How to pump the latissimus muscles of the back?


  • 1Exercises for pumping the widest muscles of the back (wings)
    • 1.1Anatomy of the back muscles
    • 1.2Exercises on the widest back muscles
    • 1.3Exercise # 1 - Thrust of the upper block in front of you
    • 1.4How to pump your back with a dumbbell
    • 1.5How to pump your back on a horizontal bar
    • 1.6How to pump up your backs with push-ups
    • 1.7Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back
  • 2How to pump the latissimus muscles of the back or wings
    • 2.1Back muscles training system
    • 2.2Power sets
    • 2.3Fundamental rules
    • 2.4Pulling on the crossbar
    • 2.5Working with the barbell
    • 2.6Thrust dumbbells with one hand
    • 2.7Using a wide traction from above on the simulator
    • 2.8Exercise with T-Rod
    • 2.9Sitting we make cravings for the belt
  • 3Swing the latissimus muscles of the back
    • 3.1What does the widest training give?
    • 3.2Required sports equipment
    • 3.3A selection of effective exercises
    • 3.4Thrust rod rod in slope
    • 3.5Thrust dumbbells with one hand in slope
    • 3.6We develop on a horizontal bar
    • 3.7Sample work program
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    • 3.8Tips for improving results
    • 3.9Morality
    • 3.10Food
    • 3.11Push ups
    • 3.12Conclusion
  • 4How to pump up a wide back in the gym. Best Exercises
    • 4.1
    • 4.2Combination of techniques
    • 4.3
    • 4.4Basic principles of training of muscles
    • 4.5
    • 4.6How to pump up a wide back: the best exercises for a wide back
    • 4.7
    • 4.8Pulling on a tourniquet in a wide grip
    • 4.9
    • 4.10Thrust rod with belt in slope. Equipment
    • 4.11
    • 4.12Thrust gantlek belt in the support
    • 4.13
    • 4.14Throat of upper chest block with wide grip
    • 4.15
    • 4.16Thrust T-grifav simulator
    • 4.17
    • 4.18Thrust of the lower block to the belt with a narrow grip
    • 4.19
    • 4.20"Leveton Forte" for muscle growth

Exercises for pumping the widest muscles of the back (wings)

Every athlete wants to be the best in his sport. In order to achieve a high result, you must have excellent physical training and strive to achieve your goal.

The main pledge of success is strong human back muscles. They participate in respiratory movements, holding the body in a vertical position, turning and bending the spine, lowering and lifting the ribs and much more.

To perform the exercises you need to know the anatomy of the dorsal muscles and what they answer for.

Anatomy of the back muscles

Muscles of the back are layered and divided into two main groups: deep and superficial.


Surface muscles, in turn, are divided into two layers. The first layer includes the trapezius and the widest back muscles.

The second layer includes the rhomboid muscle (small and large), the muscle lifting the scapula and the jagged muscle.

The widest musclerepresents a muscle in the form of a triangle. It occupies the main part of the lower back.

The main functions of this muscle: takes part in respiratory movements and unbends the shoulder.

Long Muscle- the strongest muscle that performs the function of flexing and unbending the human torso.

Trapezius muscle. The upper dense muscle of the back, which has the appearance of a triangle. The main function is to move the shoulders, and also brings the blade closer to the spine.

The muscle lifting the scapula. It is located at the level of the cervical vertebrae. Its functions consist in the simultaneous lifting of the blades, approaching them to the vertebrae and in the slope of the cervical vertebra.

Rhombus muscle. The muscle is located near the scapula. Often it happens that the large and small rhombic muscle fuse and form a single muscle. Functions: brings the scapula closer to the spine and lifts it.

Gear muscles. Their main function in raising and lowering the ribs.

2. A considerable part of the back is made up of deep muscles. They include three layers: superficial, medium and deep.

  • The superficial layer captures most of the back. It refers to strong muscles that perform statistical work. This layer of muscles keeps the spine in an upright position. Therefore, it is of the greatest interest to athletes.
  • The middle layer is short muscles that are obliquely located. Form several layers, which are thrown from the transverse to the spinous processes of the vertebrae.
  • Deep layer - consists of short muscles, which are located between the transverse and spinous processes of the vertebrae.

Among the variety of training programs is gaining popularity crossfit, which is a fashionable trend from the United States. Evaluate the crossfit exercises.

Some pharmacy drugs help bodybuilders in sports. One such drug is clenbuterol. But use it carefully. You can read the side effects of clenbuterol here.

