Causes of stuttering in children - how to treat illness

Sometimes, against the background of severe stress, fatigue, trauma, stuttering in children develops, the causes and treatment of which worried many parents. To accurately diagnose the pathology, you need to visit a doctor. Long-term therapy includes different methods, which need to be regularly engaged with the child at home.

  • Symptoms and types
  • How to distinguish stammering from stumbling
  • Causes of stuttering
  • Methods of treatment
  • Medications
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Folk remedies
  • Breathing exercises
  • Recommendations
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Symptoms and types

Stuttering (logokloniya) - speech disturbance, which is characterized by frequent repetition of individual sounds, words, lengthening syllables, speech lacks smoothness and rhythm. Pathology is often diagnosed in children older than 3 years. With proper treatment, the disease disappears with age. From permanent stuttering, only 1% of adults suffer. The ICD-10 code is F98.5.

There are various types of stuttering, the disease is classified by type, type and location of the localization of muscle contractions, the degree of severity of pathology. Acutely arisen logokloniya called initial. If the disease lasts for several months, it goes into a fixed stage.

Types of the disease:

  1. Tonic type - occurs due to a strong contraction of the muscles of the lips, tongue, palate, cheeks, larynx. There is a pathology in the form of long pauses, stretching of sounds, strong tension of the face and the whole organism.
  2. Clonic type - cramps are not so pronounced, spasms are quickly replaced by muscle relaxation. The child repeats individual sounds or words.
  3. Neuro-like - develops against the background of neurological defects, characterized by impaired motor functions and articulation.
  4. Neurotic stammering (logoneurosis) is a consequence of the influence of psychological factors of a negative nature.
  5. Evolutionary stammering is caused by disruptions in the development of the speech apparatus, it develops at the age of 3-5 years.
  6. Reactive Stammering - the disease develops at the age of 9-12 years against a background of a nervous breakdown or mental illness.

With mild illness, children begin to stutter only against a background of severe stress. The average degree is characterized by speech problems with any emotional overexcitation. Severe degree - the child stutters constantly. Is it treated with logoclonia? From the disease you can completely get rid of if you start treatment on time.

Important! Stuttering occurs more often on consonant sounds, faltering occurs at the beginning, middle of the sentence.

When stuttering, the coordinated work of speech organs is disrupted, the malfunction arises from the contractions of the musculature, which participates in the process of pronunciation of sounds. Sometimes the breathing muscles also suffer, which leads to a constant sense of lack of air.

The main signs of stuttering:

  • the child suddenly falls silent, sometimes for a day, after which he begins to speak, but already indistinctly;
  • the presence in the speech of a lot of unnecessary sounds;
  • absence or long pauses;
  • difficulties with the beginning of speech;
  • violation of phonemic hearing and perception;
  • tics, spasms, convulsions in the face and neck;
  • violation of breathing.

Often a psychological stigma is associated with stammering - logophobia, scotoprophobia. Against the background of logoneurosis, the behavior of children also changes, they become timid, shy, hypochondriac, differed by dreaminess and wild imagination.

Important! In boys, stuttering is diagnosed 3-4 times more often than in girls. The peak of the onset of the disease occurs in the preschool age, the first signs appear in children 3-5 years old.

How to distinguish stammering from stumbling

Sometimes parents notice that a child at the age of 2-3 years, who previously spoke briskly, begins to repeat or pull syllables. Do not panic, you should figure out whether the baby stutters or stumbles.

Difference logokloniya from a faltering (iteration):

  1. Stammering occurs against a background of spasm, and the child often has a stumbling block, whose thinking outstrips speech development.
  2. When stuttering you can see convulsive movements in the neck and mouth.
  3. If a child with logoclonia is asked to speak more clearly and clearly, he will begin to stutter even more. If the problem is caused by stumbling, then after such a request the speech will become more distinct.
  4. Children begin to stammer when they tell something long, difficult and incomprehensible for them. If parents ask a child a simple question, you can hear a clear answer without hesitation.

If problems with speech do not disappear within 2-3 weeks, the child speaks all the worse, you should visit a speech therapist, child psychologist, psychoneurologist, defectologist.

Important! If the logoneurosis treatment is not started in time, the child will develop concomitant diseases - asthenia, bedwetting, vegetovascular dystonia, disturbance of the rhythm of sleep, depressive conditions.

Causes of stuttering

The causes of the disease are not fully understood, many doctors believe that its development is influenced by the hereditary factor, the state of the nervous system, and the peculiarities of the development of the speech apparatus.

