Ascites of the abdominal cavity: causes, symptoms, treatment

Ascites , or hydrocephalus is an accumulation of free fluid in the abdominal cavity. Here we will consider the causes, symptoms and signs of ascites, general principles and recommendations for its treatment with medications and home remedies, and how to properly treat and cure ascites.


Causes and symptoms

The origin of ascites is caused by various causes: heart failure with stagnation in a largecirculatory system, particularly in the liver, cirrhosis of the liver, flowing with portal hypertension( less often the outflow from the portal vein may be due to other causesand, for example, hepatic vein thrombosis), nephrotic syndrome of different origin, pronounced decrease in protein content in the blood( hypoproteinemia) for intestinal diseases, malnutrition. In many cases, ascites is combined with peripheral edema.

The presence of fluid in the abdominal cavity may be associated with malignant neoplasms( oncology) of the abdominal cavity organs or tuberculosis of the peritoneum. In this case, there is usually an inflammatory process that leads to the formation of ascitic peritonitis, in which the liquid contains more protein( over 3%), a large number of leukocytes and sometimes erythrocytes are found in the sediment.

The most characteristic sign of ascites is an enlarged abdomen. Unlike gas accumulation in the intestine, cysts, ovarian or uterus tumors, in which the stomach may also increase, ascites is accompanied by a significant blunting of the percussion sound, with the dull border changing depending on the position of the patient's body. In the standing position, liquid accumulates in the lower abdomen, and the border of dullness passes horizontally, in the supine position dullness in the lateral parts of the abdomen is noted.

Treatment of ascites: general recommendations of

Treatment of ascites depends on the cause that caused it. In some cases, with an especially large ascites, it is necessary to apply a puncture of the anterior abdominal wall, which can sometimes have a diagnostic value( allows to diagnose ascites-peritonitis).Sometimes, to clarify the cause, laparoscopy is necessary.

Attention: it is necessary to treat and cure the underlying disease that led to ascites!

Remember that ascites is both a symptom and a sign of an already neglected disease! Do not go to the doctor, be afraid of visiting a specialist, always postpone for later, is unacceptable! !!The following home remedies are not a substitute for official medical treatment, use the recommendations reasonably, in parallel with professional treatment, with the consent of the attending physician! !!

Than to treat and how to cure ascites: folk remedies

Odo from Mena writes: Celery."He treats the dropsy of the sick, the spleen, and the liver is swollen, if it is rinsed and drunk with the dill juice. .."

The black letter, "... if you take honey with honey, then dries the suffering sufferers. .. Help gives with dropsy if you drink itrepeatedly ".

Parsley. Wash and cut 800 g of parsley, put in an enamel saucepan. Fill with fresh home-made milk( 1.5 liters).Put in the oven or on the stove and let the milk be heated to half the original volume. Strain. Give the patient 2 tablespoons of decoction every hour. It is believed that this folk remedy helps to remove swelling even when official medicine can no longer help.

Well drained liquid from the body with vegetable-fruit diet for 1-2 months. It is especially recommended to eat raw cabbage, eggplant, cucumber, lemons( broth of crusts instead of tea).

Odo from Mena writes: Oregano."He will heal razmozheniya, since he is eaten or taken, often drunk - he cures dropsy, and he sweeps up the swelling."

Hyssop."If you unravel the hyssop along with the soda and fig( fig), on the spleen, which is swollen, you will apply the medicine with a poultice, or, when drying, draining the disease, expels it.

Drunk together with wine tension softens the hypochondrium. "

With cardiac edema it is recommended to drink the broth from birch buds and leaves, decoctions and infusions of herbal mattress, parsley in any form.

For edemas of any origin, drink the broth from the cherry fruit stalks ( 1 tablespoon of peduncles brew 0.5 liters of boiling water, persist for 1 hour, strain) 150 ml three to four times a day.

Flax seed.4 teaspoons of seed per 1 liter of water. Boil for 15 minutes. Insist 1-2 hours. Take half a glass 6-8 times a day in a hot form. The result will start to appear after 1-2 weeks. It especially helps with internal swelling.

Broth of oat straw, collected from the beginning of the grazing and before the ripening of the grain, in the amount of 40 g per liter of water, drink 3-4 times a day for half a glass.