Exercises on the widest back muscles

The widest muscles (or else they are called wings) are the pledge of the ideal figure of an athlete, especially for those who are engaged in bodybuilding. They can be pumped at home or in the gym.

Before exercises it is necessary to warm up properly, so as not to damage the muscles of the back. To achieve the necessary results, you must perform the exercises regularly with full return.

Exercise # 1 - Thrust of the upper block in front of you


  • sit down at the simulator
  • take the bar on top with a wide grip
  • when inhaling, the vulture needs to be pulled up to the top of the chest, pulling the shoulder blades back
  • on exhalation return to the initial position

With the help of this exercise, the thickness of the back is increased. It involves the middle part of the widest back muscles, trapezoidal, rhomboid and pectoral muscles, as well as the biceps.

Exercise number 2 - Thrust of the upper block by the neck

This exercise excellently develops and builds the latissimus muscles of the back.

To execute it you need:

  • sit down at the simulator
  • grab the bar
  • when inhaling, tighten the neck by the neck, while drawing elbows to the body
  • on exhalation return to the initial position

This exercise plays an important role for beginners, as it allows you to develop muscle strength before various exercises.

Exercise # 3 - Thrust of the upper block with straight arms

To perform this exercise, you should take a standing position. Legs should be placed shoulder width apart. With your straight hands take the neck. To fix the back.


  • When inhaling, the vulture needs to be pulled down until it touches the hips
  • on exhalation return to the initial position

Exercise # 4 - Thrust of the lower block

This exercise is also called "rowing".


  • sit down face to the simulator, legs slightly bend, and put your feet on the legs of the simulator
  • when inhaling pull up the arms of the block to the bottom of the chest
  • on exhalation return to the initial position

When this exercise is performed, all the back muscles are stretched and formed.

To avoid various injuries, when performing an exercise with a large weight, you can not round your back.

How to pump your back with a dumbbell

Another important exercise in the development of back muscles are exercises with dumbbells.

Exercise No. 1 Thrust dumbbells with one hand

For this exercise, you need a bench. When doing this exercise, you must:

  • Put on the bench the palm and knee of one side and fix the back
  • take the dumbbell and turn the palm to the body inside
  • on inhalation, the dumbbell should be raised as high as possible to the trunk. It is important to follow your hand. It should not deviate from the body
  • at the end of the movement - exhalation

Repeat the same actions with the other hand.

With the help of this exercise, the latissimus muscles of the back, trapezius, rhombic muscles, the back of the deltoid muscles are loaded. Also, when exercising, biceps and shoulder muscles are involved.

Exercise number 2 - Thrust dumbbells to the belt

To start doing this exercise you need:

  • take the position of tilt forward, and hands with dumbbells lowered down. Back fix and keep in a level position
  • on the inspiration bend your arms in the elbows. Raise the dumbbells in different directions as high as possible and fix for a few seconds
  • return to starting position - exhalation

Exercise # 3 - Thrust dumbbell to the waist in the slope


  • take the starting position - tilt forward
  • One hand to hold the support, and the back to fix parallel to the floor
  • with the other hand, take the dumbbell with your hand to yourself
  • in the fixed position it is necessary to raise the hand from the dumbbells to the chest as high as possible
  • return to the starting position

When performing the exercise, the main effect is on the latissimus muscle of the back. Also used muscles of the forearm and biceps.

How to pump your back on a horizontal bar

Stretching with a tourniquet is one of the best basic exercises. At their performance it is possible not only to pump up muscles of a back, but also to strengthen them. Before exercise it is necessary to warm up well.

Exercises with a horizontal bar:

  1. The first exercise involves pulling the chest to the crossbar with the blades. Grab your arms slightly wider than your shoulders. When pulling, you need to touch the upper chest to the crossbar. After a short pause, you need to smoothly descend, returning to the initial position. Before you rise again, you need to take a short pause to allow the widest muscles to stretch. This will allow you to quickly pump the wings on the bar.
  2. The second exercise is similar to the first, except for the grip. Hvat should be as wide as possible.
  3. There is a pulling with the head of the head over the crossbar and touching the shoulders towards it. For a better and faster result, you can weight your weight.
  4. Exit by force. Exercise is quite complicated. It works through all the muscles of the back, but most of all involves the widest. For its implementation, you need to hang on the bar. The arms are wider than the shoulders. A little need to swing your legs and with the help of inertia dramatically make a way out. Gradually try to do the exercise without swinging your legs.

