Who will be born: a boy or a girl. Accurate table of pregnancy for 2018-2019.Determine the sex of the child by the age of the mother in percent

In any case, when planning the pregnancy of future parents, some questions start to worry. And, perhaps, one of the most important, how to calculate the age of the mother as a percentage of the sex of the unborn child.

And in truth I wonder who will be born? A boy or a girl. Let's look at the exact table of pregnancy for 2018-2019.And more points, whether it is possible to calculate the date of conception, that the boy or the girl was born?

An ancient Chinese table will help us with all these questions, designed specifically to identify gender.


Accurate table for determining the sex of a child by the age of the mother

According to legend, the table below is more than 700 years old. It was found in a crypt near Beijing in China.

To calculate the sex of the future child - a boy or a girl, you must select the mother's age and the month in which the conception of the baby is planned in the corresponding column. At the intersection of the vertical column - the month and the corresponding line of the mother's age, you will see the marking "M" or "D", which respectively tells you who will be born - a girl or a boy.

For example, if a 19-year-old girl or 38-year-old woman has a pregnancy in January, it is more likely that they will be born a boy.

Determining the sex of the child: the table for the blood group of the parents

It should be noted that this method of determining the sex of a child by blood group in parents can not be 100% accurate. Nevertheless, many pregnant women successfully use this technique.

What is the essence of the method. The sex of the unborn child is determined when the blood group and Rh factor of the future father and mother are correlated. See the special tables below.

Blood group:

Blood type Mother I II III
I Female( D) Boy( M) M

Rhesus factor table:

Rh factor Father
Mother + Girl Boy
+ Boy Girl

Chinese technique: how to calculate the gender of the child

You can calculate the gender of the baby using two Japanese tables. Knowledge of three digits allows you to get a reliable result.


  1. in which month the mother was born( first digit);
  2. in which month was the father born( second figure);
  3. itself is the month of conception( third digit).

The first table is needed to determine the number from 1 to 12. It can be determined by comparing the months of birth of both parents. In the second table, find the figure( the result from the first table) and compare it with the month of conception. In this line, crosses will indicate the chances of the birth of either a boy or a girl. This method is most relevant for those parents who are at the planning stage of conception of the baby.

Example: A man was born in March, a woman in June. At the intersection in Table 1, the figure is 6. The month of conception is April. In Table No. 2 in the 6th row opposite the month of April, we see that the probability of the birth of a girl and a boy is. That is 50% to 50%.

Table No. 1:

Table No. 2:

We calculate the sex of the child for blood renewal: the table "Boy or Girl"

This method is very common and free. Its essence is as follows: the blood is renewed with a certain periodicity, both in female and male:

  1. In women, the frequency of blood renewal is once every four years.
  2. In men, blood renewal occurs once every three years.

Keep in mind, sometimes the process of blood renewal can occur not in the date planned by the body( loss of large amounts of blood in trauma, transfusions, operations, donation).When calculating, consider these circumstances.

Remembering all the appreciable blood loss, determine the year in which future mothers and fathers had a bleeding. At whom the given process has occurred earlier, that sex and will dominate at formation of a sexual sign of the kid. For example, if the blood was renewed at the mother later than the father, then most likely a girl will be born, and if on the contrary - that boy.

Who will be born by the age of the blood?

In the first table of we find the coefficients of blood renewal of the father and mother, opposite the age.

Age of mother Update rate of her blood Age of father Update rate of his blood
18 2 18 0
19 3 19 1
20 0 20 2
21 1 21 0
22 2 22 1
23 3 23 2
24 0 24 0
25 1 25 1
26 2 26 2
27 3 27 0
28 0 28 1
29 1 29 2
30 2 30 0
31 3 31 1
32 0 32 2
33 1 33 0
34 2 34 1
35 3 35 2
36 0 36 0
37 1 37 1
38 2 38 2
39 3 39 0
40 0 40 1
41 1 41 2
42 2 42 0
43 3 43 1
44 0 44 2
45 1 45 0

In the second table of needs to find the figure at the intersection of the month of birth of the parent and the month of conception of the child.

