How to quickly get rid of a pinworm

Pinworms are worms that parasitize the human body. Their vital activity affects the work of the internal organs of man. The earlier the fight against helminths begins, the more complications can be avoided. How to get rid of pinworms and whether it is possible to forget about them forever, choosing the right treatment?

  • Symptoms
  • Basic principles of treatment
  • Than to treat pinworms in children
  • Features of adult treatment
  • What drugs to take
  • Recipes of traditional medicine
  • Prevention of adults and children
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Enterobiosis is called parasitizing pinworms in the body. It occurs in children and adults. Some mistakenly believe that the infection with worms is only in childhood, because kids often pull dirty hands into their mouths, are not inclined to observe hygiene. In fact, every adult can face enterobiosis, experiencing unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

When pinworms enter the body through the mouth, they quickly reach the intestine. At first, there are no obvious signs of parasites being present, only stomach problems may appear. In this period, the likelihood of suspected enterobiosis is small.

Repeated invasions lead to an increase in the number of parasites. After fertilization the female moves outward to the area of ​​the anus. From the eggs that she leaves there, signs of enterobiasis begin to appear. The main symptom is a strong itch in the anal area. It is accompanied by other unpleasant sensations:

  • irritation of the skin as a result of combing the focus of inflammation;
  • diarrhea, problems with stools;
  • flatulence;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • intoxication of the body - weakness, lethargy, capriciousness in children and irritability in adults.

If helminths penetrate the genitals, the development of diseases of the genitourinary system is possible. Often when eggs or adult individuals enter the vagina, vaginitis develops, which is especially dangerous in pregnancy.

Important! To diagnose enterobiosis, it is necessary to pass a scraping from the perianal folds, repeating the procedure several times! If in an apartment or a house someone has one confirmed disease, then all family members need to be examined.

Basic principles of treatment

Drug therapy is only part of the necessary measures to combat parasites. It should be supplemented with sanitary and hygienic procedures, monitor the cleanliness:

  • body;
  • clothes;
  • apartments, houses.

If a child of preschool age is ill, it is necessary to monitor the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards in the kindergarten, especially when re-infecting.

The basis of treatment is the use of drugs that have an anthelmintic effect. Some of them are accepted once, others - by the course. Only the doctor prescribes medicine after confirmation of enterobiosis.

To get rid of itching in a short time will help funds that have an emollient, soothing effect. Some of them are used in the preparation of a solution for enemas, others are designed for external processing of the anus. The use of any drug with anthelminthic action should be supplemented by regular replacement of underwear, bedding, hygiene.

Improves the state of health of the diet, eliminating the unpleasant symptoms of the disease - problems with stools, flatulence, nausea, vomiting. Correction of nutrition consists in elimination from a diet of fat, fried, sharp, salty food. Such a diet will help absorb anthelmintic drugs, relieve irritation in the anus.

Than to treat pinworms in children

The child's organism has its own characteristics, it reacts sharply to the activity of parasites. When an adult becomes infected with pinworms, it is easier to tolerate itching, discomfort, painful sensations. When there are symptoms in the child, parents need to watch that he does not comb the anorectal area - this provokes secondary infection with bacteria. Prolonged itching, impaired well-being disturb psycho-motor development of the baby, its growth, weight gain.

To start treatment of enterobiasis in children should be immediately after confirmation of the diagnosis. When deciding which pills or other drugs to prescribe, the doctor takes into account the age, weight of the child. Some anthelmintic agents intended for single use have limitations. To engage in self-treatment of enterobiasis in children is dangerous.

After medical anthelmintic therapy in a child, doctors recommend taking a course of taking probiotics that restore the intestinal microflora. This is necessary if the symptoms of gastrointestinal dyspepsia persist after treatment is completed. Given that the children's immunity is only beginning to form, when the pinworm is destroyed, it should be strengthened - by hardening, physical activity, balanced nutrition.

One of the most common anthelminthic drugs in pediatrics is Albendazole. It starts to act immediately - it removes itching and other unpleasant symptoms. Albendazole is prescribed only by the attending physician, having selected an individual dosage. For example, children under 2 years of age are recommended a one-time admission, the dose of the drug is usually 200 mg. After a few weeks, the therapy is repeated to fix the result.