When pulling, you must follow the correct technique:

  • Set goals and set oneself on their fulfillment.
  • Before doing the exercises, you need to do warm-up.
  • When pulling do not swing (with the exception of the exit force).
  • Perform the exercise should be evenly.

The best exercise for strengthening and training the muscles of the back are the shaggy barbell.

Read how to properly pump up the neck here.

For training feet on the mass, read the link:

How to pump up your backs with push-ups

One of the most accessible and effective exercises is push-up. In order to achieve the set goals, it is necessary to correctly perform the push-up technique.

Exercise # 1 - Classic push-up

Take the initial position of the body lying down. Put your arms slightly wider than your shoulders. Lower the body downwards so that the chest touches the floor. Return to the starting position. Perform this exercise should be smooth and slow.

When performing the exercise, the back should be flat and fixed. Also, when you return to the starting position, when some muscles contract, other muscles work, namely the biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles.


Exercise # 2 - Push-up while standing on your hands


To perform this exercise, no special equipment is required. It can be performed in a home environment.

To perform the following it is necessary:

  • put your arms about the width of your shoulders
  • pushing off with your feet you need to stand on your straightened arms, you can touch the walls with your feet
  • body and legs lock
  • It is necessary to descend until the head touches the floor
  • return to the starting position by straightened hands

The slower the exercise, the better the result.

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Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back

Strong back muscles are a guarantee of perfect well-being and functioning of the whole body. In order to protect the muscles from trauma and painful sensations it is necessary to strengthen them.

Gymnastics for stiffening the back muscles consists of the following exercises:

Exercise # 1 - Backward deflection

Lie on your stomach. Hands stretch along the trunk. Raise the housing from the floor as high as possible and hold it for a while in the up position, then lower it.

Without changing the situation, now raise your legs up. Hold for a few seconds, then return to the starting position.

After doing the first two exercises, let's move on to the third one. In the same position, you need to raise both the body and legs.

Exercise # 2

This exercise requires a table or bench. You need to lie on the table with your stomach so that your hips are on the edge of the table. Grasp the table with your hands. To fix the back. Gradually raise your legs to the level of the table. Hold your feet at the table level for a few seconds, then lower them.

Correct food

Nutrition plays a major role in a person's sporting life. Athletes never starve. All the food they take provides energy to the body, and also nourishes the muscles.

It is necessary to eat an hour before classes to saturate the body with energy. It is forbidden to eat during exercise, but it is necessary to drink a little water.


Limit oneself to the use of liquid can not. This can lead to increased stress on the heart and to fluctuations in pressure. An hour after exercise is recommended to eat. The body needs to recover its losses from carbohydrates. You need to eat moderately, not gobbling up to the dump.


To pump the latissimus muscles of the back, you must perform the above exercises. To achieve the set results, you should practice regularly and with breaks every other day to allow the muscles to relax.

You also need to do different exercises and do not focus on one. This will help pump up different groups of back and body muscles. Spread out on each training you need to the maximum and strive to achieve your goal.

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How to pump the latissimus muscles of the back or wings

Science does not stand still. Gone are the days when the athletes, using only their intuition, and the successful experience of their comrades, perfected their body.

The big question was before those men who wanted to learn how to pump the latissimus muscles of the back.

Before there were many ways, as it is done and only recently discovered by scientists that all depends on the ability of genes to include a mechanism to increase muscle volume and turn it off when it is no longer it takes.

This mechanic at the gene level works like this. There is an algorithm that is written in the form of molecules of a certain sequence.

He is always in a dormant state, but if certain conditions are created in the form of a force load, then the genes wake up, then everything starts to change to a certain order, reaching which, the genes again fall into a hibernation.

It was noticed that only in the first 2, weeks, beginners have changes, and then they go to the gym in vain.

But there were intelligent heads who analyzed this state of affairs and found a way out. It was a revolution in amateur sports.

There was an innovation in the alternation of two opposite regimes: pumping and power work using small repetitions of basic exercises.

Previously, the bodybuilder tried to pump up the general muscle mass, and only then, he paid attention to the details, training small relief muscles.

It's not difficult to guess how much time and effort it took to practice this method, especially at the beginning of the career path.

The new method really turned out to be breakthrough, but after the weekly microcycle began to be used, muscles began to grow even in those who had genetic problems did not allow their growth, despite the increased training.

Back muscles training system

It consists of two classes per week in the gym. The first training will be completely subordinated to the development of strength. It is also called strength training. On this day you will have to perform all the hard basic exercises.

