Alopecia in women: treatment with masks at home

Hair loss in women can be the result not only of improper hair care, but also a symptom of serious diseases. Especially often, signs of profuse hair loss are observed with the change of seasons.

If some hairs periodically fall away, then you should carefully inspect them. If at one end a white dot is clearly visible, then there is no reason for alarm. In the absence of a bulb, one should think about the possible onset of alopecia.

The disease, identified in the early stages, is well treatable, including home methods. The launched disease leads to extremely negative consequences.

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  • Possible causes
  • Symptoms
  • General recommendations
  • How to treat folk remedies?
  • What is not recommended?
  • Prevention Measures

Possible Causes of

If you suspect a beginning of baldness, it is important to try to determine the cause of this manifestation. In some cases, hair falls out as a result of malnutrition or excessive use of antibiotics.

A woman should objectively evaluate all the events that have occurred in her life recently and could contribute to the violation of growth and hair condition.

The causes of baldness can be:

  • hormonal failures in the body ( pregnancy, taking birth control pills, menopause, etc.);
  • genetic predisposition ( alopecia can be inherited);
  • is adversely affected by physiotherapy and other procedures by ( the most common example is chemotherapy);
  • improper diet or adherence to rigid programs of diets ( with a lack of vitamins, one of the first symptoms is profuse hair loss);
  • long-term admission of medications ( strong medicines eliminate the disease, but can harm the body as a result of their excessive intake);
  • reaction of the body to the climate change ( such factors may include flights to hot countries, a natural change of seasons);
  • permanent impact of negative factors ( using curlers, curling irons or straightening them);
  • iron deficiency anemia;
  • head skin disease;
  • persistent stress and irritability;
  • infectious diseases;
  • internal diseases that disrupt the imbalance in the body( eg, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid disease).

Characteristic symptoms of

Alopecia as a disease is divided into several categories depending on the extent of the damage to the hair.

They can fall partially( the area of ​​the temples, separate areas on the head) or change their structure completely.

In the second case, the hairs become thin, dull, brittle, they gradually become smaller. Each degree of alopecia coincides with the symptomatology.

The severity of baldness is divided into three categories:

  • hair falls completely;
  • of individual sites, foci are gradually connected to each other;
  • baldness in the form of a bald patch( arises from forehead to occiput or on occipital part of head).

Symptoms of alopecia include the following symptoms:

  • a general change in the structure of the hair( decrease in amount, abundant prolapse, the appearance of tarnish and fragility);
  • appearance of a clear band without hair in the parietal part of the head;
  • skin begins to be more translucent through the hair;
  • may show profuse dandruff;
  • rapid hair loss in the area of ​​the temples, dorsal part or occiput.

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General recommendations

Hair loss in women can be focal, diffuse and androgenetic. Only an expert can establish an accurate diagnosis. To postpone visit to the doctor it is not necessary.

Revealing the cause of copious hair loss is not only the key to successful treatment, but also helps to identify dangerous internal diseases. Women who have encountered such a problem must necessarily complete a complete examination of their body.

The use of folk remedies leads to a good result, but you should not abandon the special medicines created by doctors. A dermatologist can advise effective medicinal balms or shampoos that will not only restore the dermis, but also restore the density of hair.

In some cases, baldness treatment is carried out with the mandatory use of medicinal tablets and capsules.

How to treat folk remedies?

Alternative medicine offers many recipes for the treatment of baldness in women. Some methods must be treated with caution.

For example, when using a pepper mask, make sure that there are no wounds or scratches on the scalp. Otherwise, the pain will bring considerable discomfort. When choosing recipes, do not forget about the sensitivity test.

Examples of folk remedies against alopecia:

  • mask of egg yolk and peppermint ( a few egg yolks must be beaten with a fork, apply mass to clean and damp hair, after a few minutes, rinse and use as a conditioner a cool decoction of peppermint leaves, use suchthe method is possible not only in the treatment of alopecia, but also for prevention);
  • mask on the basis of onion ( peel the onions from a peel, chop with a knife or in a blender, mix with olive oil until a homogeneous consistency is obtained, the amount of ingredients must be selected depending on the volume of hair, the mask is rubbed into the scalp and washed off after 20 minutes);
  • castor oil with egg yolk ( castor oil is mixed with yolk in any proportion and applied to the scalp not less than 30 minutes before washing the hair, the mask is washed off with a medical or usual shampoo);
  • decoction of herbs ( mix in equal quantities horsetail, chamomile and nettles, pour the ingredients with boiling water, insist for about two hours, cool, treat the decoction with scalp and hair);
  • decoction from burdock leaves ( dry or fresh burdock leaves are poured with boiling water for two to three hours, the tincture is filtered and used as a rinse after washing the head);
  • tincture based on red pepper ( hot pepper should be poured with boiling water in the proportion of 1:10 or buy the finished product in the pharmacy, tincture should be rubbed into the scalp, and then rinse with warm water, the procedure is recommended not to repeat more than twice a week);
  • orange peel ( crusts from oranges to pour boiling water, insist a few hours, remove the crust, and tincture to wash the hair, the product strengthens the hair and prevents their further loss).

What is not recommended?

The cause of baldness in women is an important factor affecting the entire course of treatment and the selection of certain funds. If the hair falls out due to fungal infection of the scalp, then massage or rub the mask can not be in any case.

It is better to use shampoos, decoctions, medications or procedures. Otherwise, the disease will worsen, and the fungus penetrates into the depth of the skin.

In case of alopecia it is not recommended:

  • independently to select ways of treatment( the reason of plentiful loss of hair it is necessary to find out necessarily);
  • use at the same time a variety of anti-alopecia remedies or too often replace them with each other;
  • continue to use folk remedies if an allergic reaction occurs after application or during the sensitivity test;
  • interrupt treatment for alopecia;
  • during the hair treatment use curlers, forceps and other means having a negative effect;
  • continue taking the medication if any medications have become the cause of baldness( the doctor will help to select the analogues);
  • use only alternative medicine methods( recipes will strengthen the hair, but will not cure the cause of alopecia);
  • uncontrolledly take medications( prescribe medicines should only a doctor).

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Preventive measures

Prevention of alopecia does not include special procedures or difficult-to-perform duties. It is enough to monitor your health, eat right, replenish the supply of vitamins and spare your body. Hair care is a natural procedure, which all people must observe, regardless of gender.

How to prevent hair loss in women:

  • to give up excessive use of hair curlers and hair straighteners( the constant effect of hot air or heat adversely affects not only hair, but their bulbs);
  • to observe a healthy lifestyle( proper nutrition, a measured daily routine, a full sleep, a flexible way of life);
  • if you suspect that excessive hair loss, you need to give up harmful habits if they are available( alcohol and smoking have a negative impact on all body structures, including hair);
  • the correct hair care( use of shampoos, health masks or balms, timely treatment of dandruff);
  • in the presence of a tendency to excessive irritability, it is necessary to take appropriate drugs that normalize the work of the nervous system and control emotions;
  • supplement the diet with vitamin supplements( especially if diet or nutrition is defective);
  • treatment of all diseases should be performed fully( the rule concerns the body as a whole);
  • regular scalp massage( can be done by hand after washing hair or a wooden brush).

If baldness is confirmed, then assume that during the rest of life you will have to wear a wig, do not. At the moment, there are a huge number of procedures and special tools that help restore hair and prevent their recurrence. The key to successful treatment of alopecia is the timely access to a doctor.

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