Treatment of multiple sclerosis with folk remedies at home

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the nervous system.

As a result of this ailment, sclerotic plaques form in the spinal cord and brain.

What is the reason for the formation of these plaques?

  • The clinical picture
    • General guidelines
    • Recommendations of alternative medicine
    • What should be abandoned completely
    • Folk methods of recovery of brain and nervous system functions
    • Therapeutic exercises
    • Conclusion

    Clinical picture

    The background for the birth of plaques is a malfunction in the immune system that beginsregard the personal cells of the myelin sheath as foreign.

    There is a chaotic destruction.

    Perhaps, therefore, the ailment has such a specific name - multiple sclerosis.

    Pulses of impulses with failures to all organs are transmitted from affected foci, but more often to the brain and to the eyes. As a result:

    • the coordination of movements becomes fuzzy,
    • is impaired vision, gait,
    • appear frequent urination,
    • begin to tremble limbs,
    • man becomes difficult to control his body,
    • gradually deterioration of well-being,
    • memory and thinking deteriorate,
    • beginproblems in bed with a partner( the use of yarutka for field men with impotence is written here),
    • disrupts the process of liberation of the intestine from feces.

    There is one unpleasant moment: young people , aged from 18 to 45, are exposed to the disease.

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    On the treatment of medicinal hepatitis folk remedies read on this page.

    It is for this reason that it is not worth leaving a young man alone-on-one with an insidious disease.

    It is necessary that all friends, relatives and friends of the patient directed all their efforts to combat this disorder.

    Many doctors consider this fatal incurable. But, if you take the recommendations of traditional healers on time and competently perform complex treatment, the result will exceed all your expectations.

    General instructions

    • With sclerosis, do not overheat.
      You can not swim in a hot bath, preferably, wash under a warm shower.
      Do not abuse the sun's rays.
      In hot, sunny weather, you should try to spend more time in the shade.
    • In the menu must be the products of vegetable origin .
    • The disease can be exacerbated by the fact that a person has a low-activity lifestyle.
      Blood should not stagnate in the cells of the brain.
      If you like to sleep during the day, then this habit should be abandoned.
    • For night sleep, you need to choose a high pillow( it should equal half the volume of the head).
    • Do not forget to perform elementary physical exercises:
      • climb the toes, then drop sharply on the heels.

      This should be done every hour for 15 - 20 exercises.

    • In order not to provoke an aggravation of the situation, you need to completely protect yourself from allergens.
    • An important rule to remember and always follow:
      • Avoid stressful situations,
      • smile as often as possible,
      • believe in your own strength, and the disease will necessarily recede .

    If you have tried everything, possible ways of traditional treatment for multiple sclerosis, and they turned out to be ineffective, it is worth paying attention to the methods that non-traditional medicine offers.

    You can never "give up" before any hamstring .We need to hope for the best and look for ways to get rid of pathology.

    In order to achieve the best effect, treatment with folk remedies should be carried out in parallel with taking medications prescribed by your doctor.

    The main thing, remember that you will not be able to quickly cope with this disease. It is necessary to tune in for a fairly long treatment.

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    It is impossible to stop the healing in any case. The main thing is patience.

    An interesting fact : every fourth patient with multiple sclerosis is cured of this disease.

    What needs to be done to keep the spirit alive and health strong?

    Recommendations of Alternative Medicine

    Many folk doctors in the treatment of this disease with healing infusions, strongly recommend a healthy lifestyle and diet.

    To ensure that in the future you are not given a disappointing diagnosis - multiple sclerosis, you should follow the following recommendations in the diet:

    • you need as much as possible to eat parsley ( its benefits for the body are described in this article).
      This herb is endowed with a diuretic effect and prevents the formation of salts in the body;
    • perfectly cleanses the brain vessels of the sea kale ( recipes for the use of dried kelp are placed here).
      This product should take a worthy place in your diet;
    • has good anti-sclerotic effect watermelon juice .
      Watermelons in season you need to eat in large quantities;
    • does not allow the development of sclerosis of cerebral vessels wild strawberry forest .
      This delicacy is not only delicious, but also very useful.
      Berries should be included in your diet, at least 100 a day.

    From what it is necessary to refuse completely

    It is necessary to refuse smoking from strong spirits ( how to drink Riga balsam is written in this article).These bad habits negatively affect the body, in general, and the vessels, in particular.

    The excessive use of table salt favors the development of the disease. Sodium chloride has a tendency to accumulate in the body.

    And this causes the impaired transmission of nerve impulses, as a result, we have multiple sclerosis. But remember, you should not completely abandon salt.

    In small amounts, it needs for the normal functioning of the entire body.

    In order to "wake up" your body, in the morning you need to drink on an empty stomach a glass of hot water( not boiling water).

    Thanks to warm water, the blood will circulate faster, and this minimizes the possibility of blood clots.

    Products such as:

    • liver,
    • chocolate,
    • sardines,
    • sprats and some others - need to be excluded from your table.

