Herpes simplex, or blisteral bleeding: treatment

Herpes simple , aka - Bubbling lichen is a whole group of viral skin diseases characterized by the precipitation of grouped vesicles on the hyperemia base.

There are two types of herpes - bladderwort and shingles. In this article, we will talk about the treatment of herpes simplex virus, or bubble lichen, at home with folk and medical devices.


Symptoms, signs, manifestations

Bubble, or simple, herpes is characterized by a sharp eruption against the background of a pink spot of a group of closely crowded vesicles as large as a millet and more filled with transparent contents. Vesicles dry out after 3-4 days with the formation of a yellow crust or open, forming erosion. Herpetic eruptions are accompanied by itching and burning. The most common place of herpes simplex eruption is the facial skin, as well as the genital organs, where the blisters are often complicated by a secondary infection with an increase and soreness of the lymph nodes.

Sometimes a patient develops a so-called herpetic fever. It manifests itself with a sudden chill and a fever of 39-40 ° C, accompanied by severe headache, nausea, vomiting, sometimes dullness of consciousness. On the 2nd-3rd day, the temperature drops and there are herpetic eruptions in one or more places.

Treatment at home

Folk remedies

Wormwood white .Brew wormwood and drink tea from it. For 200 ml of boiling water 1 tablespoon of dry grass.

Juice of celandine .Lubricate affected areas twice a day( lubrication should be double).After the first lubrication it is necessary to wait until the juice is dry, which will take one or two minutes. Then lubricate the same place a second time. The first portion of celandine usually acts on the surface layer of the skin, the second - passes into the deeper layers.

Take the garlic head , crush it in a garlic, lay it on gauze and rub it in the area of ​​the sore. Then dilute honey and apple vinegar in the ratio 1: 1 and double-coat them again. Do 3-4 procedures in 2 days.

Grass and juice of sweet clover are applied in the form of compresses and lubrications.

Fresh aspen or alder crust juice works well for all types of herpes. Lubricate twice a day.

Also locally used juice of figs, sherds of round-faced, tri-colored violets, milkweed, wormwood, onions.

Medical means

Indifferent or disinfectant ointments or lubrication of affected areas with zinc ointment or ointment from celandine( 1 g of grass powder per tablespoon of Vaseline).

Lubrication of lesions with alcohol solutions of aniline paints, greenery, iodine and pure alcohol also helps.

Antibiotics, streptocid ointment, vitamin B1 injections are indicated. With severe pain - Analgin, Baralgin.

Of the new antiviral drugs are applied acyclovir, cycloferon, familiaxlovir.

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