Now for each parent add the resulting 2 digits( from 1 and 2 tables).At whom the number has turned out less( "the blood is younger"), that sex most likely will be born the child. Example: my mother is 29 years old, father is 30 years old. Mom was born in June, father in March. According to the results of the first table, mum = 1, dad = 0.According to the results of the second table, mom = 10, father = 1.Based on the results of both tables, mother( 1 + 10 = 11), father( 0 + 1 = 1)."Dad's blood is younger" - a boy is born.

Definition of the sex of the future baby: folk signs

Signs-forerunners of what will be born:
Boy Girl
If in the early pregnancy all the time stuffy and hot. When in this period all the time is chilly.
A woman has a narrow belly, looks like an oval. Conversely, the abdomen is wide, visible from behind.
The pregnant woman is given a right side. On the contrary, the left side is given out.
A woman was prettier during pregnancy. On the face there are pigmented spots, acne.
Your mother's hands are dry. The palms are soft.
I want meat and salted fish. I want a sweet tooth.
Pregnant sleeps head towards the north. On the contrary, sleeps head to the south.
A woman sleeps more often on her left side. On the contrary, he often sleeps on his right side.
In the morning, cheerfulness and energy. Morning sickness.
The left breast is bigger. Right breast more.
The nipples of the future mother are bright. Nipples are dark.

Basically, to the future parents is not fundamentally important sex of the baby. True, in some cases, moms and dads want the birth of a boy or girl. Is it possible to choose the sex of the unborn child in advance?

Calculate who to be born a boy or girl: ovulation

If a family already has two sons, then the woman, having decided to give birth to another child, most often hopes for the appearance of a baby daughter. And if the first-born of a young parent is a girl, then the popes, of course, also dream of the birth of the heir. Is it possible to manage the conception process in advance to know who will be born: a boy or a girl, and how?

The process of conception of a boy or a girl is a great mystery, but scientists already know a lot about how a new life appears, and even know something about the possibilities of controlling the child's birth.

For the emergence of a new human life, it is necessary that an ovum and a sperm meet. Eggs ripen in the ovaries, and every month one of the eggs leaves the ovary and goes on a journey, the goal of which is to meet with the spermatozoon. The process of release of the egg from the ovary is called ovulation.

After ovulation, the egg lives only 24 hours, and if the conception does not occur, it dies after 24 hours. Spermatozoa are more tenacious and can wait for an egg within the body of a woman up to five days. Thus, conception can occur if a woman had intimacy with her husband, either on the day of ovulation, or a few days before her.

And on what does it depend who will be born: a boy or a girl? It depends on which sperm fertilizes the egg-if a sperm with a Y-chromosome will win a race, a boy will be born, and if with an X-chromosome, a girl will appear.

Sperm with a male chromosome move faster, but they are less tenacious. But spermatozoa with female X-chromosome are able to live in the fallopian tube in anticipation of the appearance of the ovum up to five days. What follows from this? Given the vitality of spermatozoa with female chromosomes, the chances of conceiving a girl become much greater if the sexual act took place 2-4 days before ovulation. But if the closeness took place directly on the day of ovulation, then the chances of conceiving a boy are significantly increased, since spermatozoa with Y-chromosome are larger and they are faster. The case remains for small - calculate the day of ovulation.

The day of ovulation, how to calculate?

Ovulation is usually in the middle of the cycle, but, depending on a number of circumstances, it does not always happen. Feel the moment of ovulation is impossible, since it passes asymptomatically. Still, you can calculate this moment accurately enough using three methods:

  1. daily to measure basal temperature within 3-4 months and schedule;
  2. use the ovulation test purchased at the pharmacy( the most accurate is the inkjet test);
  3. make an ultrasound.

If you need to determine the moment of ovulation as accurately as possible, begin to compile a cycle of cycles in a few months, and in the selected month, when approaching the proposed ovulation, take another test, or go through ultrasound.

Of course, even if you calculate the ovulation day as accurately as possible, the desired outcome of conception is not guaranteed, too many additional factors can affect who will still be conceived: a boy or a girl. But with this method, the chances for the desired result are significantly increased. Similarly, you can get a child of the sex you want, a boy or a girl, only if pregnancy occurs as a result of IVF.

