Sleep tired toys: lyrics, listen online

The song " Sleeping tired toys, books sleep . .." - the most common lullaby for children in Russia, whose words must probably be remembered by any person from his childhood, if he listened before going to bed and fell asleep under the telecast " Good night kids ", which aired on the television screens of the whole country at 9 pm.

A good melodious musical melody for the song was written by the famous composer Arkady Ostrovsky in the Soviet Union in 1964, and the lyrics of the song - poems - were created by the Soviet poetess Zoya Petrova.

So for 53 years, as a lullaby "Sleeping tired toys. .." sweetly fall asleep kids of our country, it helps them to go unnoticed in the realm of dreams, where the possibilities of each person become limitless.

Listen on health online this lullaby song, read and remember the full text of this song, sing it before going to sleep to your child and he will surely fall asleep in the most peaceful and refreshing sleep.

Full text of the song "Sleeping tired toys, books are sleeping. .."

Sleeping tired toys, books are sleeping.
Blankets and pillows are waiting for the guys.
Even a fairy tale to go to bed,
That night we should dream.
You wish her:

Necessarily in the house at this hour
Quietly quiet drowsing near us.
Behind the window everything is darker,
Morning of the night is wiser.
Eyes close,

In a fairy tale you can ride on the moon.
And on a rainbow to race on a horse.
With an elephant friend
And catch a feather Firebird.
Eyes close,

Bayu-by, should all people sleep at night.
Bayu-bai, tomorrow will be the day again.
For a day we are very tired,
Say to everyone: "Good night!"
Eyes close,

Video: Watch and listen online for free song "Sleep tired toys. .."

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What is the magic sleeping power of a lullaby? It's very simple: listening to the song, the children understand that they are not alone going to sleep - their favorite toys, interesting books, even fairytales go to bed with them. Together to fall asleep more cheerfully, more calmly. The child understands that he will not miss anything important. Fear of missing in life interesting prevents you from falling asleep.

So here you can listen to the online lullaby song "Sleep tired toys. ..", read her poems - full text and sing to your child.