And the most important among them will be pulling. This exercise is not very fond of beginners, because they do not know how to do it. But over time, when there is strength and coherence in the work of all muscles, pulling up with great pleasure.

  • It is noticed that only after the bodybuilder has learned to pull up 10 times, his back begins to acquire beautiful outlines. So, you have to pull yourself up.
  • The second exercise on this day will be working with one hand with a very heavy dumbbell. Lift it will have more than once to the belt in an inclined position. Below, it will be detailed about the technique of this exercise, and now there is an orientation tour that the athlete will experience if he is interested in how to pump the latissimus muscles of the back.

After such training the next day the athlete should have painful sensations or, so-called, breaking. But only the maximum load makes our genes wake up and include a mechanism for increasing muscle mass, so bear with it. And now let's talk a little about the apparent paradox.

It is logical to assume that, once a large load causes the body to change, this should be done. So before and acted. But in nature everything is not so simple. She had experience, and she made her own conclusions.

The problem is that the repeated force load for the body will no longer be a big surprise. Something is switched over there, and genes will not work to increase muscle.


This can be explained by the fact that if after each load the muscles of living beings increased in volume, then on the planet would go huge pumped monsters, which is not observed anywhere.


Now it should be clear, due to what the new technique grows like muscular fibers.

At the beginning of the first training is a powerful power load, and the second workout achieves the muscles due to intense small loads.

Genes get into a situation where they have to react somehow, and they give out a command to increase muscle mass. Which makes us very happy.

Actually, there is not yet a harmonious theory why this happens.

So far, various hypotheses are being put forward, and who knows what this will lead to and what new methods will be opened.

To date, the proposed training is generally accepted and it is still one of the best options to pump muscle.

Power sets

Power sets consist of 8 repetitions, and all of them will have 6-8 approaches. At first glance, there seems to be nothing complicated. Take the shell and carry out the planned exercises.

But this at first glance. Now we'll look at all the options and analyze where the pitfalls lie, so that by the end of the workout we do not get a negative result.

  • The most common mistake. The athlete already in the first set is laid out in full. Then with each approach he has less and less strength to perform repetitions. At some point, failures begin. And it should all look a little different and at the end of the last set, the athlete must give his best to the last limit to make their genes believe in the seriousness of their intentions and include a mechanism to build muscle fibers.
  • To look ideally this should be something like this, Take the calculator and use it to calculate the measure of the intensity of the exercise. To do this, multiply the weight with which you work on the number of repetitions that you managed to make. Compare the result with the ideal version of the exercise.
  • This will clearly show that the most important last set, where there should be as many replays as possible, is in vain because of your fatigue at the beginning of the workout. And biological mechanics can not be fooled by this, so consider that it was useless to spend a kilocalorie in this lesson.

Fundamental rules

As a result of trial and error, choose a weight that you can raise 10-12 times before the limit of opportunities. This will be the base weight. In the future, he will have to deal with it.

We advise each time during the approach to do only 8 repetitions. Thus, you have a power reserve or a small reserve, which allows you to continue to do the exercise, so that at the end of the last set to give out the full program.

In pumping also the same rule.

For this exercise, you need to focus on the weight with which you can do 18-20 repetitions. Then it will be easier for him to perform only 15 repetitions on a workout. All this should help in the end to fully implement the planned repetitions, without any refusals.

Each failure at the end of the last set is not desirable for the following reasons. Excessive nervous tension necessarily blocks the work of those genes that are responsible for the activation mechanism for the growth of muscle fibers. Do you want it?

Probably noticed when there are problems in the family of trouble or work, then the muscle fibers do not grow, although it would seem that everything was done in science. Here you have a simple proof of the correctness of scientists and the efficiency of the new methodology.


Another well-known example in favor of the correctness of our reasoning. He is prompted by advanced yogis.


Their amazing results they achieved only when they completely calmed the mental consciousness and received enlightenment.

Try and you, performing exercises for pumping the widest back muscles do not bring themselves to a hysterical state. We assure you, pretty soon you will see how everything will change for the better.

Pulling on the crossbar

Having finished examining the theoretical part, now we will figure out how to implement all this in practice. Let's start with the exercise on the crossbar. This is one of the important types of training the latissimus muscles of the back. We remind you that there should be at least 72 hours between training sessions.

