Scabies in children: causes and symptoms of the disease

Scabies (scabies) - one of the most common parasitic dermatological pathologies, it is often diagnosed in adolescents and preschool children. To all parents, they need to know how scabies are manifested in children - to study symptoms and treatment, photos of signs and consequences.

  • Basic information about scabies
  • Scabies in children - symptoms depending on age
  • Medication
  • How to treat a child at home
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Basic information about scabies

Scabies causative agent - scabies mite, which parasitizes on skin, nourishes the cells of the epithelium, actively lays eggs. To see the parasite with the naked eye is impossible - its dimensions do not exceed 0.3 mm. On clothes and bed linen, the tick can live no more than 24 hours.

The peak of mange occurs in autumn and winter. Ways of infection - contact and household. The disease is epidemiological in nature - when diagnosing scabies, one child in the kindergarten is reported to the KES, the quarantine is announced for 10 days, all rooms are disinfected.

Types of scabies:

  • typical - the rashes are of a pair character, the movements of ticks are clearly visible, itching in the evening and night;
  • scabies of cleanliness by signs resembles hives - develops in children who often use soap, have weakened immunity;
  • thoracic - manifests itself in the form of pustules, blisters, rashes are uncharacteristic;
  • Norwegian - the most contagious variety of the disease, rashes dry with white scales;
  • nodular - on the background of an allergy to the products of vital activity of parasites, inflamed nodules are formed, which are strongly itchy.

If you get on the skin of ticks that can not gnaw the skin, I diagnose scabies without strokes. Parasites live on the skin, in the places of their accumulation watery pimples and vesicles are formed. The duration of this form of the disease is 14-20 days.

Complications of scabies in children - folliculitis, rheumatic changes in the heart, various forms of dermatitis, lymphadenitis, nail destruction.

Important!Scabies are not transmitted from animals to humans. From animals it is possible to catch pseudosarcotosis - the disease is characterized by large rashes, red blisters and spots.

The incubation period is 10 days, at this time there are no signs of disease, but the person is contagious. How much is contagious scabies? An infected person presents a danger to others around 1-6 weeks.

Scabies in children - symptoms depending on age

The main sign of the disease - the appearance of itch moves. These are meandering lines about 1 cm long, they are painted gray.

Scabies in infants are manifested atypical localization of rashes - they practically do not happen between the fingers, on the lateral surfaces of the palms. In the course of the disease, nails are often affected, which leads to their thickening, the appearance of cracks.

In children under 3 years of age, parents often perceive the appearance of scabies as hives, wet eczema, rash with scabies in babies they spread throughout the body and head. Little children become restless because of severe itching, the quality of sleep deteriorates.

How dermatological pathology manifests in children older than 3 years:

  • rashes on the arms, in the interdigital and axillary folds;
  • affects the mite of the foot, buttocks, often rashes appear in the groin;
  • when the rules of hygiene are not observed from single rashes, large inflamed areas are formed, which are scaly and crusty;
  • severe itching, especially in the evening and at night.

Important!The main difference between childhood scabies is a pronounced clinical picture, the occurrence of concomitant diseases.


For signs of scabies, the child should be shown to the doctor. Diagnostics includes scraping from the skin, collecting anamnesis. The skin is applied iodine or zelenku - tick travels take the form of dotted lines.

In the treatment of scabies children use medicines in the form of ointments, sprays, aerosols. Prescribe the drug can only a doctor, taking into account the stage of the disease.

Medicines against scabies:

  1. Benzyl benzoate - an emulsion or ointment can be used for babies over 2 months old, produce treatment twice. On the first day, you need to wash the child with soap and apply medicine on all skin, except for the head and face. During therapy from water procedures it is better to refrain, change underwear daily. The second time the remedy should be applied on the fourth day, it is necessary to change the bed linen.
  2. Spragal is an aerosol, it can be used for children older than 2 months, the drug is applied twice with a three-day interval between use.
  3. Permethrin - a medicinal product in the form of ointment, cream, spray. The medicine is allowed to treat children older than 1 year.

Sulfuric ointment is used in the treatment of adolescents, because the drug affects children's skin negatively. Scabies exacerbate the manifestation of allergies, so the dermatologist can additionally prescribe antihistamines - Claritin, Suprastin.

At observance of all recommendations of the doctor all signs of disease pass or take place in 7-14 days.

Important!All medicines must be applied immediately before bedtime - this is due to the peculiarities of the life cycle of the mite.

How to treat a child at home

Treatment at home implies strict adherence to hygienic rules. Prior to the beginning of drug treatment, you need to sterilize all toys, utensils, personal hygiene items of the child. All bed linen, mattresses, upholstered furniture should be treated with steam or ironed with a hot iron. Wooden furniture, handles, doors need to be treated with a disinfectant solution.

A good tool for processing household items is A-steam. The product is safe for the child, it should be sprayed in ventilated areas, and should not be used in the presence of pregnant women.

Therapy with folk remedies is aimed at eliminating itching and inflammation. For quick relief of the child's condition, you can make baths from sour kvass, hold hands or feet for half an hour, get wet with a towel. Kvass effectively kills mites and their eggs.

Ointment against mange:

  1. Grate 15 grams of household or tar soap.
  2. Melt 15 grams of pork smoltsa.
  3. Mix both substances.
  4. Add 5 g of sulfur ointment and tar.

Apply a thin layer of ointment on the affected areas. The duration of therapy is 7 days.

To eliminate severe itching, you need to wipe skin with fresh tomato juice. Infusion of buckthorn helps quickly get rid of unpleasant manifestations of scabies - will brew 250 ml of boiling water 50 g of crushed raw materials, chill.

Prevention is to eliminate the source of infection. Children's institutions should undergo a regular examination of children for signs of scabies. Allow the child after recovery to visit the kindergarten or school can only after the conclusion of a dermatologist. If a scabies is found in a child, all members of the family should be treated at the same time.

Scabies are a disease not only for children from dysfunctional families, every child who visits preschool and educational institutions can get sick. With timely diagnosis and proper treatment, you can get rid of the disease quickly, without any serious complications. Self-medication can lead to the development of serious pathologies in the child.

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