Guessing at who will be born - a boy or a girl: signs

It's not always visible on the ultrasound of the child's sex. Sometimes a boy or girl is born with her, a woman does not know practically until the very birth. If the baby does not give doctors to see their gender, and find out who grows in the tummy, well, really want to, you can use the people's perceptions and fortune-telling.

Not all divinations that were popular with our ancestors will suit modern women, because not every future mother is ready to go to one to a bathhouse or to the threshing floor. Here are the simplest folk ways to determine the sex of the future baby:

  1. To find out whether a boy or girl is born, you need to ask your future mother to raise and stretch your arms forward. If she does this so that her palms will be turned upwards - the daughter will appear on the light, and if the palms are turned downwards - the son will be born.
  2. For this divination, you need a large key with a long "beard".The key is put on the table and they ask the future mother to take it and give it to someone present. If the pregnant woman takes the key for the top, then you should wait for the birth of the boy, and if the "beard" - the daughter will be born.
  3. Find out if a boy or girl is born, you can use fortune telling with a ring. The future mother should be asked to accept the position of "reclining" and swing the ring hanging on a thick string over her tummy. If the ring starts to swing like a pendulum - it is worth waiting for his son, and if he starts to describe circles over his belly - there will be a daughter.
  4. If a woman already has children, then you need to see how the hair grows in the baby from the previous pregnancy: if the so-called "pigtail" grows not in the middle of the neck, but from the side, then the next-born child of the other sex will be born.

Baby gender planning: 5 ways


This is the most common method. For conception, the boy is recommended to eat foods rich in potassium and sodium, and for the appearance of the girl - with calcium and magnesium. Therefore, in the first case, eat fish, meat, mushrooms and potatoes, beans, chicken protein, apricots and peaches, prunes, rice and semolina porridge. In the second case, give preference to eggs, aubergines and beets, carrots and cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers, honey, peanuts and hazelnuts.

Follow the diet from the beginning of the menstrual cycle until the time of the alleged conception. And both women and men. After conception, you can and you need everything you want. Strictly scientific justification this method has not received, and the success of its use is about 30%.

Calculation of the period of ovulation

It is believed that if the sexual intercourse occurred less than a day before ovulation( preferably 10 hours before ovulation), then most likely a boy will be born. If the intercourse occurred much earlier or several days after ovulation, then the probability of a girl is greater. This is because the Y chromosomes can reach the oocyte only in a short period of time before ovulation. Otherwise, they die, and only the X chromosomes remain.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is not always possible to calculate the exact time of ovulation. The best way to detect the time of ovulation is to schedule a basal temperature for several months or purchase a special test for ovulation at the pharmacy.

Frequency of sexual acts

This method is based on the fact that X chromosomes are more mobile than Y, but in the first fewer years. It follows that with frequent sexual contacts, the probability of conception of a boy is high, and in rare cases, girls. The effectiveness of the method is 70-80%.

Selecting a posture when having sexual intercourse

There is an opinion that a "man from behind" or "woman from above" is good for conception of a boy, and for the appearance of a girl - "a man from above".This method is based on giving more chances to Y or X to spermatozoa. As is known, for the conception of a boy it is necessary that the Y-spermatozoon be united with an ovum, and for the conception of the girl X-spermatozoon.

Even - odd years of women

An unconventional doctor, Elena Shavrina, revealed the dependence of a child's sex on the age of a future mother. In the even years of a woman's life, the conception of a girl is more likely in February, April, June and August, October, December;in odd years, respectively, in January, March and May, July, September and November. The appearance of the boy is the opposite.

These are the main ways to plan a child's sex. Well searching, you can find others. But it is worth remembering, only one way can ensure you a guaranteed birth of a child of the desired sex - this is the procedure of artificial insemination, when the uterus leaves the embryo of the desired sex, boy or girl.

Who will be born a boy or girl. Table № 3

How to conceive a boy and a girl

There are many more different tables and techniques to determine the sex of the future baby. But let every parent mean that the child is not the main thing in the child, but his health.

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