  • Grasp the crossbar with a wide grip and hang on it. The movement of the body upwards must occur only at the expense of the elbows down. Do not connect your hands, otherwise the meaning is not at all what you would like to have.
  • In each approach, do 8-10 repetitions. It does not matter that you can not make such a number of movements at once. Use the "rest-pause" style. He allows a little rest, lowering the body on a low support.

Working with the barbell

Approach the bar and bend in the belt. Take hold of her neck, grip straight. Keep your head on the line of the spine.

Taking a deep breath and holding your breath, pull the projectile to your belt.

Without stopping and without pausing, lower the bar on the exhalation down and take the starting position.

Thrust dumbbells with one hand

Go down to the floor or stand on a bench, on your right knee. With your left hand, you will rest on the floor.

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Take in the right hand dumbbell and at the expense of one elbow only, lift it to the level of the belt, without stopping, start lowering this projectile.

After performing the repetitions, change the position so that this exercise can be done with the left hand.

Using a wide traction from above on the simulator

Fix the body, sitting, using the knees and stops on the simulator. Ask someone to give you the handle of the simulator. Take it by a wide grip.

Watch during the exercise for your body, it should not deviate, and all movements are performed at the expense of elbows.

Use critical weights, but at one repetition to your limit, stop the exercise. Do not push yourself to extremes.

Exercise with T-Rod

To do this, it will be necessary to lay down on a special simulator with a support pillow. Remove the handle from the stop behind the handle. At this point, you should feel how muscles are stretched on your back. Do without pauses lifting to your weights and lowering it to the floor. Do it only at the expense of the elbows.

Sitting we make cravings for the belt

Sit on the bench of the simulator. Place your feet on special stops. Slightly bend back and pull the cable. Hands are straight. Remove weights from the support and hold the weight on the weight.

Tighten and release the handle of the machine. Do this by drawing the elbows back.

Do not shift the load on the muscles of the hands, otherwise reduce the effect of this exercise.

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Swing the latissimus muscles of the back

This article will help you learn about how to develop at home the widest muscles of the back

What does the widest training give?

The widest muscles of the back are called wings because in a good and developed state they are similar to the folded limbs of a large bird. The need for training this muscle group will be revealed through the functions that it performs:

  1. Bringing the shoulder to the body.
  2. Traction of both hands back.
  3. Moving the median line inward.

For a better understanding: our ancestors, the broadest muscles helped to climb trees, pull themselves up, pull something to their bodies.

They have a very important role and nature has allocated almost half of the entire back to the human body, if not more.

From this comes the power that wings can develop.

The following picture clearly shows their location on the back:

Required sports equipment

You can download this group of muscles in the gym, and at home. Standard sports equipment for the development of wings - barbells, dumbbells, benches, weights and special simulators.

Naturally, most likely there is nothing at home - it does not matter. One of the most effective exercises you can do on a street or home bar - pulling up a wide grip.

Dumbbells can be replaced with bottles of water or sand, bench - chairs or stools.

Let us turn to a review of effective exercises that will help you develop the latissimus muscles at home.

A selection of effective exercises

Thrust rod rod in slope

To carry out the thrust, you will need to buy yourself a barbell with a set of loads of different masses or lend it to your friends. Before starting the thrust, the correct position should be taken: the legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders and slightly bent at the knees.

The barbell bar should be taken with the usual grip from above, the position of the arms should be slightly wider than the shoulders. Now you can take the bar with your straight hands and straighten up.

Pay attention to the position of the back of the athlete

Before making the thrust, pay attention to the following points:

  • it is necessary to bend very slightly in the lower back;
  • the torso is tilted forward, with the angle of inclination being at least 30 degrees;
  • Keep your head straight, place the bar of the bar in front of your legs;
  • during all repetitions, the waist should be strained.

Put your hands down completely. On exhalation, pull the bar on yourself to the stomach.

Elbows should be raised as high as possible, and their trajectory should be a straight line, you can not let them part ways.

Rod pull must be performed solely at the expense of the muscles of the back and shoulders, the participation of the hands should be minimal.

Lower the bar down, inhale air. Pull the blades up and raise them when you lower the bar down. The weight should be selected in such a way that the body does not swing during all approaches.

Thrust dumbbells with one hand in slope

The dumbbell is taken into the hand by a neutral grip, the palm should be facing the thigh. It is necessary to stand from the bench on the left side, if the dumbbell is in the right hand, and when performing the exercise with the left hand - the athlete accordingly occupies the position to the right of the bench.

We bend the upper body to the parallel with the floor, the back should be slightly bent in the lower back. The hand with the dumbbell should be completely relaxed.