Attention! Use of anthelmintic drugs alone is dangerous, because when determining the dosage, not only age, but also weight, concomitant diseases, developmental features are taken into account! Only a doctor can identify all the nuances and choose the best therapy.

Features of adult treatment

There are categories of patients with enterobiasis, for whom special treatment is prescribed. The main of them are two groups:

  • pregnant women;
  • breastfeeding.

The organism of a pregnant woman is more vulnerable to the action of parasites. The danger is that pinworms that enter the intestine during pregnancy can harm not only the future mother, but also the baby. When helminths get into the genitals and develop vaginitis, the course of pregnancy can become more complicated.

The task of the attending physician in this case is to remove the pregnant pinworm as soon as possible from the body. In the second and third trimesters, the use of anthelmintic drugs is acceptable. Applied can those that usually treat enterobiasis in adults. The woman should be observed regularly at the doctor, monitor the state of health, individual reaction of the body.

When breastfeeding to pick the right drug, eliminating pinworms, it is extremely difficult. All anthelmintic agents are toxic to the baby. They penetrate into the milk, causing harm to the child. Typically, doctors offer two possible methods:

  • temporary cessation of feeding for the period of treatment;
  • treatment with alternative drugs, which takes a long time.

Advice! Many women prefer to continue feeding! In this case, they are prescribed treatment of the anus with zinc ointment, enemas with soda, herbal solution. All this is complemented by the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards.

What drugs to take

Popular drugs for fighting pinworms are:

  1. Pyrantel. Can be used at any age. The medicine is consumed once in the evening, before going to bed. Dosage is calculated based on weight. The drug is not recommended for pregnancy, but can be used as directed by a doctor, under his constant supervision.
  2. Mebendazole. Adults are prescribed a single dose of 100 mg, children - 25-50 mg, depending on the weight. After a few weeks, the procedure is repeated. The drug is contraindicated for children under two years of age, pregnant, lactating women.
  3. Niclosamide. It is distinguished by a powerful anthelmintic effect, it is allowed to be used at any age. At the same time, there are a number of contraindications-pregnancy, kidney failure, ulcer, and other chronic diseases.

Important! The action of all anthelminthic drugs is similar, therefore only the attending physician can determine the most effective!

Recipes of traditional medicine

Some people with enterobiosis prefer not medicinal treatment, but folk remedies. They are easy to apply at home. Doctors warn about the dangers of treatment without anthelmintic drugs, because pinworms cause damage to the body. When using the house of folk recipes, you need to supplement them with the basic treatment.

Popular means are:

  1. Garlic. We take a few denticles, crush, pour a small amount of water to make a gruel. We take before eating one tablespoon, with plenty of water. With the help of garlic you can get rid not only of pinworms, but also of many other parasites.
  2. Bow. Take the head of onions, grind, pour 200 ml of boiling water, leave to infuse for 12 hours. We filter, drink the remedy in one day, dividing it into several receptions.
  3. Oak and valerian. Grind an equal number of oak bark and valerian root, pour boiling water, insist. It is taken on an empty stomach for a week. It is recommended to combine it with garlic.

Important! When there were pinworms in the body, it is impossible to do without medicines, experts strongly advise to avoid self-treatment!

Prevention of adults and children

Preventative measures against infection with pinworms mean compliance with hygiene rules. Getting rid of parasites once and for all is impossible. Even after a successful fight against enterobiosis, no one is immune from re-infection. Sanitary norms should be observed by all members of the family every day. The main rules are:

  • wash hands before eating;
  • do not consume raw water;
  • maintain the hygiene of pets, keep out the streets;
  • daily change underwear;
  • weekly change of bed linen;
  • regularly wash the baby's soft toys, wash plastic, hard;
  • every day to conduct a wet cleaning of rooms;
  • several times a month to organize general cleaning of the house, apartment.

For prevention, it is much easier to follow the rules of hygiene, preventing parasites from infecting. If the pinworms still penetrate the body, medication will help to cope with them, which is selected by the doctor separately for children and adults. It can be supplemented with folk remedies.