Treatment of scoliosis at home quickly and without problems

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One of the most common diseases of the spine in the modern world is scoliosis. The disease is characterized by progressive development and often begins as a child. If you take time to treat scoliosis at home, then many complications will be avoided.

  • Principles of Scoliosis Treatment
  • Scoliosis of 1 degree
  • Scoliosis of 2nd degree
  • Scoliosis of 3rd degree
  • What to look for
  • Details on the treatment of scoliosis at home
  • Control Posture
  • Exercises for treatment
  • Treatment of scoliosis in adolescents
  • Scoliosis in children
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Principles of Scoliosis Treatment

Quickly to cure scoliosis is impossible and it is on home responsible, comprehensive treatment that doctors hope to pin. Depending on the degree of curvature of the spine, the doctor prescribes a set of medicinal measures and preventive procedures.

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Important!If you ignore the disease, do not act according to the prescription of the doctor, then the disease will progress. As a result, this leads to the development of complications, many of which can not be cured or surgical intervention is required.

Scoliosis of 1 degree

Scoliosis 1 degree in the home is treated with a set of several exercises:

  • take a stick, sit on a stool, start it by the head and put it on your shoulders. At the same time, the neck should be kept exactly, back too. You need to sit for 15 minutes. Do the exercise 2 times;
  • stand near the wall and cuddle her head, shoulders and calves. It is necessary to stand for 10-15 minutes;
  • twist the sheet, put on a firm surface, on which you can arrange yourself. Lay down on a twisted roll so that it is along the spine. Do the exercise 2 times a day for 10 minutes;
  • hang on the horizontal bar, make turns left and right several times (as you can).

What are the goals for home treatment:

  • stop the progression of the disease;
  • stabilize the spine;
  • strengthen the muscles that hold the vertebral column;
  • corrected already deformed parts of the back.

Scoliosis of 2nd degree

As for the first degree, exercises are recommended:

  • Become in a spacious place, and perform the exercise "swallow";
  • stand exactly on the wall, and gradually go down, knees bend - rise;
  • Lie down on your back and make a "scissors";
  • then "bicycle";
  • alternately bring your legs to your stomach with your knee;
  • Stand on your knees, rest your palms, and perform depressions up and down;
  • become all foot on a chair and do inclines to the foot, legs change;
  • further, you have to kneel on the floor, sit on your heels with your buttocks, pull your arms and make leans forward, laying your chest on the floor;
  • hands to close, wind them back and spread their elbows.

Scoliosis of 3rd degree

At the third degree of a scoliosis in house conditions carry out such exercises:

  • lie with your back on the floor, put your hands in the lock, move them to the back of your head, lower your elbows down to the floor and lift them up;
  • alternately turn the legs to the abdomen, touching it with the knee;
  • Rise on the shoulders so that there is a deflection in the back;
  • in the same position, bend the thoracic area;
  • Turn over on the stomach, rest on the floor with your hands and lift the trunk;
  • turn over your back, do the exercise "Bike".
  • then "Scissors";
  • Raise your legs up and place them in opposite directions, then bring them together;
  • again lie on your stomach and lift your head with your shoulders;
  • Turn on your back and stretch as far as you can;
  • again belly down and imitate swimming.

What to look for

In addition to massage, regular course of physiotherapeutic procedures and exercise therapy, you need to include in the program for recovery hardening of the body, a balanced diet. Their contribution to recovery is made by walking in the fresh air, active way of life. Important constant control of posture, it is necessary to sleep necessarily on an orthopedic mattress.

Traditional medicine offers its own means for relieving pain. Because of deformity of the back, pain often occurs with scoliosis. Warm baths with herbal extracts, salt compresses help to quickly stop painful attacks.

Details on the treatment of scoliosis at home

Control Posture

If there are suspicions about the development of scoliosis, you can conduct tests every two weeks. They will help to understand how well the skeleton of the back is formed (or already formed) in the child. If the posture is correct, then all parts of the body will be symmetrical about the spine: there is no turn of the pelvis, bends of the spine. Proportions of the body with the growth of a person change, so you need to monitor your posture constantly, but especially in childhood (school) age.

