Folk remedies for treating pulmonary and bronchial tuberculosis at home: badger fat, herbs and other

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The incidence of tuberculosis is always an indicator of social and economic well-being in society.

The plight in which our country found itself in the difficult nineties, gave rise to an outbreak of the disease.

Despite the fact that many years have passed since then, we continue to reap the fruits of the past trouble.

  • The dry statistics
  • The treatment of folk remedies
    • How to choose badger or bear fat
    • Crushed bear in syrup
  • Nature gifts for the help of patients
  • Mix: integrated use of products
  • Afterword

Dry statistics

According to statistics, for every 11 thousand peoplein our country there are 10 fellow citizens suffering from tuberculosis.

At first sight, not much, if not one but.

Each patient with an open form of the disease is able to infect 10 or 15 people annually.

Tuberculosis can affect any body organs and systems:

  • eyes,
  • bones,
  • skin,
  • most often suffer from lungs.

Insidiousness of tuberculosis is that for the time being, he does not show himself in any way. Identify the ailment can be using X-rays( fluorography, computer tomography) or through the Mantoux test.

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The key to recovery is timely treatment. But the point in this article will not go about this. We want to draw readers' attention to the national means of fighting tuberculosis.

And what do you know about the benefits and harm of apples to human health? Their properties are described in a useful article.

The benefits and harms of the yellow plum are described on this page.

Most often they are a good help to drug treatment, but there have been cases when people's means raised the tuberculosis patients who traditional medicine refused.

Treatment with folk remedies

Raw materials for the treatment of tuberculosis can be conditionally divided into 3 categories:

  • products of animal origin;
  • insects;
  • products of plant origin.

Using products of animal origin

Eating eggs( the benefits of quail for women), meat and dairy products is a prerequisite for the successful treatment of tuberculosis, but it happens that fast food is not always food, sometimes it is also a medicine.

Cow's milk and eggs

  • Scheme 1 : for the treatment of the disease, use of fresh milk.
    During the day, a liter of fresh milk( about the benefits and harm of ayran is written on this page) is consumed, the reception is done slowly, in small sips.
  • Scheme 2: provides for daily intake of 7 cups of boiled milk, a snack with eggs, soft-boiled 7 eggs( use of quail for men) for a day.
    However, the first days should begin with 2 cups of boiled milk and, accordingly, 2 eggs.
  • Scheme 3 : treatment with koumiss( for medicinal properties and contraindications read here), assumes daily reception of the drink according to the principle: the more, the more effective.
    There are no restrictions.
  • Scheme 4 : Based on fractional power( every two hours).
    Having taken food, drink yolk with lemon juice( how to remove freckles written in this article).

"A dog to eat"

Surely, the reader has repeatedly heard of how a neighbor( imyarek) got out of prison, caught a domestic dog and recovered from tuberculosis.

Poor conditions of detention, inadequate diet are doing their job.

Therefore, the biggest percentage of the diseased is from there. And the stories about poor animals have a real basis.

Such sacrifices set the goal of obtaining canine fat. Ideally, fat should be bearish or badger.

But where can we get it, say, in central Russia? Therefore, some people see in the dog an acceptable alternative.

And you know about the benefits and harms of watermelons? About the healing properties of melons you can read in the article after clicking on the link.

View the photo and read about the grass of the shamrock here.

On the page: http: // narodnye-sredstva / serdtse-i-sosudy / kashel.html it is written about the symptoms and cough treatment for heart failure folk remedies.

We will not place emphasis on the ethical side of the issue, but we will continue the conversation about the medicinal properties of badger and bear fat in the treatment of tuberculosis.

How to choose badger or bear fat

The question is not idle. Badger fat( medicinal properties) from pharmacy shelves is often diluted, so it is desirable to purchase raw materials from hunters.

Next moment:

  • carcass of an animal should undergo a laboratory examination of , otherwise the situation can only be aggravated by adding to the existing tuberculosis, new diseases, the diagnosis of which will take a lot of time.

How to take

Badger( bear) fat is used for external and internal use. The chest and back of the patient rub away the nano.

Inside take one tablespoon, twice, in the morning and in the evening. The method of fat intake allows the addition of honey.

Principle of action

Badger( bear) fat contains:

  • a high concentration of vitamins,
  • macro and microelements,
  • organic fatty acids, acting as a powerful natural biostimulator for the functioning of all body systems, including regenerative, anti-inflammatory, etc.

The advantage of fat - in the absence of contraindications.

