Effective tips for treating the facial nerve (neuritis) at home

Inflammation of the facial nerve occurs as a result of the influence of negative factors. In the area of ​​the trigeminal nerve, a person begins severe pain. Doctors call this disease a neuritis of the facial nerve. Inflammation of the facial nerve can be on one or both sides.

  • Causes of the disease
  • Symptomatology of the disease
  • Effects
  • Is hospitalization mandatory?
  • Treatment of neuritis
  • Mimic gymnastics
  • Features of treatment using traditional medicine
  • Hirudotherapy
  • Treatment medication
  • Proserin
  • A nicotinic acid
  • Antibiotics for neuritis
  • Questions to the doctor
  • Is it possible to give birth with a neuritis of the facial nerve?
  • How to sleep with neuritis of the facial nerve?
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Causes of the disease

Before starting the treatment of the facial nerve, you need to find out the cause of its appearance. This will help to properly assign the treatment. Neuritis of the facial nerve can occur as a result of inflammation of the middle ear. The disease can be the result of injuries to the bases of the skull, ear or face. The presence of infectious diseases of the face and ear can also cause neuritis of the facial nerve.

If a person very often experiences various nervous disorders. Then he can also have inflammation of the facial nerve. The disease can occur as a result of intoxication. As a result of incorrect actions of the dentist, this disease also arises. In case of blood circulation or hypothermia, this disease also occurs. Diagnosis of the neuritis of the facial nerve is to establish the reasons for the elimination of which treatment is sent.

Symptomatology of the disease

The facial nerve is responsible for the activity of the facial muscles. With its inflammation, a person has a feeling of congealing. The appearance of a person during this period is significantly deteriorating. His face warps, straightening of the nasal septum and lowering of the corners of the mouth occurs. If the facial nerve is inflamed from one side, then one century closes, and if from two - then both eyelids. The patient's eyes protrude.

The presence of the disease can be judged by the numbness of the face. A person loses the ability to perceive the taste of food and drinks. Some patients complain of increased sensitivity to loud sounds. The presence of noise in the ears and pain in this area is also a symptom of the disease. Patients complain of hearing loss. The disease can cause tearing or dry eyes. In some patients, with this disease, a sparse salivation begins, and secondly, excessive salivation.

The appearance of these symptoms speaks of the proximity of the facial nerve to the intermediate and auditory nerve. With inflammation of the facial nerve, the working capacity of these nerves is reduced. During neuritis, a person suffers acute pain in the face. Characterized by pain paroxysmal. She appears in such areas of the face:

  • lips;
  • gum;
  • jaws;
  • language.

With neuritis of the facial nerve, pain can appear as a result of a person's conversation, when brushing their teeth or experiencing violent experiences. When this disease occurs, the patient can not fully live. He gives discomfort to the slightest movements of the face muscles.

With active treatment of neuritis of the facial nerve, as well as in severe forms of the disease, TV viewing is better to reduce. This will help to avoid excessive tearing, tension of the face muscles. And this will speed up the recovery process accordingly.

Important!Only the doctor can determine the exact diagnosis, after a comprehensive examination


If you start treatment of the neuritis of the facial nerve or ignore the doctor's recommendations, the consequences can be serious:

  • synkinesia - friendly movements. Due to illness, a part of nerve fibers die. Therefore, one nerve can control many muscles. Thus, with a blink, the corner of the mouth may rise;
  • muscle atrophy - can occur due to a violation of muscle nutrition and inaction;
  • conjunctivitis - develops due to the impossibility of completely closing the eyes;
  • spontaneous contraction of the facial muscles;
  • contracture of muscles - contraction of facial muscles on the affected side of the face.

Is hospitalization mandatory?

Treatment of neuritis of the facial nerve must begin as soon as possible in order to avoid irreversible consequences. Only a neurologist can prescribe the necessary treatment, including medications, physical therapy, massage, physical therapy, acupuncture. In view of the rather complicated treatment and the possibility of serious consequences of the disease, the best solution will be hospitalization. It is also possible to treat in a day hospital under the supervision of a treating doctor.

Treatment of neuritis

Treatment of neuritis can be carried out at home using several methods: gymnastics for the face, folk remedies and medication.

