Sore throat: treatment with honey and milk

Against different diseases of the nasopharynx, there are many different medications, including traditional medicine. Milk with honey from the pain in the throat is used quite often, there are several recipes for the use of this folk remedy. The main advantage of such treatment is the almost complete absence of any contraindications.

  • What is the use of honey?
  • Contraindications
  • Recipes of milk with honey for sore throat
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What is the use of honey?

Honey is a common remedy in folk medicine, useful for a variety of diseases. The product of beekeeping positively affects the whole organism as a whole, its significant health benefits are constantly confirmed. Its healing properties are provided by a number of useful elements contained in it.

Honey has a positive effect on the sore throat. Thanks to antibacterial components, it helps fight infection, which caused inflammation and respiratory disease. In addition, honey is present substances that soothe irritated inflammation of the mucous, helping to gently relieve pain and accelerate the recovery period. Also this beekeeping product helps to strengthen immunity and improve blood circulation.

In combination with milk, its useful properties become even more active. Milk helps to relieve coughing attacks with colds, gently envelops inflamed mucous tissues of the throat. Honey, mixed in milk or simply taken with it, easily penetrates to the tissues of the sore throat, the effect is intensified. Therefore, these two substances are advised to take together.

Especially useful is milk with honey from the pain in the throat to the child due to the strengthening effect of this drink. Children often have much less immunity than an adult. If you start a full-fledged treatment and strengthen immunity with the very onset of a cold, the probability of complications is small, it is unlikely that you will need to use antibiotics and other drugs that are hard for the body.

In pregnancy, this folk remedy is recommended for a number of reasons. During the child's birth most drugs can be used with great restrictions, they are advised to completely exclude, since they can adversely affect the health of the mother and fetus. Honey with milk extremely rarely cause side effects and have almost no contraindications, in reasonable amounts they can be taken without restrictions.

Important!However, do not forget about the full treatment of colds, milk with honey can act solely as an auxiliary.


Before starting treatment, you should know about the main contraindications and the rules for using the drug. For the effect to be as pronounced and positive, it is necessary to use products of the highest quality and remember the maximum permissible amounts of honey. An adult should not take more than one hundred grams a day, children - more than fifty.

Treatment with this technique is completely contraindicated in the following case:

  • with individual intolerance of honey, its components, products based on it, milk;
  • at a diabetes, however after consultation with the doctor honey can be resolved in small quantities;
  • with diathesis and scrofula.

Also, it is not worth giving honey and milk to very young children up to two years. In other cases, if you use a beekeeping product in reasonable quantities, there will be no negative effects.

Recipes of milk with honey for sore throat

There are several different recipes for warm milk with honey. The simplest thing is to stir a spoonful of medicinal substance in a glass of warm milk and drink. It is recommended to take this medication at night, as sometimes it has a sedative effect.

Important!Milk should not be too hot, at too high temperatures honey loses its useful properties.

There are other recipes for the preparation of folk medicine, they are all effective enough for colds and respiratory tract infections:

  1. Milk with butter. For a more pronounced effect against pain, when the mucous is quite irritated, in the simplest recipe you can add butter, usually take one spoonful of butter on a glass of drink. You can also use cocoa butter, you can drink this drink up to three times a day.
  2. Milk with soda. In a honey-milk drink with a pronounced laryngitis and especially active inflammation, you can add half a teaspoon of soda, drink not more than three times a day. It is worth to clarify that such a medicine may not be so pleasant to the taste.
  3. Milk with cardamom. You can prepare another version of the therapeutic drink, in this case, honey should be eaten in a snack, since it is undesirable to add it to the hot milk. To prepare the drink you need to heat the milk, add a little cardamom. You can also use cinnamon, cloves, spices can be mixed. Drink should be at night.

It should be borne in mind that spices can provoke an allergy, so you should not drink a drink on their basis all the time. If individual intolerance is still there, do not continue treatment with the help of this folk remedy.

In general, honey and milk drinks for colds improbability are effective, they enhance the effect of conservative treatment and help to eliminate pain. This folk remedy is recommended for use in children and in pregnancy, because he has virtually no contraindications.