Can I smoke with pneumonia?

Is it possible for a person to smoke with pneumonia?

Can I smoke with pneumonia? This question is often asked by inveterate smokers who have encountered this ailment. Meanwhile, it is necessary at least in general terms to know what smoking is and what it can lead to.

The problem of smoking in humans

Smoking is a factor that can lead to the development of many infectious lung diseases.A person who smokes must know that because of his harmful habit, the respiratory forces that protect the body are diminishing. Smoking is often associated with diseases such as influenza, pneumonia. And sometimes they lead to a lethal outcome. So, can you smoke with pneumonia?

In the US, according to statistics, the main cause of death is smoking. After all, this habit can provoke chronic obstructive pneumonia, lung cancer. If a person continues to smoke with pneumonia, he risks getting dangerous complications. If we compare people who do not smoke with smokers, the latter are more likely to catch colds. They are more likely to diagnose tuberculosis, pneumonia. And, as a rule, those who smoke, these diseases are more difficult.

What happens to the respiratory protection of the body when smoking?

Effects of smoking

When smoking, many poisons and pathogens enter the human body, which leads to a violation of the respiratory mechanisms. From tobacco, which burns, particles come out, chemicals evaporate, aerosol. These chemicals contain nicotine, carbon monoxide, oxidants and some carcinogens.

Due to its physical properties, smoke from cigarettes enters the body and its particles are deposited in the lower respiratory tract. As a result, changes occur in the respiratory function.

You should know that smoking:

  1. Harmful ciliated epithelium. Regardless of whether the smoker is sick with pneumonia or respiratory diseases, the clearance of substances that are inhaled deteriorates.
  2. Helps bacteria get into airways and attach themselves to the epithelium. In non-smoking people, the oropharynx is absolutely sterile, but in smokers it is colonized by bacteria. And this is for those who have no problems associated with the functioning of the lungs.
  3. It contributes to the fact that the vessels of the epithelium, the alveolus become more permeable.
  4. Has an effect on the inflammatory infiltration of lung cells, namely their presence, composition, functioning. When comparing smokers and non-smokers, the first patients with bronchoalveolar lavage have much more inflammatory cells. In people dependent on nicotine, the antigen-presenting function is disrupted, there are many intracytoplasmic inclusions. In such patients, large alveolar macrophages are observed. These cells are responsible for cellular immunity, regulation of inflammation, phagocytosis of foreign particles.
  5. Suppress the function of natural killers.

Smoking and bacterial pneumonia - what do they have in common?

Scheme of pneumonia

If a person often and has been smoking for a long time, he risks catching the flu, colds, pneumonia, tuberculosis. A lot of studies have been done and the results were as follows: 30% of patients diagnosed with non-hospital pneumonia are heavy smokers. If you give up this bad habit, then the disease will flow easier.

However, smoking more can harm people with HIV diagnosis. It is smoking patients with AIDS / HIV who are at risk of contracting pneumonia.

HIV-infected patients with severe lymphopenia are at high risk. They have in 1 ml there are about 200 lymphocytes CD4. If the patient smokes, then the number of CD4 cells, CD8 (located in the lungs) decreases. In addition, in patients with the immunodeficiency virus, smoking causes the production of inflammatory cytokines to be suppressed.

What happens if a patient with pneumonia smokes?

Nausea with pneumonia

Inflammation of the lungs is a disease that can affect any person.

Especially at risk people who:

  1. Have chronic diseases (obstructive pneumonia of chronic form, heart disease, asthma).
  2. Have a weak immune system. There can be different reasons: the patient was transplanted organs, he underwent chemotherapy, he had HIV / AIDS, he took steroids for a long time.
  3. They smoke. When smoking, the body is not able to use its natural mechanisms and protect itself from viruses, bacteria that cause pneumonia.

If a patient with pneumonia smokes, he thereby complicates the symptoms of his illness and delays the healing process.