Mimic gymnastics

Mimic gymnastics helps restore the control of the nervous system over the facial muscles, improves blood circulation, prevents the contraction of facial muscles. There are many facial exercises. Among them we can distinguish:

  • whistling;
  • widening of the nostrils;
  • a smile with a closed mouth;
  • lifting eyebrows up and down;
  • smile with open mouth;
  • inflation of cheeks;
  • exposure of teeth, lifting in turn the upper and lower lips;
  • screwing up;
  • blinking;
  • folding of lips with a "tube";
  • smacking his lips.

Features of treatment using traditional medicine

This disease requires immediate timely treatment. Otherwise, the consequences can be deplorable. If the first signs of the disease occur, it is absolutely necessary to seek medical help from a doctor. In the absence of such an opportunity, the treatment of inflammation of the facial nerve can be done at home.

To date, there are many recipes of folk medicine that have proven effective in treating the facial nerve.

Tea from roses

Simple and cheap, but effective in this case is pink tea. In order to prepare this medicine, take two teaspoons of rose petals. The color of the petals must necessarily be red. They are crushed. If you take a dry petal, then this action can be done by hand, and when using fresh petals it is necessary to use a knife. The resulting mass of roses is poured into one glass of boiling water. Take medicine as a cup of tea a few glasses a day. Use this medicine is necessary for three weeks.

Seeds of black cumin

Black cumin is known for its many healing properties, the main one of which is the strengthening of immunity. When the neuritis of the facial nerve is necessary to breathe in pairs, a previously prepared remedy:

  • seeds of cumin to grind and crush;
  • soak in the vinegar for 12 hours.

Also, to strengthen the general condition of the body, it is advised to eat a teaspoon of black cumin seed after eating.

Fir oil

Fir oil can be used to treat this disease. You can buy the medicine in the pharmacy. Fir oil is rubbed daily into the area of ​​inflammation of the facial nerve.

Important!Use fir oil as a medicine should not be more than two weeks.


A complex, but effective folk method of treatment is the mummy. It can be purchased at a pharmacy. The mummy must be rubbed every day into the temporal part of the face.

Important!When using this method, only a 10% solution of the drug is used.

The second stage of treatment is to take a special medicine inside. To do this, take a glass of milk, which dissolve a few drops of mummy and one teaspoon of honey. Use this medicine to treat inflammation of the nerve on the face can be no more than twenty days. If the disease as a result of its use has not been completely completed, it can be interrupted for 10 days and undergo a course of treatment again.


Normal food salt is very helpful for neuralgia of the facial nerve. It is heated in a dry frying pan and covered in a tissue bag, which is applied to the inflamed area of ​​the face. Salt should not be very hot, so that during the procedure the patient does not burn the skin of the face.


An effective folk remedy in the treatment of the facial nerve is a therapeutic ointment from the lilac buds. It is necessary to take one tablespoon of lilac buds and grind them into powder and mix with smaltz in a ratio of 1: 4. Medication should be stored in the refrigerator. He is rubbed into the affected area of ​​the face daily.


When lesion of the facial nerve is often used wormwood.

  1. To prepare the medicine dry flowers of wormwood are taken in the amount of 1 tablespoon and are filled with a half cup of boiling water.
  2. The medicine is infused for 3-4 hours, and after that it is filtered.
  3. Rub the infusion obtained into the affected areas of the face.


To treat inflammation of the facial nerve, you can use a chicken egg.

  1. A white egg is separated from the raw egg and placed in a glass bowl.
  2. It is filled with pure turpentine in the amount of one tablespoon and mixes well.
  3. The resulting medicine is wetted with a clean cloth or gauze and applied to the area of ​​the facial nerve.
  4. The lotion should be held on the face for 10 minutes. The procedure is repeated after 7-8 hours.

Important!During the preparation of the medicine, it is necessary to separate the egg white protein as accurately as possible. Otherwise, the medicine will be ineffective.


With inflammation of the facial nerve at home, you can hold a point massage, which helps to relax it. To perform this action is not at all difficult, which allows the method to be used by any patient. After the massage, the face of the patient is smeared with a medicine from honey and black radish juice, which are mixed in equal amounts.

Mother and stepmother

To treat the disease, you can use mother-and-stepmother. One tablespoon of this herb is poured into a glass of boiling water and infused for an hour. The medication is taken before meals in the amount of 1 tablespoon. The patient should make four to six doses of medicine per day.

