Condylomatosis: genital warts in women, causes and treatment

Condylomas are inflammatory processes that have a viral origin. Gynecologists consider such neoplasms as factors that can provoke cervical cancer. Why does condylomatosis appear (genital warts in women), treatment with traditional and folk methods. Do I need to remove condylomas?

  • Why are the
  • The main signs of the disease
  • Medication
  • Do I need to delete it?
  • Condylomatosis in Pregnancy
  • Home Treatment
  • Celandine
  • Iodine
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Why are the

Genital warts appear in women on the labia and in the anus, on other parts of the body appear less often. It provokes the appearance of tumors - the human papilloma virus, which can long remain unnoticed. Therefore, the incubation period can last from several months to several years.

Ways of infection:

  • unprotected sexual intercourse - you can get infected with any kind of sex;
  • use of common household items with an infected person - discharge from the condyloma penetrate through microcracks and wounds on the skin;
  • children can become infected during the process of natural delivery if the neoplasms are located on the walls of the vagina.

Important!Condylomatosis requires immediate comprehensive treatment, especially if neoplasms appeared on the cervix.

The virus is activated against the background of weakened immunity, the cause of this may be stresses, unbalanced diets. Often condylomata in intimate places appear after childbirth, as a woman is constantly subject to emotional and physical overstrain. Provoke the disease can be uncontrolled use of medicines that disrupt the balance of microflora, the state of the immune system, the abuse of alcoholic beverages.

The main signs of the disease

Condylomatosis is manifested by local signs. Genital warts can be seen with the naked eye, feel during the performance of hygienic procedures. If the condylomas have arisen around the anus - a woman worried about itching and burning in this area, there is a feeling of the presence of a foreign object, which causes severe discomfort.

Symptoms of the disease:

  • itching;
  • burning;
  • pain during sexual intercourse;
  • allocation of serous character;
  • presence of fetid permanent odor.

From the fused condylomas, a liquid starts to emerge, which smells unpleasant. A woman feels uncomfortable with a constant sense of humidity. When traumatizing such neoplasms with clothing or during sexual intercourse, foci of inflammation and severe irritation occur.


To clarify the diagnosis, it is necessary to make PCR diagnostics to understand the type of the virus, its amount, the degree of damage to the body.

It is advisable to use medicines for small-sized condylomas. You can use drugs yourself, but at the same time regularly visit a gynecologist.

Means based on imiquimoda - Aldar Cream, Keravort, external preparations, are given by prescription. It is allowed to use for the treatment of adolescents over 12 years old. The duration of therapy is at least 3 months. Adverse reactions - puffiness, erosion, scab formation. Use the cream three times a week, wash it off with soapy water after 10 hours.

Condilline Nycomed - it should be used 2 times a day after 12 hours, apply only with a special applicator, which is attached to the drug. Treatment scheme - 3 days to apply a drug, then take a break for 4 days, continue treatment until the complete disappearance of genital warts. The drug is highly toxic, so it can only be used in small areas.

At home, you can treat the genitals with an antiviral spray Epigen sex - this will help stop the reproduction of the virus in the early stages, does not allow it to penetrate deep into the cells. Miramistin should be used after sexual contact with an infected person. To process genitals with condylomas can Oksalinovoj ointment.

Solkoderm solution based on acetic, lactic, nitric and oxalic acid will help to completely remove condylomas at home. The drug mummifies tissues in which there are infected cells - the tumor is falling off after a few days.

Viferon, Genoferon - immunomodulators, which will help significantly speed up the healing process.

Important!Before using any medication, consult a physician.

Do I need to delete it?

Pointed condylomas deliver a lot of inconveniences, often cling clothes, injured during intercourse. In malignancies, many pathogenic microorganisms are contained, which can lead to the development of serious pathologies. Therefore, doctors recommend to remove condylomas as early as possible.

Important!Condylomas often degenerate into malignant tumors.

Effective methods of removal:

  • the effect on the neoplasm by a surgical laser, which leads to the destruction of cells;
  • radiosurgery removal of tumors with the help of a narrow beam of high-frequency waves, the least traumatic type of operation;
  • Thermocoagulation - cauterization of condylomas;
  • chemodestruction - burning out condylomas with nitric acid;
  • cryodestruction - freezing of new formations with liquid nitrogen.

Interoterapiya - to remove the use of substances. Which are created on the basis of interferons, which enhances the work of the immune system, the virus is removed naturally.

Condylomatosis in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the papilloma virus is often activated - the woman has a characteristic neoplasm. If the condylomata occurred earlier, then on the background of pregnancy, their number and size increase. The main reason is hormonal changes and weakening of immunity.

Before the beginning of treatment it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons, because there is a threat to the mother and baby. Therefore, the tactics and treatment scheme for each pregnant woman is considered by the doctor individually.

A child can get infected during labor, a caesarean section with condylomatosis is not always done. If the disease is not accompanied by complications, and neoplasms are not located in the vagina, then the woman can give birth independently.

Home Treatment

Many women who have condylomata in intimate places, feel embarrassed to go to the doctor, try to eliminate the problem with folk remedies. Methods of alternative medicine can burn new growths, stop the spread of the virus. But we should always remember that self-medication can turn into unpleasant complications.


Purity is the leader among folk remedies for the removal of all kinds of papillomas. For treatment use fresh juice of a plant, or a drugstore. Apply it carefully, solely on the condyloma - if you get juice on healthy tissue there will be a severe burn. Use celandine can be once a day.

Important!It is strictly forbidden to use celandine during pregnancy.


Iodine is another popular remedy for moxibustion. It should be applied neatly on neoplasms with a cotton swab 2-3 times a day. A few days later the tumor will dry up and fall off.

When using iodine, you should remember about adverse reactions:

  • iodine actively penetrates into cells, it is absorbed by the thyroid gland, which can cause its hyperfunction;
  • severe burns can occur;
  • scars occur in the cauterization site.

Important!Iodine can not be used to remove condylomas on the mucous membranes.

Condylomatosis is a serious disease that gives a woman a lot of unpleasant sensations. It can cause a miscarriage, the development of pathologies in the fetus. A woman needs to visit a gynecologist on a regular basis, undergo a comprehensive examination, make an analysis for the presence of human papillomavirus when planning pregnancy.