Performing such a craving, as in the previous exercise, you need to monitor your back

Technique of execution:

  • on exhalation the movement of the dumbbell begins strictly upwards;
  • the projectile must be raised as high as possible;
  • when the elbow is reached at the level of the shoulder, include the shoulder in the work - at this moment the wings are reduced as much as possible;
  • at the top, it is advisable to hold the dumbbell for a few seconds;
  • Now you can slowly inhale the air and smoothly lower the projectile to the lowest point.
  • Similarly, the exercise is performed with the left hand

Variant with weight

If you do not have a barbell or dumbbells at home, but you have a weight, do not be discouraged. The widest can be trained with this sport equipment.

You can perform leaning, both on the bench, and on any firm object, which is close to your level or higher.

For example, a desk, a nightstand and similar furniture will do.

But, before that, it's worthwhile to stretch your back, not only your back, but also your wrists, as the weight itself makes you feel good and uses your forearms.

Usually this is done by lowering and relaxing the hand from the weight to the bottom and turning the brush in different directions.

It is better to do it slowly, so as not to get stretching or trauma.

The starting position, as in the case of pulling the dumbbell with one hand, is standing in the slope. If you've always done this exercise with dumbbells, it will not be at first habitual because of a new grip and shell.

It is necessary to get used and then the difference will not be felt. The only downside is that weights go to standard weight, and to increase the weight by "kilogram" in each approach will not work.

Such shells with a mass of 8, 16, 32, 64 kg are distributed.

If there are no dumbbells or weights at home, you can independently make cargoes from pouches with sand or, for example, for burdening use bricks wound around a medical bandage. As a cargo, you can use other materials, it all depends on your imagination. However, remember that the weight of your shells should not be prohibitive.

We develop on a horizontal bar

Pulling up is a classic way of developing back for all athletes. Ideally, when lifting the trunk on the bar, you need to touch the crossbar with your chest. Hvat at the same time is best to change. The first time to do this exercise is best with the location of the arms slightly wider than the shoulders.

With each week the distance between the hands should increase to the maximum possible. It is with a wide grip actively pumped the latissimus muscles of the back.

It is important to pull up smoothly and without jerking. Before lifting the body it will be useful to hang for a few seconds to give the body and hands a little stretch. At the upper point of the amplitude of motion, you should make a short pause (1-2 seconds).

A good effect in pumping the wings can be achieved with the help of pull-ups with a back grip (palms facing the body). This exercise is desirable to perform a wide grip, and at the top point of the climb should touch the crossbar with the back of the head or shoulders.

The head starts at the crossbar.

To increase the load, you can use different loads or ask a partner to deflect your body when climbing an angle of not more than 45 degrees. This technique will help to achieve the result in building the widest muscles on the horizontal bar much faster.

Another option is to lift the body on the crossbar in a horizontal position.


This should be done slowly, since the main load with this falls on the shoulder joints, which should rotate more than 100 degrees.


The newcomer will not be able to perform this exercise at once perfectly, so to begin with, it's enough to lift the body at least 30 degrees. It is important to ensure that during the exercise, hands are straight and not bent.

Sample work program

You can start your wings development classes by doing this:

No. Exercise, approaches, description
1 Warm-up: about 5 minutes warm up the joints, muscles, stretch.
2 Lifting on the bar with a wide grip of 5-6 approaches 10-12 times. If it is easy, then we add weight by weighting agents.
3 Draft weight in the slope 3-4 sets of 10-12 times. You can mark on dumbbells or other heavy objects, for example, 5 liter bottles of water, which have comfortable handles.

Tips for improving results


Before doing any exercises, you need to mentally prepare yourself for training. Work on the wings is a hard work, requiring time and effort.

To do this, you need to defeat the laziness that every person has in different numbers.

A good result can be achieved by several months of effective work, the first visible results will appear after a month of systematic studies at home and on the bar.


In addition to discipline, diligence and self-control, you will also need to increase the amount of food consumed. Any athlete engaged in muscle training consumes significantly more food per day than an ordinary person.

Since the main material for building muscles is protein, you can use protein shakes. Together with it, carbohydrates are important, which will provide you with the necessary energy reserve.

So do not be shy to visit your kitchen more often.

Push ups

For unknown reasons, some newcomers believe that due to push-ups they will be able to work out the widest ones - this is a delusion.

Squeezing from the floor for back development is not effective.