Dog's fur

To treat neuritis of the facial nerve, use dog hair. It must be wrapped with gauze so that a small "pillow", about 10x10 centimeters in size, is obtained. It must be applied to the inflamed area, wound with a handkerchief. Wearing without taking off 7-8 hours. Also, rubbing with ointments with a local irritant effect, for example "Asterisk", is helpful. After that, the wounded area should be wrapped with a woolen bandage.

The root of elecampane

Very often in folk medicine for the treatment of the facial nerve is used crushed root elecampane. It takes in the amount of one teaspoon and pour a glass of boiling water. The tincture is aged for 10 hours. The drug is taken into the interior of the glass. The patient should make a day from 1 to 4 medications.

For the treatment of inflammation of the facial nerve, it is necessary to collect the rhizome of zamaniha high. This herb is crushed and insists on 40% alcohol. The ratio of zamaniha high and alcohol should be 1:10. The tincture is aged for a week. The medication is taken in the morning and in the evening for 30-40 drops. Drink the drug you need a lot of water.

If you do not have the time or opportunity to collect herbs to make medicines, then you can use ordinary potatoes for treatment. From it squeezes out the juice and drinks a quarter cup each day.

All folk remedies are effective in treating inflammation of the facial nerve. But before using them, it is best to consult a doctor. He can most accurately diagnose and prescribe a treatment to eliminate the causes, which does not exclude the use of folk remedies.


Treatment of neuritis of the facial nerve with leeches is gaining increasing popularity. The curative effect is observed due to the properties of saliva leeches: restores the necessary nutrition of tissues, dilates blood vessels, relieves pain. Thus, the use of hirudotherapy with neuritis gives:

  • removal of inflammation;
  • reduction of pain;
  • improved vascular function;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • removal of edema.

Leeches are placed along the course of the inflamed nerve. Over time, 4-6 individuals are used, depending on the affected area.

Treatment medication

Medicamentous treatment of neuritis of the facial nerve is carried out according to a certain scheme. Depending on the cause of the disease and its period, different means are effective:

  • glucocorticoids - Prednisolone - anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • antiviral drugs;
  • vitamins of group B - improve the functioning of nerve fibers;
  • drugs that dilate blood vessels - nicotinic acid, komplin - improve blood circulation;
  • decongestants - furosemide, triampur - to reduce swelling and prevent the progression of pathological changes;
  • anesthetics - indomethacin;
  • anticholinesterase drugs - proserine, galantamine - to improve the conductivity of nerve fibers;
  • medicines that stimulate metabolic processes - nerobol.


Prozerin refers to anticholinesterase drugs. It helps to improve the conductivity of the signal through nerve fibers to the muscles, which increases their tone and restores the functions of the affected nerve. Prozerin is prescribed from the second week of treatment, one tablet 1-2 times a day for thirty minutes before meals. Course - a month and a half. When the contraction of the muscles of the face appears, the drug is canceled.

A nicotinic acid

Nicotinic acid is a vasodilating vitamin remedy. It is prescribed to improve blood circulation in the area of ​​the inflamed nerve. Nicotinic acid also regulates metabolic processes. The drug is prescribed in the form of tablets or injections. Orally - 0,02-0,05 grams 2-3 times a day after meals for a month. Intramuscularly enter 0.002-0.003 g per 1 kg of body weight once a day.

Antibiotics for neuritis

Antibiotics for the treatment of neuritis of the facial nerve are prescribed in the case of viral or bacterial contamination. The best effect will be with intramuscular administration of antibiotics, since oral administration reduces and slows down the action of the drug. In such cases, nominate Amoxiclav or Klaforan. The need for antibiotics in each case is determined by the attending physician after revealing the cause of neuritis.

Questions to the doctor

Is it possible to give birth with a neuritis of the facial nerve?

Answer:To give birth with neuritis of the facial nerve is possible. As a rule, the condition after childbirth does not deteriorate. However, it is better to cure the disease before planning a pregnancy, in order to avoid serious consequences. In an "interesting" state and after childbirth, the treatment of neuritis is complicated, as many drugs are contraindicated. Sometimes a long-term neuritis can make you aware of yourself after childbirth.

How to sleep with neuritis of the facial nerve?

Answer:The position of a person in a dream with neuritis of the facial nerve does not matter. It is better to choose a comfortable posture - on your back, stomach or on your side. If the last position is chosen, it is recommended to sleep on the side where the inflamed face is.

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