do not prescribe azithromycin during pregnancy, breastfeeding.


Combined of two active substances amoxicillin and clavulanic acid drug. Among many indications, it is prescribed for infectious inflammation of soft tissues and skin, including inflammation of the Bartholin gland. It is prescribed for pregnancy and lactating women.

The group of cephalosporins with low toxicity has a high bactericidal effect.


The drug is the third generation of this group. It is well tolerated by the body. Contraindicated for breastfeeding and the first third of pregnancy. Cefazolin is a product of the 1st generation of the group of cephalosporins. It is allowed for lactating and pregnant women. Both drugs are used intravenously or intramuscularly.


Antimicrobial substances that effectively destroy bacteria, resistant to the action of most antibiotics. Ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin are highly effective drugs of this group, rapidly concentrating in blood plasma, soon removed from the body with urine. In addition to other indications, it is recommended for the treatment of gynecological infectious and purulent inflammation. Both drugs are not prescribed for pregnant women and nursing mothers. During the use of a group of fluoroquinolones, the skin becomes sensitive to direct sunlight.

Trichopol, Tinidazole are antibiotics of the imidazoles group, to which Trichomonas are sensitive.

Attention!Before the prescription is issued, it is necessary to inform the gynecologist about serious diseases of the internal organs, if any. Or consult a therapist about the prescription medication. This measure is necessary to choose an analogue of the drug or to adjust the dose and duration of the drug. This is important for some, especially chronic, diseases.


During infectious diseases, the use of antibiotics, analgesics and antipyretic drugs, the immune system weakens, the natural, vital microflora of the organism dies. Soon, candidiasis (thrush), digestive system disorders (bloating, heaviness in the abdomen, constipation), general weakness, bad sleep are detected. Subsequently, intestinal dysbacteriosis, gastrointestinal diseases, frequent colds, susceptibility to viral infections may occur. During treatment at home, inflammation of the Bartholin gland and after (at least a month), it is necessary to take acidophilic lactobacilli and vitamin complex.

Capsules of the drug "Yogurt" (yogurt) contain four types of active cells of bacterial cultures that are in the aggregate of the microflora of the human intestine or are friendly.

  • they restore the natural intestinal microflora, increasing the protective mechanisms of the body. Reduce the possibility of developing infectious diseases;
  • form an environment that oppresses pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria. Prevent the manifestation of thrush;
  • normalize the work of the intestines, lowering its pH, eliminating heartburn;
  • without them, the synthesis (formation) of certain vital substances is impossible.

Attention!Bacteria in capsules are alive, in a "dormant" state. In the warmth they are activated and, without finding a nutrient medium for their life, quickly die. Cutting this capsule, you can see instead of a white powder, a gray mass. These are dead bacteria, which are absolutely useless for consumption. Because the packaging with lactobacilli should be kept in the refrigerator, as it is done in pharmacies.

A complex of vitamins and microelements is a powerful fortifying agent that restores the female body. For the drug treatment period, vitamins A, C, E. are especially important. These are antioxidants.

  • with a lack of them in the body, normal immune processes and complete tissue repair are impossible;
  • they participate in the protection and formation of cells;
  • the result of their lack - long illnesses and frequent relapses, susceptibility to infections.

Attention!Vitamins are taken before, or along with food, because natural is their source for the body's food.

Treatment of inflammation of the Bartholin gland folk remedies

Compresses, trays, herbal infusions will not be an independent treatment of inflammation of the Bartholin gland at home, but will significantly help the fastest recovery.

Salt Compresses

Hypertensive sodium chloride solution is a usual 10% saline solution (three tablespoons per liter of water). Salt has an antimicrobial, easy analgesic property, absorbs (absorbs) liquid, reduces swelling and pulls pus from the wound. Wetted in a solution of napkins should be kept on the inflamed area for 30 minutes, four times a day.

Herbal baths

Leaves and buds of birch, chamomile, celandine, oak bark, St. John's wort, yarrow - each separately from these herbs, or in collection, will have a tangible anti-inflammatory, soothing and disinfecting effect, relieve pulsating pain, increase blood circulation and reduce swelling. Brew steep boiling water they can be in a jar or a three-liter jar, insisting for about an hour. The proportion should be such that a very strong infusion is obtained. Half of it (the second one is used the next time) is filtered into a container, suitable to sit in it (a basin, a large bowl), diluted with water until a warm comfortable temperature. The bath is taken for 20 minutes so that the water does not cool down, pour hot water. The medium should not be too warm: above a little body temperature. It is possible to get rid of relapses of inflammation of the Bartholin gland, making periodic such baths at home.

Decoctions, teas

Inflammations, infections and antibiotic treatment require a lot of fluid. Broth of dogrose, herbal, black and green with lemon teas is an excellent diaphoretic, diuretic, vitamin and general restorative. Young leaves of a birch, color of an elder, a linden will force to sweat, will remove temperature and an inflammation. Oregano, sage, St. John's wort will eliminate stomach problems caused by medicines, will have a general soothing and firming effect. Teas are drunk with hot, small gulps tea spoon.

Attention!Do not abuse the broth of dog rose to women with increased acidity. He, unlike a lemon, can cause heartburn.

Causes of inflammation of the Bartholin gland in women

Bartholinitis is repeated during and after the weakening of the female body: during the off-season (autumn, spring), after infections, colds, prolonged nervous tension, physical exhaustion, fatigue, during pregnancy and menopause, with hypothermia of legs or general. During these periods, you should take special care and take restorative and vitamin remedies, eat better and have as much rest as possible. And most importantly, visit a gynecologist more often.