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  • Drug Dufalac is often used against constipation. The drug has a minimum of indications for admission, so it can be given to children of the first year of life and pregnant women.

    How the

    works The dasg lactulose is the active ingredient of the drug. As an auxiliary, purified water is used. There are no other components in the syrup. The principle of the drug is due to its composition. After taking the drug, lactulose enters the stomach. Then, unchanged, the substance descends first into the thin, then into the large intestine.

    Lactulose increases osmotic pressure in the intestine. The collected liquid contributes to the softening of solid sticks and the increase in their volume. As a result, there is irritation of the intestinal walls and act of defecation. Living in the large intestine microorganisms split lactulose into amino acids, necessary for the reproduction of lacto- and bifidobacteria.

    Dufalac is often used for constipation, because it solves the problem not only quickly, but also gently. There are no abnormalities in the GIT in this case, as Dufalac "works" only in the lumen of the large intestine. This selective effect of the drug is explained by the fact that in other parts of the intestine the bacteria necessary for the cleavage of lactulose do not live.

    Application of the drug in adults

    How to take Dufalac for adults with constipation? The medicine is intended for oral administration. If necessary, dilute with a single dose if necessary with clean water. The average dosage of syrup for adult patients is 15-40 ml. It should be selected by the attending physician on an individual basis, based on the severity of the patient's condition.

    In order to get the expected laxative result, you need to drink Dufalac at the same time

    Sometimes it can be recommended to take a laxative syrup twice, in particular, with very strong constipation. But this is a rare case, because to eliminate constipation and normalize the stool is enough and a single use of the drug.

    How long will the tool take effect? The therapeutic effect appears on the second-third day from the beginning of treatment, since Dufalac does not possess a classical laxative effect. After the first defecation, the dosage of the drug should be reduced, but reception should be continued further. The course of treatment is 2-3 weeks.

    Important! To make the drug "work", it is necessary to drink as much water as possible. The best is "mineral water".

    If the intestinal pain, nausea or symptoms of an allergic reaction appeared in the first three days against the background of taking the drug, then the treatment should be stopped immediately. Such a reaction indicates intolerance to lactulose.

    At the beginning of treatment of constipation by Dufalac, almost all patients face the problem of increased gas production. This behavior of the intestine is the physiological norm and the reason for the cancellation of the laxative is not. Symptoms of bloating go away on their own, after one or two days.

    Special instructions

    During treatment with Dufalac, the following rules should be remembered:

    Bifidumbacterin from constipation and reviews about it
    • If the patient has not been able to relieve the intestines on the fourth day after the application of Dufalac, then treatment should be discontinued and consulted with the doctor.
    • For individual lactulose intolerance, an allowable single dose of 10 ml.
    • In diagnosed diabetes mellitus and / or renal failure, the daily norm should be reduced to the minimum size.
    • In the treatment of chronic constipation with Dufalac, the patient needs to monitor the level of electrolytes of the blood.

    Dufalac in childhood

    The use of the drug is allowed in children since birth. The chair in newborn babies for the first few weeks can be observed up to 10 times a day. A little later this number is reduced to one to three times a day. If the stool is not present for two to three days, or if the secreted fecal masses are dense and dry, we can speak of the development of constipation.

    Dufalac can be given even to infants

    Most often, pathology is diagnosed in infants who are on artificial feeding. The cause may be a violation of the drinking regime or intolerance of the component composition of the formula. Sometimes constipation occurs in infants who receive breast milk.

    To resolve this problem, Dufalac is also permitted, since lactulose does not pose a threat to the child's incompletely formed digestive system. In addition, the substance is unable to penetrate into the total blood flow.

    How to take Dufalac with constipation during the first year of a child's life:

    • The syrup has a rather pleasant taste, so it can be evaporated in its pure form. If the baby refuses to drink it, then dilute the product with water or add to food.
    • You only need to take a laxative once. The daily dosage is 5 ml. Sometimes it can be divided twice.
    • A child's chair does not happen immediately. The laxative effect is observed after about 2 hours. In some cases, a day passes.
    • You need to give Dufalac at the same time. It is best to do this in the morning after waking up or after the first feeding. Then the emptying of the intestine will be on the daytime and the crumb will sleep peacefully all night.
    • To exclude the increased formation of gases, the daily dosage should be increased gradually. To begin treatment it is necessary from reception of 1 ml of a syrup, daily increasing norm on 1 ml and having finished it to the necessary 5 ml.

    If the laxative effect does not occur within two to three days from the start of treatment with syrup, then the remedy should be canceled and the baby should be shown to the pediatrician. How to take Dufalac with constipation for children 1 year and older:

    • 1-6 years. The daily rate is 5-10 ml.
    • 7-14 years. The treatment period involves taking 15 ml per day. Supportive doses of 10-15 ml in knocking.
    • Older than 14 years. The initial dosage is 15-45 ml( determined individually).Then it is possible to reduce it to 15-30 ml.

    Dufalac during pregnancy

    Dufalac is characterized by a good laxative effect due to stimulation of intestinal peristalsis. The course of lactulose, which is the main active substance of the drug, minimizes the risk of developing repeated problems with bowel movement.

    Dufalac can be used during child bearing - it does not cause any developing harm to the developing fetus, as it does not penetrate into the total bloodstream.

    Can Dufalac be used during pregnancy? The drug belongs to a group of medicines that are approved for use during gestation and lactation. The syrup is not absorbed by the walls of the intestine and does not penetrate into the total bloodstream, which completely eliminates the risk of negative effects on the developing fetus.

    Before starting Dufalac, you should consult a gynecologist. In some cases, the problem of constipation is solved by introducing in the menu products containing a high percentage of fiber. The dosage of the laxative is selected individually. The average daily dose of 15-45 ml. To exceed recommended norms is not recommended, since in this case development of collateral symptoms is not ruled out.

    Emptying occurs after 48 hours. The duration of the course of treatment is 3 weeks. If necessary, Dufalac can be used to normalize the intestinal microflora, since lactulose is an excellent medium for the reproduction of lactobacilli.

    Contraindications and side effects of

    Dufalac works well against constipation and can be used in all age categories of patients, but there are contraindications for the use of the drug. Contraindication for Dufalac treatment are: intolerance to lactulose, galactose, fructose, gastrointestinal obstruction, galactosemia, diabetes mellitus( with caution).After taking Dufalac, sometimes there may be various side effects.

    These are:

    • flatulence;
    • pain in the intestines;
    • diarrhea;
    • nausea, vomiting.

    Increased gassing passes independently two to three days after the start of taking the remedy. Pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting indicate an incorrectly selected dosage. To correct the situation, you need to reduce the daily medication rate.

    Dufalac is a good and rather safe remedy for constipation. But it is not recommended to use it without doctor's recommendation. To select the necessary dosage, unable to provoke unpleasant by-symptoms, only a specialist will be able to.