Crushed bear in syrup

A terrible dream of any gardener is a bear on the plot. Large( up to 8 cm) insects, able to fly and swim, living in moist soils, can negate the efforts of lovers of the suburban area, eating root crops and cutting off the ground part of plants.

These insects are in high demand among the Chinese. They are washed, well dried in the shade, and then pulverized( formerly, they were rubbed with stones or pounded in a stone mortar, modern progress allows resorting to the help of a blender).

No heat treatment of , as it will deprive the drug of beneficial properties.

How to take

Stir the powder mixed with syrup or honey. Before each meal take 2 to 3 tablespoons of the medicine received, washed down with warm water. The course of treatment - 2 days .

After the specified period, the patient quickly goes on the amendment:

  • at first he has an appetite, then he feels a rush of strength and so on by increasing.

The principle of the action of the

The principle of the action of the powder was studied by French scientists:

  • leucocytes of the bear, having met on its path the causative agent of tuberculosis - Koch's stick, surround the bacterium, and dissolve.

As it turned out, the antibacterial properties of the bear survive even after the insect has dried.

Spirited wax moth larvae

Wax moth is an insect pest that brings trouble to beekeepers.

To combat tuberculosis, not adult specimens are used, but larvae.

Insect larvae are filled with an alcohol solution:

  • 4 ml of medical alcohol per 1 larva.

Alcohol tincture fire - wax moth( application) is kept in a sealed container of dark glass for 10 days, in a cool place, without access to sunlight, then set.

Store the medicine in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3 years.

How to take

In 50 g.water dissolve 15 drops of alcohol tincture, take, three times a day, half an hour before meals.

Duration of treatment does not have time limits.

For children, the dose is calculated by , based on body weight: 3 drops per 10 kg.

Principle of action

Active matter waxy moth larvae are enzymes capable of destroying pathogens of tuberculosis.

Studies performed on the larvae proved their 100% resistance to tuberculosis.

Nature gifts to help patients

The most effective in terms of fighting tuberculosis are plants that have pronounced antibacterial properties:

  • aloe,
  • garlic,
  • coniferous( application of pine pollen).

Of course, the list of medicinal plants is much more diverse.

Here are the most frequently used recipes from products of plant origin.

  • Grind garlic( 2 cloves) , stir with water( 1 cup).
    To insist on a day. Drink.
    The recommended time for taking the drug is the morning, so you should prepare it in the morning, in order to be ready in a day.
    Continue treatment for 2 months.
  • Dried, crushed Icelandic moss ( 2 tablespoons), pour water( 0.5 liters), cover, bring to a boil and continue cooking on low heat for 7 minutes.
    This broth is taken within one month 3 times a day before meals. The drink has a bitter taste, so you can add honey or milk to it.
  • Boil for half an hour a mixture of water ( 1 cup) and crushed root of the blood groove medicinal( 2 tsp).
    Eat 5 times daily before meals( 1 tablespoon).
  • Juice of beets, carrot juice ( for the benefit and harm is written here) and black radish, mix honey and pour into a bottle( 1 cup of each ingredient is taken for preparation of the medicine).
    Bury the bottle in the ground.
    Get out after 13 days.
    Take, three times a day, before meals, one glass( before pouring the medicine, shake the bottle).
  • The juice of black radish ( useful properties and cooking recipes) mixed with honey in a 1: 1 ratio proved to be very good.
  • Pour the shredded herb bird ( 1 tablespoon) with water( 1 glass), in a water bath for 10 minutes,insist an hour or two.
    Strain, take three times a day( 1 tablespoon).
  • Put 4 finely chopped aloe stalks in a bottle of wine( prescription tincture with honey on vodka), insist for 4 days. Take three times a day for 1 tbsp.spoon.

Mix: integrated use of

products. As human nutrition is built on the joint inclusion in the diet of lean and fast foods, and in the treatment of tuberculosis, folk medicine successfully combines these components.

In support of the thesis, we present the recipe for the joint use of ingredients:

  • aloe juice ( 1 tsp),
  • 100 grams of melted goose fat( for properties read in this article) or lard and honey,
  • cocoa( 50 g) - mix.

Dissolve 1 tbsp.spoon mixture in hot milk( 1 cup), drink.

The reception should be repeated 2 times a day.


I would not like to reduce the final word to banality, but do not engage in self-medication of a serious disease.

Tell your TB doctor( the doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis) of your decision to get rid of tuberculosis by resorting to folk remedies.

Look in the video, how to prepare another recipe for tuberculosis treatment at home.