Remember the functions of the wings described in the beginning of the article, and you will understand that when they extend their arms in the elbows they do not perform any work.


  • The widest muscles of the back serve for: pulling the hands back, moving inside the median line, bringing the shoulder to the body.
  • This muscle group seriously affects the physical performance of the athlete, and also takes half of the entire area of ​​the back. It is worth giving enough attention to their training, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve a beautiful and harmonious figure.
  • It is more convenient to train the latissimus muscles in the gymnasium, since a fairly diverse sports inventory is needed for this, however, if it is not possible, exercises can also be done at home. To do this you need dumbbells, barbells, weights, benches, various simulators and a bar.
  • It is not necessary to use the entire inventory. Also, most of it can be replaced with improvised items: bottles of water or sand, chairs, etc.
  • You need to warm up before each workout. The whole body needs to be kneaded, not just the muscle group, which is being stressed today.
  • The most effective and available exercises: rod rod in slope, draft of dumbbell in slope, draft of weight in tilt, pulling on the bar, lifting of the body on horizontal bar.
  • Observance of correct technique during the exercise will allow faster progress and avoid injuries.
  • It is necessary to perform exercises, trying as much as possible to involve the muscles of the back, and minimize the involvement of other parts of the body.
  • Do not take too much weight, it is more effective to perform exercises with less weight, but with the right technique.
  • You can change the location of the hands on the bar and the width of the grip - this will allow the use of various muscles.
  • When it is easy to perform 10-12 repetitions, it is necessary to increase the mass of the projectile or to put on extra weight (when pulling).
  • It is necessary to increase the number of proteins and carbohydrates consumed, only then will muscle mass grow. It will be useful to buy a geyner or protein shake.
  • Push-ups - do not help to develop the widest muscles of the back.
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Before training, you need to create a positive moral attitude. It is necessary to understand that the result can only be achieved through hard work. Visible results will appear in a month of regular training.

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How to pump up a wide back in the gym. Best Exercises

Scientifically, it is not yet proven how the muscle tissue grows when exposed to physical exertion, but the cause of hypertrophy itself has been discovered for a long time.

To answer the question:how to pump a wide back, you should first of all remember about overload.

Synthesis of protein can be activated by the interaction of the muscle cell with steroid, and the maximum production of hormones occurs after high-intensity strength training.

Not all programs are suitable for the right back muscles. How to pump a wide back so that growth is as fast as possible? In this case, the athlete must train in small periods.

Such training is very similar to the alternation of training for the development of muscle mass with training for relief. Professional athletes regularly alternate different schemes of employment.

For example, one of the approaches is first to train fast muscle fibers in a certain period of time, then to train slow muscle fibers or high repetitive pumping.

The use of periodization in the athletes gave good results in terms of muscle growth. Some athletes noted significant progress in training during work on the weekly cycle programs.

This pattern of training to date is one of the most effective for muscle growth and strength.

We recommend you try it on one of its lagging muscle groups.

We in this case will consider the muscles of the back and consider the main issue of this article - how to pump up a wide back?

Combination of techniques

First of all, you need to consider that for pumping the back muscles of the back you need to train your back twice a week. The 1st training is aimed at increasing the strength indicators and consists of basic motions in a high-intensity style.

The basis of this training is pulling up a wide grip. Pulling up is an excellent exercise for growing your back in breadth. You will need to pull up often and with the right technique.

Hardly you can show a good hypertrophy of the broadest muscles, if you can not pull at least 10 times.

The second exercise in the program is the pull rod in the slope. To finish back training, pull the dumbbell with one hand also in the slope.

Strength training - this is nothing less than stress for the body. The pain in the muscles the next morning will definitely confirm our words about stress. It is the strength training that uses the maximum amount of muscle fibers and stimulates the production of the maximum amount of sex hormones.

However, the following workouts with the same muscle intensity will not increase, as adaptation to loads takes place.

Increase the muscle growth will help the planned increase in training load and training for pumping.


To save ligaments, pamp training should be carried out on the simulators. It should be remembered that the main purpose of this exercise is the appearance of burning in the muscle tissues and the maximum pumping of muscles with blood. No exercise on strength, only a quick "pampa" work.


The combination of training techniques for one week helps to stimulate protein synthesis in muscle tissues more strongly. So, the athlete will no longer be wondering about how to pump up a wide back?

Basic principles
muscle training

Strength training on the first day of the back involves doing 8 reps in 5 sets. Many athletes have noticed that in the latter approaches it is already difficult to perform the required number of repetitions. However, in this case it is better to build on your own feelings and reduce the weight of the projectile.