Referral to a doctor with pneumonia

When inhaling smoke from cigarettes, the ciliated epithelium can not function normally in the lungs. With the help of small cilia epithelium from the lungs pass foreign particles, microbes, sputum and secretions. If a patient who has been diagnosed with pneumonia does not clear away mucus, this worsens his condition. In such cases, pain during coughing and nausea may occur.

The World Health Organization recommends that you quit smoking when you are ill, and do not resume this harmful habit when treatment is over. To help the patient get rid of smoking, the doctor prescribes drugs, as well as special programs, during the treatment of pneumonia.

Recovery after pneumonia

To recover completely after the inflammation of the lungs, a person must abandon bad habits, clearly follow the doctor's recommendations and lead a correct lifestyle. It is worth applying drugs that dilute sputum. Expectorants will help to remove the discharge and mucus, and also facilitate cough. The doctor can prescribe still acetaminophen or ibuprofen, with the help of these medicines the patient will not feel so pain, the fever will decrease. With pneumonia, you should not use medicines that suppress cough, if there was no permission from the doctor.

Adherence to proper nutrition after pneumonia

If you have cured pneumonia, then think about a healthy lifestyle. Patients should sleep at least 8 hours. The room for sleep should be warm, and it must be ventilated. After you have visited public places, do not forget to wash your hands and do not touch your nose, eyes again.

To resume work of the immune system after pneumonia, it is necessary to sit for a certain time on a healthy balanced diet. To activate immunity, vegetables that have leaves of dark green color, as well as fruit of yellow, orange, will be useful. They are useful because they contain vitamins C, E, antioxidants, beta-carotene.

Even after the patient has recovered, he should not drink alcoholic beverages, because they interfere with the purification of the lungs and reduce the cough reflex. Due to alcohol bioavailability of medicines is reduced, and in combination with certain drugs, alcohol can lead to serious side effects.

The most important thing after pneumonia is to give up smoking. The blood must be saturated with oxygen, after which the healing process will begin. If a person continues to smoke, his recovery will be long. All the forces after the inflammation of the lungs are aimed at strengthening the body. But smokers themselves undermine their immunity.

Pneumonia and smoking


Olga Morozova

The fact that the inside of the bronchial tree (bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli) are lined with a special villous epithelium, which protects such vulnerable lungs from any rubbish - viruses, microbes, particles of dirt, dust... There are also immune formations (local immunity). When smoking, this epithelium dies, becomes "bald" (this is exactly what pathologists say). Accordingly, the bronchopulmonary system loses at least some natural protection. In addition, the inside of the smoker's bronchuses is as it were smeared with a black sticky substance - resins (she herself saw at the autopsy). How do you like this still life? But no matter how much people are frightened, everyone thinks something like this: "Oh, with me, it's nothing like this (cancer, tuberculosis... ) will not happen! Uncle Vasya was smoking up to 80 years old, and nothing! "This is the famous Russian roulette. Sorry, it's all up to you to decide - life is yours. And finally (for detente) anecdote: A man buys a cigarette in the store, and on the packet it is written: "Smoking leads to impotence". He - the saleswoman: "Please give me better with lung cancer! "I hope that everything will be fine with you! Warned - armed!))

Yulia Kondratenko

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lung tissue.
And here you read this:
During pneumonia, smoking is not abandoned, as this may even worsen its course. Reduce the dose of smoked cigarettes, but do not completely refuse.
You decide!


Sputum is released in all types of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It must be removed from the lungs. And, as is known, in cigarette smoke contains a large number of carcinogenic resins. They make the phlegm viscous and prevent it from leaving. In addition, the smoke acts irritatingly on the mucous membrane. And she is already inflamed. Pneumonia is dangerous not the course of the disease, but the consequences. On the lungs, scars form. The volume of the lungs decreases. Where else to smoke?
You have a great chance to get rid of this nasty habit. Judging by the fact that you smoke for 10 years, you are no longer a girl. Each cigarette you smoke will now add 1 day of age to you.