    Folk methods for restoration of brain and nervous system functions

    Flower pollen .
    Treatment with this product should be carried out under the strict supervision of the attending physician.

    Begin and end therapy should be gradual.

    As a remedy flower( pine) pollen should be drunk at 32 grams every day.

    As a prophylactic, it is enough 20 grams per day. The drug is drunk two to three times a day, on an empty stomach.

    The minimum medical course - 1 month.

    Shamrock ( clover).
    It is necessary to collect the heads of the plant and fill them with a liter jar.

    Then top up with vodka( 0.5 liters) and insist for two weeks. We take one large spoon before bed.

    You need to drink medicine 2.5 - 3 months. Then 14 days break, then repeat the course again.

    We take the following composition of grasses:

    • hawthorn leaves( 25 grams),
    • flowers of the same plant - 25 grams,
    • valerian root( instruction how to take the tincture posted here) - 10 grams,
    • ruta( 15 grams).

    All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. We collect 1 table spoon of the mixture and fill it with a glass of cold water.

    After 3 hours put on a slow fire, bring to a boil. Boil 5 - 7 minutes.

    After complete cooling we filter through gauze or a thick strainer.

    We accept a decoction from three to four times a day in equal portions.

    You can store the tool no more than one day .

    Nettle collection of ( 10 grams) and yarrow( 10 grams).
    Raw materials are mixed, take a tablespoon and place the herbs in enameled dishes.

    Fill the contents with cold water in the amount of 0.5 liters, put it on the stove and boil for a few minutes.

    You need to drink medicine before going to bed half a cup in a warm form.

    We take the following herbal components:

    • 30 grams of roots of the kulbaba,
    • as many roots of the soap and rhizome rootgrass( healing properties),
    • 30 g of yarrow.

    All this is crushed and mixed. Collect the spoon in a saucepan and pour a cup of boiling water.

    We stand for 1 hour. The broth is ready for use.

    You need to drink it for 1 glass in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed.

    Propolis .
    The tincture can be prepared at home, or you can buy it ready in the pharmacy. If you have ingredients at home, prepare the medicine yourself:

    • take 5 grams of propolis( to improve immunity in children) and pour it with alcohol( 0.5 liters).

    Mumiye .
    Take 5 grams of the product and dissolve it in warm boiled water( 100 grams).

    The infusion is stored in the refrigerator in a closed glass container. We take 1 teaspoonful for three meals during the day.

    From headaches helps to get rid of the juice of black currant( useful properties and contraindications of leaves).
    It should be drunk by 1/3 cup no less than, three times a day.

    Honey with onion .
    Onion, three on a grater or twist on a meat grinder.

    Through gauze we squeeze out 1 glass of juice. Mix it with a glass of honey. Mass should be stored in the refrigerator.

    We use the medicine an hour before meals, three times a day.

    Fruits of hawthorn on alcohol .
    We use half a cup dried fruits, grind them and fill with 70% alcohol alcohol.

    Seven days, we insist, filter and take 50 droplets before taking food, but not more than three times a day.

    You can buy ready-made hawthorn tincture( instructions for use) in any pharmacy in your village.

    You can prepare a tincture from the roots of elecampane ( about its use in folk medicine is written in this article).
    Before the preparation of the medicine, the root needs to be cleaned:

    • must be thoroughly washed from the ground,
    • must not be scraped off,
    • is ground,
    • takes 50 grams of mass and pours it with vodka in the amount of 1.2 liters,
    • insists at least 3-day.

    After this period, filter and take, three times a day, before meals, 50 grams.

    It should be remembered that it is not recommended to take different alcohol and vodka tinctures at the same time.

    An effective remedy for multiple sclerosis is prepared from ashberry bark .

    Shoots of Heather ordinary .We prepare the broth. For this purpose you need to use dry shoots of heather.

    Grind them with a meat grinder or blender. We collect a tablespoon of ground raw material and fill it with hot water( 500 g).

    Simmer for 8 to 10 minutes on low heat. Cover the pan with a lid and wrap it with a towel. Let us brew for 2.5 - 3 hours. After that, filter.

    We take a medicine twice a day for 1 cup.

    Therapeutic gymnastics

    In practice, the effectiveness in controlling the disease by relaxing methods has been proven. These can be Hatha Yoga exercises( asanas with descriptions in pictures are placed on this page).

    It's also very useful to do breathing exercises. With this ailment, eastern medicine is not unsuccessfully managing, and, specifically, acupuncture and homeopathy.


    There are many alternative approaches to treating multiple sclerosis. And they all have a characteristic effect on the general condition of a person.

    The main thing to remember is that each individual reacts differently to the healing process. Each patient needs to select individual therapy.

    Be careful with herbs, they can cause allergic reactions. In all respect the measure and do not forget to consult your doctor.

    For effective treatment of multiple sclerosis by bees, see the proposed video.

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