Proportions of normal posture, depending on age:

  1. Do preschoolers. Shoulders should not protrude forward, but the shoulder blades protrude slightly back. The abdomen is protruding forward, in the lumbar region there is a slight bending of the spine forward.
  2. At schoolboys. Shoulders are in a level horizontal position. The blades do not protrude, they are pressed to the back. The spine has moderate physiological curves. The abdomen practically does not protrude. Both halves of the body are symmetrical.
  3. Young people. The blades are tightly pressed to the back. The nipples are located at the same level, there is a triangle of the waist. The belly does not stand out at all, he is involved.

Exercises for treatment

When a doctor diagnosed scoliosis, the first thing to do is a specially designed exercise. Performing them is easy, and with regular practice, a positive result will be seen.

What will help exercise therapy:

  • intervertebral cartilages are gradually trained, ligaments and joints will acquire the ability to recover;
  • the spine, which is constantly stressed, will be unloaded;
  • the strength of the flexibility of the muscles increases;
  • general health is strengthened.

To properly perform the exercises, you need to learn them together with a specialist in exercise therapy. Further, physical therapy should be done at home every day. Each exercise is an average of 15 times.

Standard set of exercises:

  1. To become even, relax. Hold the palms together and put before your eyes. Head to pull up, trying to peek out from behind the palms. When the neck is stretched, slowly turn it to the right, then to the left.
  2. With a straight back, raise your head. Smoothly throw back your head, then just as smoothly translate it forward.
  3. Do measured head turns in different directions. Try to see with the eyes the opposite heel of the foot. The amplitude of the movement is gradually increased.
  4. In the standing position, hands are lowered along the trunk. Slowly raise your right shoulder and try to lower your left shoulder down. Bend your head slightly behind your left shoulder.
  5. With a straight back and a motionless pelvis, you need to squeeze the spine so that your shoulders fall down (as if someone is pressing on your shoulders), then stretch your spine, stretch your shoulders to your ears.
  6. With a straight back and a motionless pelvis, try to wrap your hands around a large imaginary round object. Hands pull forward, and shoulder blades, then back as much as possible.
  7. Sit on the floor, keep your back straight, hands on the floor. On inhalation, lean forward and try to reach up to the knees. On exhalation, the back should be carefully straightened, trying to reach the buttocks with the nape.
  8. Become and legs bend in the knees. With a straight back, put your hands on your waist. Thirty seconds to do a circular movement of the pelvis in one direction, then another thirty seconds to move the pelvis in the opposite direction. Try to breathe deeply, hull the body only slightly forward, but keep your back straight.
  9. Become straight with legs set shoulder width apart. Lean forward, as much as possible bending the lower back.

Treatment of scoliosis in adolescents

Treatment of scoliosis in adolescents is not particularly different from treatment in adults, it may be better to only effect. At home, they treat with the help of special well-known exercises:

  • "swallow";
  • "scissors";
  • "a bike";
  • different types of walking on the spot (hands behind the head, throwing the shin, hands behind the back, we walk on the heels, arms up - we go on the socks).

Massage and manual procedures should be performed by specialists.

Scoliosis in children

Children get scoliosis at home as well as adults. Scoliosis in childhood is better to treat. It is recommended to regularly ride a bicycle, go swimming. Watch your posture. Do not scream at the child, when he slouches while doing homework, at school in class. Such factors force muscles to strain and it turns out that he takes position and the posture is even worse. Oral subjects can be offered to do lying.

To treat scoliosis at home, it works, you need patience, regularity and a positive attitude. But it is important to be able to properly handle the spine. Sitting is necessary only with a straight back, otherwise the physiological curves of the body will be disturbed, as a result of which the spine deforms. Buttocks, when properly seated, should be on the chair, and the waist should lie on the back of the chair. You should constantly monitor your posture, try to eat right and lead an active lifestyle. With this approach it will be possible to improve your condition and prevent the development of scoliosis in a child.

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