Why a newborn baby cries and how to calm a crying baby

In young children, communication opportunities are limited, they do not know how to determine what they really need. Lack of verbal communication does not allow them to intelligibly inform adults about how they feel, what they want.

Therefore, young children - newborns and infants cry, because it is through crying and crying that they can express their feelings and feelings. For adults, moms and dads, it's important to quickly understand why their children sometimes cry because they can only calm the child if the cause of the child's anxiety is very clear. It is necessary to satisfy the needs of the baby and then, the problem of constant crying and screaming will be solved by 100%.


Children's screaming and crying as one of the forms of communication with the outside world

A child's cry was heard in silence - a new man was born. The first cry is eagerly awaited by all future mothers and midwives taking delivery. All rejoice when they hear it. Lack of scream, on the contrary, makes mom and midwife worry and double-check whether everything is in order. Shouts - means, breathes, then everything is fine. However, this logic is valid only at the birth of the baby.

Remember that a healthy young child whose needs are completely satisfied does not cry without a reason.

The way to understand why the baby is crying, suggested by Spanish scientists. They recommend to look into the baby's eyes. If they are open, then the child is angry or frightened, and if the eyes are closed, then it hurts.

Also experts advise to take a closer look at the mimicry of the baby and the nature of crying. An angry child cries loudly and sobs, gradually calming down. In case of illness, crying can take several hours. The child not only will not calm down with the passage of time, but will be more screaming.

Why babies and babies cry: causes

A child can cry for various reasons. Some of them are easy to "calculate", others need to be guessed. But to know what can mean a child's cry, every mother must.

List of the most likely causes of children's crying:

  1. Feeling of hunger .The crying of the hungry child is accompanied by special movements and grimaces: he pulls the handles to his mother, smacks his lips and turns his head from side to side, looking for the chest.
  2. Child wants to sleep .A newborn child is relatively awake. Basically, he sleeps - this is necessary for the development and processing of information received. If the baby's mood is suddenly changed, and he begins to cry, not reacting to attempts to distract and cheer him, it is necessary to put the child to sleep.
  3. Wet diaper .Even disposable diapers sometimes cause severe anxiety in children when they become wet, not to mention reusable gauze diapers. Crying because of a wet diaper is accompanied by foot movements, so the baby tries to get rid of it( knots).
  4. Overwork .If the child began to cry, apparently for no apparent reason, perhaps he received too much information and was overwrought. Weep, he signals about the desire to relax. This often happens after the arrival of guests.
  5. Child sweat or frozen .If the baby cries, check if the surrounding temperature is comfortable. If the spout and knobs are cold - the baby is frozen. And if he blushed, he had a swab - then he overheated. This discomfort can also cause children's crying.
  6. Umbilical colic .Colic causes a gas that has accumulated in the intestine. A characteristic feature of crying due to colic is the pulling of the legs to the tummy. Colic in the tummy occur at the same time. Then the child begins to cry.
  7. teeth are cut. The teeth begin to erupt at the age of 6 months. In some children this unpleasant process passes painlessly, in others, on the contrary, is accompanied by severe pain. At the same time, the child is anxious, constantly crying, pulling everything in his mouth and losing his appetite.
  8. Inconvenient clothing .Crying baby can be because of the narrow erasers on the sliders, convex buttons, hard seams, zippers, which can pinch the delicate skin of the child. It is necessary to check whether all things are comfortable and do not cause discomfort to the child.
  9. Weather change .Small children are exposed to weather anomalies: magnetic storms, sudden changes in temperature and pressure, and others.
  10. Lack of attention to .Sometimes children just want to feel like their mother is around. Their crying is a kind of appeal. Crying due to lack of attention passes right away, as mom takes the baby in her arms. Attempts to put him in the crib are accompanied by a new cry.
  11. Pain .Crying a child, caused by pain, is the most dangerous. The sick kid cries all the time. Because of pain, the child often wakes up at night, shuddering violently, and cries loudly. It is advisable to consult a pediatrician, especially if parents can know the reason for the child's illness( supercooled, fell, poisoned).
  12. Inflammation in the urinary tract .In this case, the baby cries before peeing. Also, the indicator may be a rise in temperature.
  13. The irritation of the anus .In this case, the child will cry when defecating. The reasons for this may be improper or inadequate hygiene, inaccurate introduction of a gas outlet tube or candles into the anus.

Why does the baby cry during feeding?

Crying a baby during feeding a newborn often scares the mother. She fears that he will quit at all. Moreover, the development of the process of breastfeeding is extremely important both for the health of the baby himself and for the health of the mother.

Consider the causes of baby crying during feeding:

  1. Pain in the mouth .It occurs because of stomatitis( thrush) or pharyngitis. Thrush can be distinguished by a white film that appears in the child's mouth. With pharyngitis, the baby is difficult to swallow because of a sore throat and he cries.
  2. Otitis .This disease is accompanied by pain in the ears when swallowing. Therefore, a hungry little child literally pounces on the chest, but with the first sips comes in crying. Bitter milk .For this reason, the child can take the chest, then throw, cry, take again, throw. .. Milk becomes unpleasant to the taste if the mother ate onions, garlic or spicy food.
  3. "Rapid" milk .When the milk fills the breast, its flow becomes too strong. The baby chokes and for this reason cries.
  4. The lack of milk .If there is not enough milk, the baby is sucking heavily, but not ate. This makes him angry and he cries.
  5. Neurological disorders of .One of them is hydrocephalic syndrome. In this case, when swallowing, the child experiences headaches. You should see a doctor immediately.

How to calm a crying child: a newborn, a baby-babe?

So that the child calms down, it is necessary to find out the cause of his crying - that is, what he asks for - and eliminate it.

  • It's clear, when a baby is hungry, it needs to be fed if the baby cries before going to bed or is tired - to bed to sleep.
  • Wet diaper should be replaced dry, and the child to wash and lubricate the ass cream.
  • The frozen child will fall asleep as soon as it gets warm: change it or lie down under the blanket and warm the baby with the warmth of your own body.
  • If the child sweats, wipe it with a wet swab and dress in lighter clothing.

To save the child from colic, several measures should be taken to prevent colic in the tummy and prevent their occurrence:

  1. Adjusting the lactating maternal diet;
  2. Correctly give the baby a breast;
  3. After feeding, hold the child in an upright position: "ground squirrel" or "post";
  4. Help the child cope with the pain. To do this, you can attach a warm diaper to his tummy, put the baby on his belly on his chest or massage his tummy clockwise.

With teething, the pain can be reduced with the help of teethers or special gels.

To prevent a month-old child from worrying about uncomfortable clothes, choose seamless options or with seams outward. Elastic bands should not be tight. It is better to replace the buttons with rivets, but do not use lightning at all. Very convenient slips, combining blouse, panties, socks and "scratches".

If the child does not have enough attention, put aside all the work and caress it. The same should be done with changing weather. Shake the child, sing to him a quiet song, tell poems or nursery rhymes.

If crying is caused by unidentified causes, you should consult a pediatrician or a nurse and immediately begin the prescribed treatment. In the meantime, show the child how you love him and how dear you are to him.

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