Pumpkin and juice from it are used in the treatment of edema( mainly of cardiac origin).

Black cockroach. Powder from dried blackened black cockroaches is mixed with honey or some other food and given to the patient several times a day. Of course, the patient does not need to know about this.

Parsley ( root, fruit, grass) - is used not only in plant mixtures, but also separately.1 teaspoon of seeds or 1 tablespoon of the whole plant, simmer 10 hours in 300 ml of boiling water, strain and drink 1 tablespoon 4 times a day. Pass through the meat grinder the root and parsley greens to get 1 cup of mass, add 0.5 liters of boiling water and wrap it for 8 hours. Then strain, squeeze out the remainder, add the juice of one lemon and drink all three meals throughout the day. To drink the composition you need two days in a row. Repeat again after three days.

1 tablespoon root grass wheat boil in 400 ml water 10 minutes, let it brew for 1 hour, strain. Drink 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.

Hemp chaff has long been considered a very good remedy for dropsy. Brew and drink as regular tea. But to drink it during the day you need a lot( up to 2 liters).

Cress-salad, consumed in food in large quantities, well removes swelling.

Juice of black radish with honey start to drink half the glass 1 time per day. Gradually increase the dose to 2 glasses per day( in three divided doses).

Odo from Mena writes: Chemerich is white."Often accepted him, heals lymph. First of all he heals the dropsy of the diseased. "

Dubrovnik."He treats dropsy when it is taken at the beginning;and death bites it reflects death. "

The elder and the buzzard."The root of the boiled her excellent help bestows those who are waterborne sick, the grass with the viper bites can help if to drink, or as a patch applied from above. .."

Infusion on the water leaves of agave and wormwood in the same proportion. Take a teaspoon of the mixture on a glass of boiling water. Drink half the glass three times a day.

Drink in the morning two tablespoons of juice from onions. For this in the evening, two medium bulbs cut into thin slices, sprinkle with sugar and in the morning, squeezing out the juice, drink.

A powerful remedy for dropsy, especially the abdominal, is curative fasting, is systematically carried out, especially from the very beginning of the disease.1 every two months, spend seven days fasting, drinking only two glasses of tea a day without sugar: a glass at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, the second in the evening - before going to bed. And always during the fasting every night, make enemas with clean water.

After fasting, the transition to conventional food should be gradual.

On the first day of getting out of hunger - half-divorced any vegetable or fruit juice, on the second day - undiluted juice, 1.5-2 liters, on the third day, vegetables and fruits and only on the 4th day - a small amount of any porridge on the water, a little bread, soup without meat. On the 5th day you can eat ordinary food.

When fasting and leaving it every other day, enemas are made, regardless of whether there was a stool or not. With severe headaches( the absorption of decay products from the intestine is taking place) 2-3 times a day, take a shower or a bath. Then fasting will be carried much easier.

But fasting should start gradually, first you need to prepare your body for three days, gradually increasing the volume of the enema, regardless of whether there was a chair or not.

Medical preparations, medicines for the treatment of ascites

In ascites, efforts should be directed to treating the underlying disease that caused it. Symptomatically - diuretics, mainly derivatives of Chlorthiazide, Aldosterone antagonists( eg, Aldactone 400-1000 mg per day), mercury diuretics( Merkuzal) in the absence of nephritis.

Thus, drugs and tablets for the treatment of ascites are selected individually for the patient and in connection with his underlying illness.

To reduce the manifestation of ascites, prescribe a salt-free diet, limit the patient's fluid intake, prescribe diuretics( aldactone, veroshpiron, lasicum under the cover of potassium preparations), correct water-electrolyte metabolism disorders and reduce portal hypertension with angiotensin II receptor antagonists and ACE inhibitors. In parallel, hepatoprotectors are used, intravenously injected protein preparations( native plasma, albumin solution).

If the treatment is ineffective, they resort to a puncture. Puncture removal of fluid from the abdominal cavity, in one procedure, is recommended to evacuate no more than 4-6 liters of ascitic fluid in connection with the danger of development of collapse. Frequent repeated punctures can lead to inflammation of the peritoneum, the formation of adhesions. Therefore, with massive ascites, a permanent peritoneal catheter is installed for prolonged and constant evacuation of the fluid.

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