Mixail Magdesiev

Smoking disrupts the ventilation of the lungs, creates excessive discharge of mucus, when smoking in the lungs occurs bronchospasm (narrowing of the bronchi), aspiration of the respiratory tract (roughly speaking clogging). This makes treatment very difficult and can lead to complications, respiratory failure may develop.

Nastya Litunovskaya

the doctor is right, the lungs take an extra load of smoke

I have pneumonia right-sided and I was cured only by 50-60 percent! Is it possible to smoke hookah with pneumonia?


Zlata Mnishek

esli xo4ew popast na operacionnij stol s serjeznimi oslojnenijami, to flag v... kaljan v zybi!

Nobody's fool

At one's own risk.


a hookah is not worth it... too expensive for you can do... Take care of yourself


If pneumonia is not treated, there may be pneumosclerosis, pleurisy, abscess, Agenesis and Aplasia. Actinomycosis. Alveococcosis. Alveolar proteinosis of the lungs. Amebiasis, emphysema, etc.
If you want to live, the choice is yours.

Linocka Alinocka

to you after you are completely cured for another year, you can not smoke at all, and you also invented a hookah, you understand that your right lung functions only half, imagine that instead of the second half a piece of cotton wool, rags, polystyrene, but not a living piece of cloth - that's what you get

Can I smoke while swallowing the lungs?



SMOKING is DEADLY HARMFULLY EVEN EVEN IN HEALTHY LUNGS - THROUGH THE COUPLE OF YEARS THEY STARRATE what to say already when the lungs get inflamed! Of course, you can not, dear 15 year old boy Danil.

Victoria Kolosova

can. But the place in the cemetery can not be reserved! take care of yourself!!!

Lydia Parshina

Of course not, slow recovery.

Marina Avanesova

Can. Does not accelerate or slow down the healing process or.. . on the contrary. :)

Get right! :)

P.S. My mother suffered 12 inflammations of the lungs BEFORE STARTED SMOKING. I smoked - not one.
Medicine knows nothing about the benefits or dangers of smoking.


and it is also better to refrain from beer and vodka, only for three weeks to suffer


smoking is generally harmful.

Can I smoke, sick with pneumonia?




Nikitos Dmitriev

you can not smoke at all


Smoking can not be done!

6 Massi

Many smoke, but it is better not desirable

but if they say NO?
I mean to that,
if you smoke that question does not arise = (we do not need to eat, give a smoke)
And can this be done? ?
(and the outset, especially in days critical for the body = THIS IS MORE THAN MUCH MORE DISEASE)
what do you think?
(this is a complex question, and it must be approached individually)


Well, if specifically gathered for the next world, then go ahead! Smoke though!

Alexander Mazin

Grieve, how much your soul desires!

Sergey Atzilu

Smoke.... soon it will be better - you will not have to breathe anymore ....


You want to smoke, smoke ...

Wali trawls

undesirable for the period of treatment

Whether it is possible to go in for sports at an inflammation of lungs ??


Handful of Ashes

No, not in any way. Only special breathing exercises or any obstruction for rehabilitation are permitted.

Chairman of the HOA

You can, if you hurry to the next world.. .
What kind of competition?! You are crazy! Or went... Forget and think about it: in the bunk and no sport, suicide !!!


If life is not expensive with a weakened body, and there will still be many competitions

Nana Tsulukidze

You can not. Inflammation of the lungs is a very serious disease


No! We must face the fact that there will not be competitions! There can be no reversible consequences! Health is more expensive!

Cesk_Fabregas FC_ARSENAL

Yes! But only flippers skleish yourself!
And if the question: Is it necessary? Answer: Not recommended!


The body struggles with the disease, and during training it is necessary for him to give still strength to recovery. You can also get a severe complication on the heart. It is better not to do.. If you have been practicing normally before then 3-5 days of rest will not harm you. Need to stay longer.


You can, if you play chess... without abusing rest and treatment


definitely no !!!!

Yerzhan Baimahan

Is it possible to smoke? with lung disease?

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