Why there is a stammer:

  • strong nervous shock, psychological trauma, fright, neurosis;
  • craniocerebral trauma, central nervous system diseases, respiratory and hearing infections;
  • nervous exhaustion or exhaustion, which can occur against the background of severe intoxication, ENT diseases;
  • wrong education, for the child equally excessive excessive severity and permissiveness;
  • increased mental stress, teaching several languages ​​at once, retraining the left-hander;
  • intrauterine disorders of brain development, prematurity, hypoxia;
  • insufficient development of fine motor skills of hands.

Even after completely eliminating the symptoms of logoglony, the disease can return with severe stress, which is often observed in children aged 6-7 years who went to school.

Important! From the point of view of psychosomatics, logoklony develops against the background of fear to express their desires. Most often, children who are constantly pressured by their parents suffer from stuttering, they do not give the child initiative. Eliminate such problems - the work of a psychologist.

Methods of treatment

When diagnosing stutter, the specialist takes into account the origin of the pathology, the type and location of the localization of muscle contractions, the degree of severity of deviations in the tempo-rhythmic development of speech. Who heals stuttering? Detection and elimination of pathology deals with children's neurologist, psychologist, psychotherapist, speech therapist, osteopath. Is the disease on its own with age? No, only long-term complex therapy will help get rid of it.

The basis of the diagnosis of stuttering is the collection of anamnesis about the development of the child. The doctor should tell in detail when and under what circumstances there were problems. For the examination of the central nervous system, dopplerography of cerebral vessels, EEG, MRI is performed.

To get rid of stuttering, speech correction in the child use a complex approach. Treatment includes regular sessions at the speech therapist on various methods, psychotherapy, exercise therapy, massage, acupuncture. Good help to eliminate the causes of the disease, medicinal and homeopathic remedies.

Classes at the speech therapist in the clinic, a special center will help get rid of stuttering. Modern specialists use the techniques developed by Seliverstov and Levina.

How does the speech therapist?

  1. At the first stage the doctor completely restrains speech of the child within several days.
  2. Teaches the child to clearly speak short phrases, to breathe properly. During the sessions develop and fine motor skills by modeling, drawing.
  3. Gradually the phrases become longer, the child can describe the picture, retell the story.
  4. The speech therapist transfers the skills the child has gained in everyday life.
  5. The plan of studies necessarily includes psycho-gimmick, speech and speech games, exercises to overcome constraint, getting rid of isolation.
  6. The minimum duration of treatment for a speech therapist is 8 months.

Good help to get rid of stuttering sessions of rational psychotherapy, hypnosis. With a mild form, you can eliminate the manifestations of the disease in 5-10 sessions.


Medicines are prescribed for stuttering is not always, drug therapy is aimed at eliminating primary pathologies, against which there were problems with speech.

Than to treat stammering:

Name of the drug To which group does From what age can you take Treatment Scheme
Fenibut Nootropic preparation 8 years 1 tablet three times a day for 1-1.5 months
Pantogam Nootropic preparation In tablets - from the age of 3, for young children, if necessary, prescribe a syrup For 750-3000 mg / day for 1-4 months
Pantokalcin Nootropic preparation No restrictions 0.5 g once every 4-8 hours for 2-4 months
Anvifen Nootropic preparation From the age of 3 Up to 8 years - 50-100 mg three times a day;

8-14 years - 250 mg once every 8 hours;

over 14 years - 250-500 mg three times a day

Duration of therapy - 2-3 weeks

Encephabol Syrup Nootropic preparation No restrictions up to 7 years - 2.5-5 ml of suspension 1-3 times a day;

over 7 years - 2.5-10 ml of syrup every 8-24 hours.

Duration of treatment is 2-6 months.

Picalon Nootrop From the age of 3 Up to 10 years - 0.02 g in the morning and in the evening;

over 10 years - 0.2 g three times a day

Cortexin Nootropic preparation for intramuscular injection No restrictions Up to 20 kg - 0.5 mg / kg, the dose is divided into 2 injections;

more than 20 kg - 10 mg in the morning and in the evening

Midokalm Miorelaxant Safety in childhood is not proven. It is used according to the doctor's prescription Dosage is determined by the doctor, injecting forms in children do not use
Clonazepam Anticonvulsant drug Safety in childhood is not proven up to 10 years - 0.02 mg / kg;

over 10 years - 1 g per day

Atarax Tranquilizer From the age of 3

in young children there are complications - convulsions

By 0.001-0.0025 g / kg per day
Glycine Improves the metabolism in the brain tissues

No restrictions

1 tablet 2-3 times a day for 2-4 weeks
Knott Sedative with valerian, chamomile From the age of 3 Up to 12 years - 5 drops every 8 hours

In therapy include preparations based on taurine to eliminate physical and mental overwork, vitamin complexes - Magnesium B6.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy helps to fight anxiety, stress, improves the brain and the central nervous system, eliminates stuttering. Drugs and therapy scheme is chosen by a doctor, self-medication will not bring the desired result.

