How to make a pedicure at home with your own hands

Many girls are sure that the quality of pedicure in the cabin is much higher than the same procedure at home.

However, only by performing care toenails at home, you can be confident in the security tools and the quality of their work.

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  • Do yourself
  • materials
  • procedures are the steps
  • Pros and cons of home care
  • Be careful

master the pedicure is possible not only to save time but also to save some money, because in the cabin cost of services is much higher than the cost of materials, which are used for work.

Do yourself

Nail care on the legs can not be ignored, it is not only important from an aesthetic point of view, but also affect the comfort of your own.

Conduct pedicure procedure required approximately every two to three weeks, depending on the condition of the skin and nails, as well as the time of year.

In summer, because of the heat and open shoes, the feet require more care than in the winter.

At home, you can deal with nails on your legs, if there are no problems such as cracks on the heels, ingrown nails or fungus.

If one of the above problems occurs, you must first remove them, and then start to care for the nails.

Materials for procedure

In order to make the correct and safe pedicure, special tools and materials are needed.

The quality of the tools used influences the final result, so it is advisable to purchase tools in specialized places.

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For pedicure you need to have the following range of means:

  • bath to soften the nails( suitable bowl or a special massage bath);
  • bath salt;
  • iodine;
  • lemon;
  • grinding wheel for feet;
  • foot scrub( you can take your own scrub);
  • foot mask;
  • stick for moving the cuticle;
  • cutting pliers;
  • manicure scissors;
  • nail polish remover;
  • base for lacquer;
  • nail polish;
  • varnish drying;
  • fixer.

This is an exemplary list that will be supplemented as the procedure proceeds. Step by step instructions

1. The tub is filled with warm water, which is necessary to soften the nails and skin of the feet.
Lemon juice, iodine and sea salt are added to the water.
At least 10-15 minutes you need to steam out the skin, during this time, useful vitamins will soak up and the nails will get the right reinforcement.

2. A special blade for heels or pumice is removed.
If your legs do not require the use of rough tools, just scrub to get rid of keratinized skin.
Some masters of pedicure recommend using a file on dry skin.
You have to choose the method that suits you and your feet.

3. After steaming the feet, it is good to make a moisturizing or nutritious mask.
After the bath, the skin perfectly absorbs all the useful elements.
You can buy both a foot mask in the jar and a special mask socks, which works just as effectively.

4. The shape of the nails on the legs should be adjusted with a standard nail file, without using scissors.
This lessens the nail plate.
You can push the cuticle off using an orange stick or scapula.
You can both trim it and simply moisten it with oil at the end of the procedure.
With the help of nippers, burrs and extra code around the nail are removed.

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6. Using special inserts, make up nails, after removing the remnants of the old varnish.
The nail plate can be treated with alcohol or nail polish remover before it can be degreased.
Paint nails in 4 layers: base( base) for lacquer, 2 coats of varnish and fixer.
Each layer should be dried for a minute or two.
Drying for varnish reduces the time it dries.

7. Apply a moisturizer to your feet, and brush your skin with jojoba or peach oil around your nails.
Your pedicure is ready!

Pros and Cons of Home Care

The advantage of a self-made procedure is a budget saving, as well as the ability to make a pedicure more qualitatively.

You are not limited in time, so you can thoroughly steam up your legs, soak them with a moisturizer as much as possible and dry the lacquer as much as you need.

By the minus of a home pedicure it is possible to consider nonprofessional actions, especially at performance of the first procedures.

But a little practice - and you will do yourself a pedicure no worse than in the salon. Also, many women do not want to make efforts to get their feet in order.

It's easier for them to surrender into the hands of a nail technician. But it's still desirable to be able to do pedicure, since it will not always be possible to enroll in the salon due to lack of time or personal problems.

Be careful

When performing a pedicure, both in the salon and at home, accidental nail injuries are possible.

Wrong pedicure can lead to longitudinal splitting of the nail plate.

Damage to the skin during a pedicure can cause irritation, and even an abscess.

If you get an infection in the wound, this will inevitably lead to serious consequences, so at the slightest scratch you need to carefully treat the wound with peroxide or chlorhexidine and seal it with a bactericidal plaster.

In case of injury to the nail plate, gently cut down the nail and do not cover it with varnish. After this, you need to wait until he grows up and does not conduct any manipulations with him.

A beautifully made pedicure is not only visually pleasing, but also comfortable when wearing shoes. Regular care for your feet helps to look well-groomed and spend less time on the procedure of pedicure.

Watch a video tutorial on how to do pedicure on your own at home.

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