Inhalations for the treatment of bronchitis in the home

Bronchitis is a disease of the upper respiratory tract, requiring a special approach to the choice of methods of treatment. In most cases, with this pathology prescribe drug therapy and supplement it with inhalations. You can perform the procedures both in the clinic and at home. Inhalation with bronchitis is an excellent remedy for fighting the disease.

  • Is it possible to do inhalation with bronchitis?
  • Inhalation in the home
  • Nebuliser
  • Folk methods
  • Inhalation in children with bronchitis
  • Contraindications
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Is it possible to do inhalation with bronchitis?

It is considered erroneous to think about the harm to the lungs and bronchi during steam inhalations. In fact, when treating the inflammatory process, one can not do without such procedures. Inhaled drugs penetrate deeply, having a complex effect on the respiratory system of the body.

Conduction of inhalation helps to remove the main symptoms of bronchitis:

  • to eliminate puffiness;
  • to remove the inflammatory process, which develops in the upper respiratory tract;
  • accelerate the excretion of phlegm;
  • strengthen the secretion of bronchial secretions.

The main symptom of bronchitis is cough. The use of inhalations allows you to cope with it in a short time. Relief is felt after the first procedure, cough becomes rare, sputum goes away more easily. Suffering suffocating attacks, especially at night.

Sometimes after the first inhalation of medications, a cough may, on the contrary, become worse. It depends on which medications have been used for inhalation. For example, with the use of strong expectorants, sputum excretion and coughing will increase.

Interesting! Inhalation in chronic bronchitis can eliminate symptoms of the disease, improve overall health, achieve a long-term remission.

Inhalation in the home

Inhalation in acute bronchitis, as with chronic bronchitis, can be carried out at home. Some do not consider this method of treatment because of the lack of necessary equipment. You can do without an inhaler. All that is required for inhalation is to prepare a suitable place, to stock up with the necessary means for preparing the solution.

Compliance with the procedure at home requires a number of rules:

  1. Without special equipment, only steam inhalations are possible. They mean that a person will sweat, so you need to choose the right clothes. It should be made of natural materials, absorb moisture. After the procedure, you should quickly change into dry clothes.
  2. Inhalations can be carried out at any time. If the doctor has prescribed one procedure per day, it is more convenient to perform it in the evening, before going to bed. Inhalation in obstructive bronchitis and other forms of the disease, affect the nasopharynx, bronchi, respiratory tract, so after the procedure it is better to go to rest.
  3. The simplest method of inhalation at home - sit over the container with the prepared medicine, covering your head with a towel, breathing deeply. It is very important to control the temperature indicators, the duration of the procedure to avoid dizziness, burns of the face and respiratory tract.

The most common inhalation in the home is alkaline. You can prepare the solution yourself. His recipe is simple: take ½ h. l. baking soda, add it to a glass of clean water, mix it. An alternative is to buy alkaline water - for example, Borjomi.

Pour the prepared or purchased alkaline solution in a saucepan, bring to a boil, remove the container from the fire, cool a little. We are located above the pan, we put a towel on our heads, breathe steam. The duration of the procedure should be about 10 minutes. Such an alkaline solution with soda helps to quickly remove excess phlegm.

Advice! It is necessary to constantly adjust the distance from the face to the pan, reduce the flow of steam to avoid burns. Inhalation of alkaline solutions can harm the skin of the face, the respiratory tract, so it is important to follow safety precautions.


Nebulizers are special devices intended for inhalation. Previously, it was required to undergo a course of treatment in a hospital or to use self-made folk remedies. Inhalations by a nebulizer have made this procedure easy to use, accessible to everyone.

Many families, where children often have to fight with bronchitis, decide to purchase a nebulizer. The term of its operation is long, therefore the device fully justifies its cost.

The principle of the nebulizer is based on the conversion of the drug, added inward, into an aerosol. This substance penetrates into the mask, then when inhaled - into the lower respiratory tract, where the focus of the inflammatory process that caused bronchitis.

The main issue when buying a nebulizer - with what to do inhalation, so that the treatment was effective. With bronchitis, the use of such medicinal groups is permitted:

  1. Bronchodilators are drugs that dilate the bronchi. Common are Ventolin, Nebutamol, Atrovent, Berotek, Berodual. You can consult a doctor about your choice of a drug. The advantage of using bronchodilators for inhalations is their high effectiveness in bronchospasm. Medications are well tolerated - for example, procedures with Berodual are permissible for children from birth.
  2. Thinning agents. They dilute sputum and facilitate its withdrawal, reduce cough. One of the most common methods are procedures with Lazolvan (analog - Ambroxol). These drugs are produced in a special dosage form - solutions intended for inhalation. Also to the liquefying agents are physiological saline (sodium chloride solution), Soda Buffer, alkaline mineral water.
  3. Anti-inflammatory drugs. It is the inflammatory process in the bronchi that causes the disease. Such drugs help, reducing its activity, showing antiallergic effect. Anti-inflammatory, decongestants of bronchitis are Pulmicort, Benacort.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to use essential oils and preparations for nebulizers, which they are part of. If they get into the respiratory tract, they cause "oil" pneumonia. This disease is very difficult to cure. It is especially dangerous in childhood.

Folk methods

Folk remedies for inhalation with bronchitis can serve as an excellent addition to the prescribed medication. The most common are:

  1. Phytotherapy. Treatment with herbs is also used for inhalations, it is important to choose the right plants that have useful properties. With bronchitis, grasses with anti-inflammatory effects - chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, calendula, peppermint, will be useful. Herbs are brewed with boiling water, insist half an hour, then you can breathe over them.
  2. Potato. If the herbs can be used for a nebulizer, then this vegetable is not, only for a conventional steam inhaler. Many colds are treated with potato, it is useful to breathe freshly brewed potatoes with bronchitis. This method does not require costs, is the most affordable. It is safe for the treatment of bronchitis in both adults and children.
  3. Onions with garlic. These vegetables are known for their antibacterial action, therefore they are used in folk recipes against many colds. For use in inhalations, they must first be ground, for example, with a blender, add to boiling water. You can apply for a nebulizer.

Folk remedies can not be the main means of treating bronchitis, such diseases require medical treatment. But they can successfully supplement it.

Inhalation in children with bronchitis

Is it possible to do inhalation in children with bronchitis? Of course yes. Such a procedure is safe, many drugs that are contraindicated for children in their pure form for oral administration, can be used specifically for breathing.

Doctors warn of the danger of untimely treatment. At the child a bronchitis can quickly develop in an inflammation of lungs, therefore in any case consultation of the doctor is important. The children's doctor Komarovsky advises to use herbal preparations. They have a positive effect, they have few contraindications. But the herbs will help only with mild disease, in other cases, special drugs are needed. Any medication for inhalation through a nebulizer in children should be prescribed by a doctor.

Children under one year of inhalation can be replaced with aromatherapy. A small child to breathe special solutions is dangerous, other alternative methods come to the rescue.

Important! Before carrying out the inhalation it is important to explain to the child how to breathe properly. It is necessary to do slow inhalations-exhalations, to sit evenly, not to talk.


Contraindications to inhalation are:

  • bacterial bronchitis, when pus appears together with phlegm - this disease requires the use of antibiotics, steam inhalations only harm;
  • an allergic reaction to the drugs used;
  • high body temperature (for steam inhalations due to the danger of overheating);
  • chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Procedures in such cases will only do harm.

Conduct inhalation with bronchitis can be as improvised means, and nebulizer. It is important to choose the right treatment. It is necessary to get a doctor's appointment beforehand. The use of folk recipes for the procedure will be an excellent addition to the main therapy.