List of effective drugs:

  • Tenoten for children;
  • Bovista;
  • Bufo wound;
  • Causticum;
  • Kuprim;
  • Euphrasia;
  • Ignacy;
  • Lakhiesis.

The intake of medicinal and homeopathic remedies must be combined with acupuncture, speech therapy, relaxing, acupressure. To correct a child's speech is possible only with a comprehensive approach.

Folk remedies

Methods of alternative medicine are designed to eliminate the effects of stress, fright, help improve the brain. They can be used as an auxiliary kind of therapy.

Folk remedies:

  1. In 200 ml of milk pour 3 g of goose goose grass, bring the mixture to a boil, drink warmly every morning before breakfast. The drug eliminates spasm of cerebral vessels.
  2. Mix 3 drops of juice of inflorescences and ash leaves of white, nettle. Keep the mixture on the tongue for 5 minutes, repeat the sessions once every 2 hours. Duration of treatment is 14 days.
  3. Brew 500 ml of boiling water 5 grams of rue, simmer on low heat for 5 minutes, drain. Rinse mouth and mouth with a solution, do not swallow. Sessions should be conducted 2-4 times a day for 2-3 weeks.

Important! If the child stutters, it can not be limited in communicating with peers. He can attend an ordinary kindergarten, study at school, teachers should treat him the same way as other children.

Breathing exercises

A special set of exercises, which was developed by Strelnikova, helps normalize the breathing process, strengthen the diaphragm. Respiratory gymnastics is simple, it can easily be performed at home by children over 4 years old.

A complex of flashback breathing exercises for speech correction:

  1. The child stands straight, arms bent at the elbows, pressed to the trunk, palms open, look up. Slow and calm breath - palms squeeze into fists, a silent exhalation - the starting position. Make 10 repetitions.
  2. In the standing position, hands freely lowered along the body, legs spread slightly wider than the shoulders. Inhale - sit down, turn the body, on exhalation return to the starting position. Make 10 repetitions in each direction.
  3. In the standing position to tilt the head, the ear should touch the shoulder, while tilting to inhale. After 5 repetitions to freely shake your head in different directions, the view should always be directed strictly in front of you.
  4. Do head inclinations back and forth, make a noisy breath, return to the starting position on exhalation.
  5. Make sharp breaths and smooth exhalations, while pulling the lips with a tube.

You need to do gymnastics every day, preferably in the morning - an hour after breakfast.

Important! There is a special computer program Demosthenes, which in the form of playing on the simulator helps the child improve the rhythm of speech.


To avoid problems with speech, parents should strictly follow all the doctor's recommendations, do homework, regularly engage with the child.

Useful tips for parents on the education and training of stuttering children:

  1. Parents need to monitor the pace, volume and correctness of their speech.
  2. No need to focus on speech problems. A child should not feel that something is wrong with him.
  3. The time for watching TV and computer should not exceed 15 minutes a day.
  4. Before going to sleep include quiet classical music, which has a good psychotherapeutic effect, you can read good stories from a special collection of tales from stuttering.
  5. If the child suddenly began to stammer, you should offer to sing or say in a whisper a complex word.
  6. Singing special phonetic and speech therapy songs, ditties, tongue twisters - the best means to combat stuttering and stuttering.
  7. If problems with the preschooler's speech have arisen against the background of mental overstrain, it is necessary to give the child an opportunity to rest for 1-2 months.
  8. You do not need to rush a stumbling child, suggest words to him. Wait for the end of the speech to be silent.
  9. At the age of 1-2 years, it is necessary to develop fine motor skills - finger games, lacing, drawing, molding, labyrinths.

Important! Good help to eliminate problems with speech in children water procedures - regular visits to the pool, playing with water at home, swimming is also suitable for preventing stuttering with increased emotional excitability in the child.

Many parents mistakenly believe that stuttering is not serious, an age-related problem, they think that after the kindergarten the child will talk like everyone else. But it is in children of school age that the disease becomes seriously aggravated against a background of severe stress and increased loads. Only long, stubborn studies to correct speech and behavior will help get rid of logoneurosis.