Is it possible to wash hair with tar soap from dandruff and lice - useful properties

Paradox, but with an abundance of cosmetics of international brands, people are increasingly turning to simple grandmother's recipes containing simple means, such as tar soap.

Belief in the harmlessness of the chemical industry, which produces detergents from all kinds of polymer compounds, fades in a person every day.

Birch tar
  • How to wash the head
  • Facial use
  • Application in folk medicine
  • Hair masks
    • With burdock oil
    • With sour cream
    • With vodka and egg
    • How to make yourself
  • Caution when using

  • Really useful hygienicmeans are those that are made from natural raw materials.

    Birch tar

    It is only 1/10 part of the soap itself, but fully gives it its useful qualities.

    The healing properties of tar:

    • Disinfectant.
    • Regenerating.
    • Anti-inflammatory.
    • Antiparasitic.

    Tar and 100 years ago was considered a powerful natural antiseptic, and in Russia they not only expelled germs, but also eliminated skin parasites, including lice.

    Natural tar included in the composition of soap, makes the blood circulate more actively, which leads to a rapid tightening of the superficial wounds on the skin.

    Benefits for the face

    This recommendation applies to those who suffer from excessive fatty skin, and also suffer from annoying acne.

    The tar strips dry and disinfect the epidermis, eliminating the prerequisites for acne: try to wash with soap daily, morning and evening.

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    To enhance the anti-inflammatory effect, make a simple mask:

    • soap your face and do not wash off the foam for a quarter of an hour.

    Then rinse your face with cool water and apply a favorite soothing gel or cream.

    Carry out similar antibacterial procedures on other areas of the body where acne is seen.

    How to wash the head

    For this purpose, suitable as lumpy and liquid soap with tar component( about the benefits of household soap read in this article).

    Do not forget that this advice is addressed to owners of fatty hair, who dream to strengthen them, at the same time having rid of dandruff and excessive greasiness.

    Normal and dry hair tar more likely to hurt, drying not only them, but also the delicate scalp.

    But with oily hair, frequent use of soap is not recommended: it is enough and once a week.

    At first it seems that therapeutic washing does not give the expected result: strands faded and became stiffer.

    But time will pass and you will feel that your head of hear comes to life and is less inclined to pollution, and dandruff disappears.

    There are several nuances that should be considered when treating hair with this method:

    • do not wash your head with hot water;
    • apply to the hair only soap foam;
    • do not flush the frothy cap for 5-10 minutes;
    • complete washing with rinse( vinegar or lemon juice, diluted in cool water).

    This method is good for those who do not respond to pungent smells. But remember that the "fragrance" of tar comes from damp hair: the dried up smell a little.

    Dermatologists advise to conduct such treatment courses, sometimes turning to time-tested shampoos.

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    And some people argue that tar stimulates hair growth.

    Application in folk medicine

    Tar soap is a universal healer. It saves not only hair and facial skin, but also is successfully used:

    • for burns, wounds and for rubbing pressure sores;
    • with pediculosis;
    • for the disposal of animals from ticks, fleas and lichen;
    • for eczema and psoriasis, scabies and dermatitis;
    • for getting rid of thrush;
    • for the treatment and prevention of fungal infections, including nail fungus.

    To defeat the nail fungus, apply the appliance with a concentrated soap solution or keep your feet in cool water with a slice of soap.

    In pregnancy, soap is used if there is no allergy to tar.

    Hair masks

    With burdock oil

    Crumble a bit of soap on the grater, stir in the water and add a tablespoon of cedar oil( medicinal properties) or burdock( a little olive, too, does not hurt).

    The mixture applied to the hair is held for about thirty minutes and rinsed with warm water.

    With sour cream

    Mix 100 g of sour cream with a spoon of chopped soap, squeezing out liquid vitamin A( in a capsule).

    Hold the mask on your hair for about half an hour, rinse with warm water, and then thoroughly rinse your head with shampoo.

    With vodka and egg

    It is said that after this mask the head of hair grows in volume, and the hair begins to grow rapidly:

    • a spoonful of grated soap is stirred in a small amount of water;
    • in a soap solution poured 100 ml of vodka, two( three) yolks from eggs, 5 spoonfuls of vegetable oil and a spoonful of honey;
    • gruel is applied to the hair, rubbing forcefully into the roots;
    • after 30 minutes the mask is washed off and washed with a delicate shampoo, not forgetting about balm.

    How to make the most

    Release a miracle soap at home to establish easy - there would be a desire.

    Take an average piece of baby soap and, approximately, 2 tablespoons of tar, half a cup of water and 2 tablespoons of base oil.

    Soap is grinded and poured in water, the resulting mass is heated in a water bath, adding oil.

    Mix the mixed and melted mixture, slightly chilling, pour into molds and wait for the final hardening.

    Caution when using

    All adherents of folk remedies should realize that birch tar contains phenols that can cause poisoning of the body.

    It is clear that in soap they are much less than in the most oily liquid( tar), however, precautions will not prevent, especially to persons prone to allergic manifestations.

    In addition, this soap( drying and shrinking) is contraindicated to the owners of dry skin.

    In general, the positive qualities of tar soap outweigh its possible negative impact on particularly sensitive people, and the harm from soap can be considered minimal.

    More information about the use and application of tar soap for hair look in the video.