What is the difference between shugaring and wax depilation - what is different and what is better

Shaving and electrolysis are already considered outdated ways to get rid of excess vegetation on the body.

They were replaced by more progressive and sparing methods - waxing and sugar paste( shugaring).

These methods are equally effective for removing hairs on both hands and feet.

The article is dedicated to:
  • Wax epilation: advantages and disadvantages
    • Waxing
  • Hair removal with sugar and phytomass
  • What is the difference
  • Rules for successful "alopecia"

Wax epilation: advantages and disadvantages

The mechanism of their action is the same( both here and there hair removal is performedby capturing them with a sticky mass), but there are differences between them.


Another name for the procedure is Waxing .

In its course, on the skin area where it is necessary to get rid of the hair, a heated wax mass is applied, which after hardening is removed together with the hairs.

Wax for waxing is produced in tubes or in the form of paper strips, on which a sticky mass is applied with a thin layer.

For epilation of extremely sensitive areas of ( bikini zone, the area above the upper lip) use the so-called.chocolate wax, which further softens the skin.

Advantages of waxing:

  • the duration of the effect( the skin remains smooth for 3-4 weeks);
  • availability of materials( wax strips are sold in any cosmetic store);
  • simplicity( wax epilation is easy to perform at home without assistance);
  • regular waxing allows you to make the hairs lighter and thinner.

To prolong the effect of hair removal it is recommended to apply to the treated areas of the cream, slowing the growth of new hairs - inhibitors.

With the use of inhibitors coupled with waxing, you can forget about unwanted vegetation for at least a month.

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There are also waxes in waxing :

  • high probability of occurrence of point irritation on the treated areas( especially on sensitive skin);
  • after the procedure, wax mikroparticles remain on the skin, which are difficult to remove quickly;
  • for 2-3 days after waxing, you can not visit the solarium and sauna, and also be exposed to the sun.

During waxing, the wax mass is removed from the skin by a sharp, jerky movement. If you pull the wax strip slowly, it will only strengthen the pain, and the hair will stay in place.

The main rule - tear off the wax strip is necessary against the growth of hair .To facilitate the procedure, the skin below the strip should be slightly pulled.

Single hairs left after removal of wax can be removed with tweezers.

Waxing is contraindicated in varicose veins and diabetes mellitus because of the high risk of septic complications.

Also, wax epilation should not be carried out if the integrity of the skin( cuts, ulcers, etc.) is disturbed in the treated areas.

Another contraindication is the presence of hypersensitivity to bee products.

Hair removal with sugar and phytomass

Sugar epilation, or shugaring - a method of removing facial and body hair that came to us from the East.

It was also used by ancient Persians to get rid of a dark cannon above the upper lip( therefore another name for the method is Persian epilation).

For the procedure use a sticky paste, the main component of which is the melted sugar. In appearance and consistency, this paste resembles caramel.

Professional pasta for shugaring is classified according to the degree of softness:

  • hard - to eliminate hard hair under the arms and in the bikini zone( how to make a home is written here);
  • medium-hard - used for epilation of legs and hands;
  • soft - designed to remove the cannon above the upper lip.

Shugaring is a common service of in beauty parlors, but many ladies practice it also at home.

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Pasta for shugaring is also cooked by yourself. Its basic components are sugar, water, citric acid or lemon juice.

When removing sugar paste, it is rolled into lumps, which grab hold of hair and hair( how to clean in intimate places).

In general, the procedure of slugging at home does not provide for anything complicated, most importantly - to fill your hand.

The advantages of shugaring include:

  • Relative painlessness .
    If, during waxing, the strips are removed against the growth of the hair, then the sugar paste, on the contrary, slides in the direction of their growth.
    When removing hairs with the right technology, the maximum that you feel is a slight tingling.
  • Performance of .
    The effect of the slogan lasts up to a month.
    There are almost no ingrown hairs when epilation with sugar.
  • Cost-effectiveness of the .
    Salon shugaring is not cheap, but if you contrive and learn how to perform the procedure at home, incl.and cook the paste yourself, perfectly smooth skin will cost you a penny.
  • The naturalness of the components.
    Epilating composition is made from natural ingredients - sugar and lemon juice, which are very rarely allergic.
    Professional sludge pastes contain vitamin complexes that tonify the skin and promote the speedy restoration of the stratum corneum in the treated area.

The disadvantage of shugaring is considered the duration of the procedure( even in the salon conditions it lasts at least an hour).

In addition, when preparing pasta at home it is difficult to immediately achieve the desired consistency, so the first portions are usually obtained "lumpy".

As an alternative to sugar paste for shugaring use phytomass.

Epilation of phytomix is ​​carried out by using the same technology as sugar paste, but the basis of the composition instead of caramel is honey.

It is believed that phytomel has a calming effect on the skin, caring for it in the process of hair removal.
The composition of phytomass includes:

  • honey( for the benefit of seabuckthorn, read here);
  • is a natural hair growth inhibitor( most often peanut peel extract);
  • lemon juice;
  • natural antiseptic( wood tar and tar soap).

Fitosmola is sold in specialized beauty shops. It is problematic to prepare it , becauseonly fresh ingredients are used to make the composition.

What is the difference

Epilation of sugar paste allows you to remove hairs from 2 mm long, whereas wax strips capture only hair from 5 mm.

This is due to the fact that during the waxing, only the part of the hair protruding above the skin is captured.

Sugar paste is able to penetrate the mouth of follicles, facilitating the removal of hairs along with the bulbs.

Shugaring is safe for varicose , whereas waxing with this diagnosis is contraindicated.

This is due to the fact that the temperature of the sugar mass is lower than the heated wax.

When waxing, just once "walk" a wax strip on the skin, while with epilation with sugar, you need to process the same area several times.

However, the uncomfortable sensations with wax epilation are higher, becausefor one movement more hairs are removed.

Remains of sugar paste are easily removed with warm water, while wax microparticles can remain on the skin.

Many are interested in whether ingrown hair appears when waxing and sugar. The cause of ingrowth is a violation of the upper stratum corneum.

New cells fill the mouth of hair follicles and the hairs grow already under the skin.

Usually, this problem occurs as a result of shaving , when shugaring or waxing, the hair does not grow into the skin.

Rules for successful "alopecia"

Regardless of the chosen method of hair removal, it is recommended to follow the rules that will help make the procedure more comfortable and prolong its effect:

  • Clean the skin before epilation( just take a shower with soap or gel).
  • For 1-1.5 h before the procedure, lubricate the treated areas with an emollient cream with the effect of anesthesia.
  • After epilation, treat the skin with a non-alcoholic antiseptic and apply a nourishing cream.

A visual video comparing shugaring and waxing. Learn about the pros and cons of both ways.