Garlic: benefits and harm to human health

Garlic is so popular that there are few people who have not heard of it.

It is used in cooking, used for the appearance of colds.

Other useful properties are less known.

Article content:
  • Than useful for women and men?
  • Nutritional value and calorie content
  • Is there any harm and contraindications
  • Methods of application in folk medicine

Than useful for women and men?

The useful substances in it can be used in folk medicine:

  • for viral diseases ( allicin is a component that blocks the production of an enzyme that facilitates the penetration of viruses);
  • for strengthening the immune system ( the protein present in the composition helps to produce antibodies that protect against harmful effects of the body);
  • antibacterial qualities are caused by phytoncides ( they prevent the reproduction of bacteria, are dangerous for staphylococci, fungi, causative agents of dysentery);
  • for lowering the cholesterol level ( allicin prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques in the vessels in the first months of admission.) Gradually, the cholesterol level rises again, garlic can be used for cleaning the vessels for a short time);
  • for the prevention and treatment of cardiac and vascular pathology ( able to temporarily lower the level of harmful cholesterol, has a vasodilating action);
  • to prevent stroke and infarction ( ajoen contained in garlic, reduces blood viscosity, reduces the adhesion of platelets, inhibits the formation of blood clots);
  • for oncological diseases ( the antioxidant allicin is able to neutralize free radicals, slows down the growth of the tumor - this was confirmed by experiments conducted in animals.) There is no evidence to confirm the effectiveness in humans);
  • for the normalization of the nervous system ( due to the vitamin B1 content);
  • for strengthening the potency of ( as a result of vasodilation, improvement of blood supply);
  • for skin diseases ( applications and compresses from garlic are used in the treatment of acne, acne, eczema, fungal lesions, warts, ringworm);
  • for diseases of the genitourinary system ( helps to remove stones);
  • for the elimination of toothache;
  • in the pathology of the thyroid gland;
  • accelerates the healing of wounds;
  • for solving problems with excess weight.

Four pharmacological actions of garlic are considered to be proven:

  • antimicrobial ( due mainly to allicin, the effectiveness is reduced after drying and heat treatment);
  • cholesterol-lowering ( due to allicin, long-term use is required to achieve the result);
  • thrombose disrupting ( this effect is provided by a sulfur-containing compound);
  • antiaggregation ( the process of delayed adhesion of platelets is observed 2 hours after eating garlic in fresh form).

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Nutritional value and caloric content

100 g of garlic contains 149 kcal of nutrients( g):

Carbohydrates 29,9
Fats 0,5
Proteins 6,5
Fiber food 1,5
Di- and monosaccharides 3,9
Fatty acids( saturated and unsaturated) to 0,1
Acids, organic 0,1
Food fibers, ash to 1,5
Starch 26
Water 60

100 g of product contains mineral substances and vitamins:

Cobalt 9 μg
Copper 130 μg
Iodine 9 μg
Zinc 1,025 μg
Iron 1.5 mg
Chlorine 30 mg
Phosphorus 100 mg
Potassium 260 mg
Sodium 17 mg
Magnesium 30 mg
Calcium 180 mg
Vitamins: PP 2.8 mg
To 1.7 mg
E, B5 at 0.6 mg
With 10 mg
B9 3 μg
B5 0.596 mg
B1, B2 at 0.08 mg

Is there any harm and contraindications to

In addition to the fact that garlic leaves an unpleasant odor, there are a number of contraindications for use:

  • pathology associated with the digestive system( ulcerativedisease, gastritis);
  • kidney disease( nephrosis, nephritis);
  • pregnancy;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • epilepsy( can cause seizure);
  • hepatitis;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • skin infections.

Garlic has the ability to enhance appetite, so use it slimming should be carefully. When excessive consumption of food marks the occurrence of meteorism, diarrhea. If you consume more than 20 grams of garlic per day, internal bleeding may develop.

After consumption of garlic in large quantities, intoxication can develop( the appearance of headache, inattention, absent-mindedness) as a result of the penetration into the body of harmful substances contained in it.

Methods of application in folk medicine

Garlic cloves contain essential oil, which causes characteristic odor. The positive properties of garlic are used in the treatment of ischemia, diabetes mellitus, hypertension. To eliminate the inherent smell of garlic on its basis, drugs and dietary supplements have been created( Revaitl, Alikor, Alisat, Allochol, Allilchep).

What problem is solved by How to use
Colds 10 cloves of garlic are poured with water( 1L).Insist a fortnight, after filtering daily take 35 caps.x 3 times.
Fungal diseases of the foot To the hot water add a few cloves of garlic, used for foot baths.
Rheumatoid arthritis Prepared garlic gruel is used for compresses on diseased joints. Inflammation decreases, pain disappears.
Toothache Cooked from garlic, the gruel is placed on a sick tooth, while the garlic plate is applied to the wrist in the pulse region.
Overweight Eat daily garlic from 1 clove, adding one each day until the number reaches 11. After this, reduce daily by 1 clove, bringing the intake to 1. Simultaneously with the use of garlic you need to eat more vegetables andaccelerate the burning of fat by doing physical exercises.
Exhausting dry cough Garlic( 1 piece), onions( 10 pieces) are ground, boiled in milk( 1 liter) for half an hour, honey is added( 2 tablespoons).Drink daily 1 tbsp.l.x 3 times.
Influenza The garlic( 6 denticles) and lemon( 1 pc.) Mixed with a meat grinder are mixed with honey( 1 tbsp.), 1 st.l.x 3 times.

Before using garlic for the treatment of diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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