The effectiveness of the exercise is calculated by multiplying the working weight in each approach by the number of repetitions.

As a result, it often turns out that the last approach in the exercise is simply unfinished and loses its effectiveness. Therefore, try to better calculate your working weight.

In the last set, you need to try to complete the approach in one repetition before the alleged failure.

In pumping, you need to build on the same rules. For example, if you need to do 20 repetitions, the weight on the shell is chosen so that you can make up to failure all 25. Observe the desired number of repetitions in each approach (20 per set).

The most basic principle of muscle training in this case is the rejection of "refusal" sets.

Physiologically, "failure" in each exercise and every approach adversely affects growth, because regular "refusal" stress requires more time to recover.


In our training program, this time has to be limited because of the frequency of classes (2 workouts per week).


Excessive stress both in training and in life adversely affects muscle growth. Therefore, "refusal" sets before losing consciousness should be left, if you are also looking for the answer to the question: how to pump up a wide back?

How to pump up a wide back: the best exercises
for the wide back

All the exercises described below must be completed within one week, preferably in 2 workouts.

In addition to the back, of course, you need to train other muscles, since the entire muscular back skeleton is hypertrophied only in conjunction with the rest of the muscles.

Classes involving back training should be conducted no earlier than 3 days after the end of the previous one. So, the best exercises for the wide back are:

Stretching on the horizontal bar
wide grip

Take the hanging position on the horizontal bar. To develop the widest muscles of the back, you need to pull up on the bar with a wide grip.

During the exercise, concentrate on not pulling yourself, but pulling your elbows down.

Eliminate the biceps from work, otherwise the load will go into them; it is recommended to use straps for almost complete bicep isolation. The number of repetitions in the approach is 10.

If you shorten repetitions in the set, break the approach. For example, break 1 set for 10 reps for 2 sets of 5 reps.

Thrust rod with belt in slope.


Take the starting position: keep the bar with your straight hands next to the hips. Back your back. The head and spine should create a straight line.

You need to try to pull the bar only with the muscles of the back, while turning off the biceps from work. Imagine that you do not pull the bar, but take your hands back in the elbows.


After retracting the elbows with the bar back slowly lower the projectile to its original position.


The technique of pulling the bar to the belt in the slope should be fully worked out for the maximum quality growth of muscles.

Thrust dumbbell
to the belt in the support

Take the starting position: rest with your straight hand and knee in the bench. With the other hand, take the dumbbell from the floor and hold it with a parallel grip.

With the help of the back muscles, pull the dumbbell to the belt in the stop. Without stopping, lower the dumbbell to its initial position. After you finish the approach on one hand, switch to the execution with the other hand.

Throat of upper chest block

wide grip

Put out the weight you need, firmly grasp the edges of the handle and sit with the handle in advance height adjusted roller that will keep your body from lifting when performing exercise.

Do not bend backwards while driving, pull the handle with the cable to the chest only at the expense of the back muscles, again try to turn off the bicep and do not take your elbows back.

In this training program on the back it is forbidden to pursue abandoned approaches, aim to complete the exercise for one repetition to the refusal.

The traction of the upper block to the chest with a wide grip is an excellent exercise for working round muscles of the back

Thrust of the T-fretboard
in the simulator

Take the starting position: bury your chest in the soft support of the machine, grab the handle and straighten your arms. In the starting position, you must feel how your latissimus muscles are in a stretched position.

After that, start pulling the neck to the chest according to the trajectory set by the simulator. Do not pause at the top of the traffic. "Turn off" the biceps from the movement, otherwise it will not be the back, but the hands that will train. The pull of the T-neck in the simulator will allow you to exercise without too much strain in the lower back.

Thrust of lower block to belt

narrow grip

Before the beginning of the exercise, take the starting position: put your feet on special stands on the simulator, take the handle and lean back so that the cable of the block simulator is stretched.

With your back muscles, pull the handle to your waist, tune back to the elbows. Reduce the muscles to the maximum, the shoulder blades should be connected at the same time.

Then slowly return the unit to its original position.

When carrying the thrust of the lower block to the waist with a narrow grip, the back should be straight with the preservation of the deflection in the waist.

Leveton Forte
for muscle growth

In order to help build a wide back, you need to additionally consume the natural preparation for muscle growth "Leviton Forte containing in its composition, a natural anabolic component - that helps to naturally increase the level - the main hormone for muscle growth.

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